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InStep - Safari Double Jogging Stroller
InStep - Safari Double Jogging Stroller
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Rated 4.6 out of 5 by 123 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by GREAT STROLLER! First off I've been looking for a side-by-side stroller for several months, I wanted one with parent and child trays/cup holders and with a basket underneath, I never intended on getting a jogging stroller but am so glad I found this stroller! Every other stroller I had found either didn't have a child cup holder or didn't have a parent tray and if they did have both they cost anywhere from $350-$500 which is ridiculous. We have a 6 month, 2 year old, and a 4 year old. We take our children to Silver Dollar City (theme park), to the zoo, the park and lake a lot in the summer and this stroller is going to make our trips so much easier. We also live on a dirt road and the stroller works great even with my 40lb 4 year old and 30lb 2 year old in it. Another thing I needed in a stroller was for my Graco Safe Seat to fit and it fits perfectly. You can purchase a car seat adapter for this stroller separately. It fits through the front door of our house just fine. The wheels can be taken off and put back on very easy and it actually folds up fairly well considering it's a double stroller. The basket is divided and doesn't have great access to it, but can hold a lot. I'm 5'10 and the stroller is a great height for me, which is a first, most strollers are to short for me! It is a little heavier than some double strollers, but still VERY easy to maneuver. Over all I can't say enough about how great I think this stroller is, especially for the price. 03/10/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent Stroller for the Money!!! I couldn't be happier with this stroller! I did a ton of research when looking for a double jogging stroller. I really wanted many of the features of more expensive joggers ($300-$500+), but didn't want to spend too much since my older son is 4, so I figured my use of this will only be 1-2 years. The features which drew me to this stroller, were the fact that it has two individual sun canopies that are retractable in 5 positions (so baby can be covered, while older child can still see), seats recline individually, two individual child trays with cupholder, very nice parent tray with two cupholders, quality seat upholestry (similar to my much more expensive Peg Perego stroller), nice straps, and a very smooth ride (super easy to push). The swivel wheel turns on a dime, but can be locked while running (front wheel does shake a bit if walking very fast/running without locking the wheel, but locking it solves the problem). Easy to assemble - I put it together while my husband was at work in about 20 minutes. The other stroller I considered purchasing was the Baby Trend Sonic double jogger at Babies R Us. This stroller blows that away in quality and smoothness and is $75-$100 less (although the baby trend seats are a little roomier for older children). As for recommended age, my 4 year old is a little tall for the stroller, about 42 inches tall, he could fit a little more comfortably, but he has never complained and we walk about 2 miles a day. My infant sits on the other side (was 12 lbs when I started using it at 2 months, did not run with it when he was that young however). I have not had any problems with the weight difference. I have noticed however, that if I use the stroller with just the baby, and I don't have the weight of my 4 yr. old, sometimes the front wheel will "rumble" a bit when in swivel mode. Simply locking the wheel eliminates the problem. Also, on the narrower side for a double jogger...fits through most standard doorways. Awesome stroller for the money, would def. buy again! 12/27/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Exceeded expectations! I had been debating for months on getting a double stroller. I looked at multiple styles and models. I even considered a sit and stand (my children are 3 years and 7 months) because I didn't want my 3 year old to rely on sitting when on outings. I am so glad I bought this stroller. The division in the seats is perfect for no-arguing walks, individual cup holders/snack tray is great for keeping them occupied while I walk. The ride is super smooth and I love the swivel wheel (something I wasn't sure about). It fits in any doorway as long as it is wheelchair accessible with ease! The canopy is versatile. You can swing it forward all the way for when the sun is directly in front. I did not know that prior to buying it but think it's an amazing feature! My husband, a very picky shopper, is pleasantly surprised at how great this stroller is. It folds up very easily and fits nicely in the car (we have a station wagon but even with the stroller, we have room on the side for other things in the trunk). It is a little heavy but to be expected. Overall, we love this product. Though we thought we would only take it along for when we needed it, this is our stroller of choice when we go anywhere and we own many strollers. 09/10/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! Ok- I read the 1st review after my stroller was in route to be delivered and was a little freaked out... but mine came today and it is AWESOME!!! I ordered it on Monday and it was delivered to my home on Wednesday-super fast shipping! It was so simple to put together a monkey could do it (lol). It looks just like the picture except the parent bar is attached on it's own bar behind the push bar... which is great because it doesn't get in the way. I am 5' 3" and the push bar comes just below my chest. It's a good height for me and even better for my husband 6'3''. It actually fit thru my front door without folding it down, but it was a tight fit. The seats look small, but they are surprisingly deep and roomy. My 3 yr old is 42" tall and had plenty of headroom (which I hear is a problem with 'Bob's). I love how the 5 point harness straps adjust to fit both my 3yr old daughter & my 5 month old son quickly and comfortably. The visors and the seats move independently. There was no pulling to one side with the weight difference and sooo easy to maneuver. The swivel wheel didn't "shake" until I was really running fast, but it locks easily into place to remedy the shaking. Kids trays open on one side to lift up for easy in and out for older children, if needed. The color is a perfect gender neutral for boys & girls. Awesome stroller, GRRRREAT value, and can't beat the price!!! 03/10/2010
Rated 2 out of 5 by took it back ok, so i ended up taking it back. I used it 3 times and my 8 month old fussed the whole time. I've read stoller reviews before where people say their kids cry or fuss in a stroller and i never understood - until now. the seat backs are a) not proped up enough and b) kept sliding back with my 2 1/2 yr old. i have an old safari (about 5 or so years old) that my mother-in-law gave me and I really like that one. it's the double jogger that just has the bar in front of the kids - not a tray. this stroller is a lot smaller and smoother of a ride. however there were a few things that were nice about the stroller. LIKES -the adult cupholder and console were very nice -it was pretty easy to put together -good value DISLIKES -big (as i stated above, bigger than the double jogger i now use) -seats not upright enough -seat backs do not stay in place with older children so, not the best stroller obviously since i returned it but it's not horrible. since i had another stroller to compare it to, the negatives really stuck out. good luck stroller shopping - it's hard! 04/07/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Good value I purchased this stroller because I babysit my grandchildren, 4yo and 13mo old. Good head room for my tall 4 yo grandson! I like that it comes with the cup holders for each child and that it reclines almost flat! I walk with them frequently and my 4 yo was able to sleep comfortably while his baby sister sat up straight and talked during the whole walk!! It fits easily through doors and handles well with 65 lbs of total weight! It was easy to assemble and the wheels come off easily! I feel it was a great value and would recommend it!! 09/04/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Stroller for Cost I read many of the reviews about this double jogger and others before deciding to purchase the InStep Safari Double Jogger. I am very happy with my purchase. It was very easy to put together and I have no problem getting it into the trunk of my 2011 Jetta. I have 2 girls, almost 4 (weights 33lbs) and a 4 month old. Both fit in the stroller well and without problems. The children's snack trays are flimsy, but so far they are still in working order. I find the latch to keep the stroller folded doesn't work for putting the stroller in my car, but is good for storing the stroller inside my home when I'm not using it. I use the stroller about 3 times a week in a Stroller Strides program. The storage baskets under the seats are shallow and do not hold large items, such as a diaper bag. Overall, I think this is a great purchase for the $$ and would totally recommend it. 10/18/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by who needs a BOB? I am not a runner but have recently started training for a 5k. I needed a jogging stroller for my 22 month old twins and this stroller is almost perfect. Yes it is big, yes it is heavy but what do you expect? I only use it when I run so it just stays in my garage until I go for a run. I did try to use it in a store one time but I didn't like it. It is too wide for many doorways and was hard to get in and out of my car but I didn't buy it for that reason so I am not upset. The one thing I really don't like is that the little storage compartment on the handle bars is too small. My phone is too big so I have to put it in the cup holder. Overall, it is great! My boys LOVE it! 09/15/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Stroller Great Price - compared to Bob I love this strolller. I was borrowing my friends double bob for a month or so so my review is based on my experience with both strollers. Sure, the Bob is great if you are a real runner and probably on mile 5 or 10 or if you run on trails you may notice a difference, but I use this stroller to walk and jog on mostly concrete and it is perfect. The front wheel swivels just like the double bob and I think it pushes just as well. The double bob may be smoother... well it should be for the price tag. The only think I have noticed that I miss is the shocks on the double bob... I have only missed them once, when I was cutting through a trail that had been effected by construction (big tire ruts in dried out mud recked havoc, but since the ruts were about 8 inches deep, I don't know how effective the shocks would have been. I assembled by my self in about 20 minutes. The thing that took the longest is screwing in the foot rest to the frame and airing up the tires. The front wheel's tire comes with a bent (45d) schrader valve which allows a more convenient fill than the older model (I had the displeasure of airing up my friends when she got hers, it was almost impossible due to clearances) The drink tray may be useless since it is so far away but this is typical with strollers. I have come to actually appreciate it because it keeps the sun/bug shade from the kids. (I purchased Sasha's Sun and Bug cover along with the stroller... I would rate that 5 stars as well but it could be made to better fit the stroller) The only draw back is there is a hard spot on the frame that is close to my baby's head (7mo), I recline it a bit so that if he were to fall asleep, his head doesn't get bumped if the stroller jerks. It is not a problem for my 2.5 yr old. The recline on this stroller is better than the bob for me. The back seems more rigid which is better for me and my kids than the hammock type back of the Bob (my single or the double) My kids can also sit up a little more, whether that be because the seat is more rigid or can be brought up higher, I am unsure. The stroller fits through my front door, I think it is a standard 3'0"x'6'0", albeit it does have to be lined up and I occasionally hit the side. I love the sun shades! I prefer them to the Bobs since you can rotate them, the double bob's were larger but fixed to the frame so if you are walking into the sun at around 6pm the shades do you no good. These you can rotate until they hit the tray. I haven't had any problems with the stroller and I am so thankful that I gave this one a chance since I ended up saving lots of money and in my opinion, purchased a stroller of higher usefulness than the double bob that I was borrowing. 04/17/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great stroller for the price I LOVE this stroller! My husband is a med student so we are living on a tight budget, this stroller has everything that I was looking for especially for the price range. I've used it everyday since we got it and couldn't be happier. I hadn't even walked out the door and I knew I made the right purchase. Here are the pro's for me: * It fits through our front door (I don't have to collapse the stroller) * Easy to assemble and fun for my three year old to help * Decent storage space underneath, although I know my diaper bag wont fit, (I just bought diaper bag clips) * I ordered this on Tue night and got it via Fed Ex on Thur, I was so excited about that * The cup holder trays are separate so you don't have to lift a whole bar off to get one kid out and the release button to open the trays are easy. * The seat belts are easy to open, I can do it one handed * Drives easily, you can jog using one hand and steer easily * It folds down so easily * The canopies are a decent size and move completely forward to block the sun at any angle My only con is that my three year old is very tall for his age and the triangle front piece is a little small for his legs, he says he's comfortable though and his legs don't hang over as long as he keeps them up in a bent position 01/14/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Love it!! This is a great stroller. I have pruchased and returned 3 other double jogging strollers and ended up with this one and it is a keeper. The only issue I have found with it is that if you get moving to fast and the front wheel will shake like an out of control grocery cart. So I just lift up and it is back to normal. I have to access the storage below from the sides because the opening is bigger on the side then in the back. I have a 4yr old and 16 month old and they both fit in there just fine. Each child has their own sun shade and snack tray which is very handy. I like that I can swing the snack tray out of the way (and not remove it) so my 4yr can jump in and out at anytime. I do not run with it but have jogged a little with it and it works great, smooth ride and it just glides as you move like there is really not much effort to push it. But it does not go through sand very well. It is big even when folded but I would expect that since it is a double stroller. Cost was very afforable. 07/29/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by Ehh...It's OK I had high hopes for this stroller! It has everything I am looking for: child/parent trays, individual sun canopies, locking swivel wheel, great price, and reclining seats. So far it is working out very well. I only have a few disappointments. 1- my 3-year-old's feet dangle over the triangle shaped foot board. Why is it designed that way, anyway? Each child has room for 1 foot and the other dangles. 2- The seats don't sit up as erect as I would like them to. My kids are super entertained by everything they can see while we are walking/jogging, so they want to sit up straight. Unfortunately, if I buckle them in, they are still reclining back too far too see much. 3-the latch in the back that secures the reclining seat position seems to have been cheaply made. But, hey, it's $161. This is no BOB. 4- Even with the wheel locked, I'm still getting some shaking which is super annoying. This is great for a jogger, but not for a runner. Overall, I would probably buy it again because the price is so good for the features that you get. Just don't expect anything high-end, because this stroller is somewhere between "good" and "OK". 05/26/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by Basket issue This stroller is absolutely awesome and very well worth the money! I've never had a shaky wheel, as some have reported. And I frequently jog with it. It Folsom up easily and fits into the trunk of my ford Taurus. I have a 3 yr old and an infant. Weight is not an issue, if my 3 yr old gets out. Still pushes easily with just my 2 month old. I started walking with it when my youngest was 3 weeks old. I used a few rolled up blankets to support her head and neck and it worked just fine. When she was 10 weeks, I started jogging and used a head support as well as a rolled blanket on each side of her. Works just fine. She doesn't jiggle around at she sleeps well from the vibrations! With all of that being said, the basket underneath is awful!!!!! The first time I put anything in it, it drug on the ground. Its divided into 2 sections and the middle divider is not secured to anything, so it just droops when you put something in there. I ended up using a hole punch to make a few holes there and tied it up, to give it some support. It works, but you shouldn't have to do that!!!! I now can put light items in the basket but still nothing heavy. 10/11/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Wonderful Double Stroller!! I had been looking to purchase a double stroller since having our third child in May and after reading review after review and researching every possible stroller known to man, I happened upon this stroller. I am SO glad I bought it! It is exactly what i wanted...not too flashy and with just the right amount of perks. What I really like about it: 1. Both seats and sun shades move independantly of one another which is great for a two year old and a 1 month old! I can fully recline the baby's seat while the other is fully seated upright and the same with the sunshades. 2. Seems roomy. Granted I do have a toddler who is a bit on the small side, but it seems he can be comfortable for quite some time. 3. The child tray unlatches on one side, making getting in and out super easy for my child....he can climb in and out all by himself! 4. VERY easy to push and husband even commented on how it's 'self propelled' because he hardly had to do anything to move it! 5. I LOVE how the parents tray is situated, plus there are two cup holders and a little compartment which is perfect for my keys or cell phone. The only thing I really don't like about the stroller is that it doesn't fit through our door, but we just take it out of the house folded up and we fold it up before going back big deal. Overall a great stroller that I have already recommeded to people. And for the price, it has a lot of the same features as more expensive models, if not better features, in my opinion!! Highly recommend!!! 06/27/2011
Rated 3 out of 5 by Decent product, poor customer service We ordered this for my newest child (just born) and my littlest (2 years old), so I could continue to run with them. Great deal at Walmart and suitable reviews. We couldn't buy it in store so we did site-to-store, and it only took a week. Setting it up was a snap, only a few pieces and pretty clear instructions. Found that there were several issues or potential issues. When folded the stroller should have a locking mechanism to keep it locked up, but that was so poorly designed that the latch slips off the peg that is supposed to latch on. Upon closer inspection I saw that the top of the peg is smaller than the hole in the latch so it has no chance to actually do what is made to do. Just by moving the stroller, not even picking it up, the lock separates. Makes it more difficult to load into the back of the SUV or truck, especially if you aren't tall. Also noticed that the child trays/locks are made of thin plastic. I have only installed them and shut them (with a tiny Plastic tab) and I can tell they will not last very long. Even with little kids, the tab isn't that strong where my 2 year old can manipulate it. Finally and probably just more of an annoyance than anything, I have had problems with the bottom cloth basket folding properly when folding the stroller. It gets bunched up and then jams between the frame the wheel. I have had to partially reopen the stroller, reach down and fold it with one hand while supporting it with the other before being able to close it completely. Oh yeah, and then I cannot lock it because the first issue. Well armed with these problems I thought I would be able to get Instep to help me out. I called the number on the paper included in the box (right under the message that I shouldn't return this item to the store) and spoke with a young lady who wasn't very helpful. I described the locking problem I was having and requested they send out a bigger locking peg so I could replace it and be on my way. She curtly told me that they don't have those parts, making me wonder what parts they would carry if they don't have the small ones, and that I would have to return the stroller and get another one. I told her that I didn't just pick it up from a store, I had to order from She then blamed Walmart for not stocking it, not Instep's fault for making a mistake, just Walmart's fault for not planning ahead for it. Then she told me that if I could send in some pictures she would pass them on to the QA people to address. Sure thing, I will help you guys out even though you won't help me... I did send in the pictures and all of the issues I had noticed, but still haven't heard back (emailed 6 Dec 11). Bottom Line: If you want a decent stroller, this one isn't bad...if there are any issues with it, good luck. 12/20/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Wonderful, yet heavy/bulky I didn't really check the weight on this before I bought it, so I can't "ding" them a point for that. But, it is actually very heavy. We drive a Jeep Commander and I have to lift it in to the back of it when I take the stroller somewhere - it's difficult (and i'm a fairly strong gal). The stroller doesn't fold down as far as my old jogging stroller did, so it doesn't fit into the trunk of my honda civic. However, the dual cup-holders for me are wonderful! and the kids love that they each have their own little tray. we take it everywhere, it's awesome! it's easy to steer, for the most part. For what I was going to pay for a used double, I'm glad I purchased this one brand-new. My only "complaints" are the weight and bulkiness, but I do know that that kind of comes with buying a double stroller at a great price. Oh, and it was super easy to put together! I had it done in under a half hour, without my husband's help! 08/20/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by [I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STROLLER!!] I have been researching for a double jogging stroller for 2 years now. I wanted to get the best stroller with the best bargain because we are students and funds are tight. I got it about 6 weeks ago. I picked it up from the the site-to-store center and brought it home and opened it up and folded it back down to test how it felt. It was so easy! It is a bit heavy, which is expected. But for being a bit cumbersome, it was easily maneuverable. All of the features are so great! The 2 back wheels come off very easily, there are grips/handles so you can easily lift it to store it in your car, the swivel wheel works like a dream, the shades are SO awesome! They are separate so you can adjust it to each child's preference, which is great especially when you have one baby reclined and sleeping and the other awake. There is plenty of room in the base storage pockets, I love that there is a cup holder for each child, and 2 @ the top for you & someone else. I also like that there are two extra little pocket spots when the child is sitting upright to set keys, phone, wallet, etc. I am so giddy when I use this stroller because it makes my life SO much easier with 2 little ones. The seats are also divided so they can't bug each other or hit each other. The only thing I wish it had differently is a wider foot rest. It's not a huge inconvenience though. My 3 year old is pretty much the only one who uses it because my other son is only 7 months old and his legs don't reach that far. Overall, it is such a GREAT stroller, especially for the price! It feels extremely sturdy and well made. I would definitely recommend this stroller to everyone! 06/24/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by good once get going it's very heavy. does not fold well. is very hard to unfold due to size and weight and way in which it folds. does not fit well because of way it folds into vehicle and i have a 2010 dodge caravan so there is a lot of room. this is perfect if you walk a lot of places but does not travel well. 06/21/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Almost perfect We purchased the InStep Safari Double Jogging Stroller a few weeks before our second son was born. I had a single jogging stroller from when our oldest was born so I had an idea of the features I wanted in a double jogging stroller. Some of the things that were important to me that the InStep Safari provided were independent and movable sunshades and seats, cup-holders for mom and kids, swivel front wheel with an optional lock and undercarriage storage baskets. My baby is now six weeks old and I have used the stroller twice. It has great maneuverability even with the lopsided load of a 2 1/2 year old on one side and six week old on the other. It also seems to be a really smooth ride although I have not jogged with it yet. On the downside, it is too big to fit in the trunk of our Chevy Malibu (But that doesn't really surprise me and I didn't buy the stroller expecting it to). The one feature glitch I discovered the first time I used the stroller was on the front wheel. I have a standard bicycle pump I use to air up the tires and the nozzle will not fit in the tight space of the front wheel. This is not a problem with the back wheels. As you can see from the picture the back wheels have a lot more clearance. Basically the little tube that pokes out (obviously I am not a very technical gal) where you put the air into the tire points straight towards the center of the wheel. Whereas if it cocked to the side there would be room to fit the air pump nozzle. I'm not really sure what we are going to do when we get a flat or low tire. Hopefully we will be able to figure out something by then. Overall it seems like a great stroller. Hopefully the problem with airing up the tire will not cause too much hassle. 06/20/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 Love it! I did a ton of research on double joggers and this one is perfect for what I wanted it for. I really only wanted a double stroller to use for daily walks around the neighborhood. This is very easy to navigate and is durable. Only thing I would change is how straight up the kids sit. My kids recline a little more than I wanted, but they pull themselves up and don't seem to mind. I have taken in 1 store and it wasn't horribly tight in the aisles. My kids are 3 1/2 and 10 months and both are very comfortable. I highly recommend this! 05/29/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love this stroller Stroller This is the second InStep Stroller I have bought I loved my single so when it was time to upgrade to the double I had no question which brand I would choose. I walk/jog with my two kids over rough terrain, county roads and a cow pasture. They love riding in it. My 2yr old is approx 40 inches tall and he fits just fine. The set up is a breeze I put it together in about 20 minutes and just needed a screw driver. I don't think you can beat this product at this price. It also fits out my front door without folding. I read reviews of this product being heavy its a jogging stroller so it was/should be expected. I would not want to carry it far but lifting it in and out of the car is easy enough. Walmart I selected site to store because of its free shipping option, which I also love, it took about a week to get to my store. The price of this item "rolled back" almost $20 I just emailed their customer service with my order # and asked if they would let me have the cheaper price and they did. 05/04/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by awesome product This stroller is wonderful!! I got it today from site to store 4 days early and took it home less than 30 min to set up very quick and easy. It's perfect for my 2 1/2 year old twin boys who are average height for their age and around 30 lbs each. The stroller is a little bit heavy to pick up and out of my trunk but it folds nicely to fit in the car and with a little muscle just grab and go. Overall this stroller is an amazing value and works wonderful!!! 04/14/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Finally a stroller they will stay in. We bought this for my twin 3 year old granddaughters. It pushes real easy and is very easy to steer. They are finally willing to actually stay in it after many other strollers we finally found a winner. The seats are roomy and they are comfortable in it. 02/26/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Stroller Great Price! I've had this stroller for about 6 months now purchased from with free site to store which is awsome by the way the stroller it self is very reliable I have a 18 month old and a 4 year old and it they both have a lot of room. My 4 year olds legs are becoming a little to long for it now. I don't actually jog in it as much as I should be we take it for walks daily and have never incounterd any problems. The couple of negitives I will say is that I do own a hand held bike pump and us it a lot to air up the tires cause they get low a lot and the seats dont adjust upright completely. But it's not a big deal it folds down pretty compact for a double stroller it fits in my Honda Accords trunk overall a great stroller for the price. 12/29/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Amazing Value! This stroller is AMAZING for the money. It walks or runs with ease and has all the features you want. Don't pay more money for something else when this gives it all to you! I have a 3 yr. old and a newborn and they both love this stroller. I didn't need to attach a car seat for the newborn- I just layed the seat back and buckled her in and she stayed in place. The snack trays are great, the parent tray and cup tray is great. The colors are nice. I have never had a problem fitting this stroller through a single doorway! The only thing I don't love about this stroller is the basket underneath. It is difficult to get things in and out and mine has stretched some from putting too many things in it. 12/27/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love it! I have really enjoyed having this stroller and so have my kids. I use it everyday and have no problem at all with it. My older two daughters love riding in it to - even though they are too big for it. It is very easy to push. I am glad I made this purchase! 11/11/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Very nice! This is my second double stroller, but my first jogging stroller. I am very pleased with my purchase. It pushes so easily, whether I have my 6 month old twins or one baby and my 2 year old in the stroller. I cannot tell the difference in the ride. I love that it has parent and child cup holders. The shades move independently, and can be put in front of their faces if the sun is directly on them, which is a great feature. Overall I am very pleased with the stroller. 10/21/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by In step double jogger I love this stroller! The cup holds are nice, has a place I can put my ipod and keys. I love that is has trays for the kids so I can give them a snack and a drink. I walk/run with it almost everyday. I would switch back to a non-jogging stroller after having a jogging stroller. There are only two problems with it and that is when running the front wheel shakes some, but if I lock it so it doesn't swivel it does just fine. The only other problem is the size. If you have a smaller vehicle like I do, it will not fit in the trunk, you probably need a hatch back, van, suv or truck to fit it in. I really love this stroller and it is a great price for what you get. 08/24/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by Love it! We love the smooth ride. It is rather big but it is a double stroller. My husband set up the stroller and didn't realize the tires needed air, we managed to walk through the zoo before noticing. :) It's perfect for my 3 year old to climb in and out of, the tray lifts up so it's not in his way. We love how each child has their "own" shade and tray. I enjoy our walks even more! 08/24/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent product This product lives up to the previous awesome reviews. It is amazing. Very easy set up and really easy to push. It is not that heavy either. I have a double caboose/sit and stand that works when I have to push all 3 of my children. I prefer the Safari. It is more compact, lighter and so much easier to steer. I can even go to the store by myself. I have my daughter in a cart (which I pull behind me) and have my twins in front of me in this stroller. I only need one hand to steer. I love it! I can't believe how hard it was to find a side by side stroller with child trays and the parent one is a bonus. I wish I had bought this sooner! 04/19/2010
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