HP Laptops

HP Laptops

Whether you need a portable computer to take to work or school or just want to conserve space on your desk, an HP laptop can be a great choice. To find the best HP laptop for you, consider how you'll be using it.

For home use, you may want a laptop with a larger screen. One of the larger HP touchscreen laptops may be a good choice. For school, consider size, weight, battery life and features. A good HP laptop for school use is light and small enough to be carried to and from class. Also, make sure that it has adequate battery life, and carry an HP laptop charger in your backpack for when you're able to plug it in.

If you're looking for an HP laptop for work, consider the size of your desk when making a choice. Weight will also be a factor if you'll be transporting your laptop from work to home on a regular basis. Some of the best HP laptops are both compact and lightweight.

If you'll be using your laptop for gaming, consider size, CPU speed, memory and the graphics card. Look for a laptop with at least 4MB of RAM. For the best gaming experience, you'll also want a monitor that's 15.6" or larger.

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