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How to buy a violin

how to buy a violin

A violin buying guide

A violin is a graceful instrument. These days, instead of the classical violin, some people choose to buy an electric violin to play with other band instruments. For both types of violins, there are various factors to consider before you decide to buy one. Pay attention to violin sizes, body features and accessories that will affect how you play the instrument.

>> What types of violins are you looking for?

types of violins

As you are considering how to buy a violin, think about your skill level, which will affect the quality of the violin you're buying. The sound of a violin depends on the kind of wood the violin is made of. The most beautiful sounding violins are made from expensive wood. The best violin to buy is one that fits your skill level, not necessarily an expensive one. There are two main types of violins: student violins and professional violins.

Student violins are mass-produced by machines. The wood is usually of average quality. This type of violin is for beginning violin players. Professional violins are hand-carved by skilled artisans. The body is made of high-quality wood that produces a bright sound. The violin design is specifically made to ensure the best sound quality.

You might hear the name "Stradivarius" as you research how to buy a violin. A Stradivarius refers to a specific kind of violin made by the Stradivari family in 18th century; these are considered the finest kinds of violins. This violin brand is used by professional players and is not a suitable starter violin.

You might want to consider buying an electric violin. With built-in pickups, the sound of the electric violin is amplified, and you can alter effects for different sounds. Electric violins work similarly to the way electric guitars work. This kind of violin comes in different violin designs, whereas acoustic violins usually come in the same design.

>> What violin size is best for you?

best violin to buy

The violin size is an important factor to consider when you're thinking about how to buy a violin. A child violin is a different size than an adult one. There are generally several standard violin sizes: 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4. A 4/4 violin is the standard size used by adult professionals. For young children, a smaller size is ideal so the child can handle the instrument. Before you make the purchase, make sure your child is serious about learning the violin. If your child is interested in musical instruments and karaoke, then you might consider buying a toy violin before purchasing a real instrument. If your child is really serious about learning how to play, then consider buying the standard 4/4 size.

>> What are the body features?

There are some body features of the violin that you should know about when you're figuring out how to buy a violin. The quality of the wood is an important factor to consider when you're pondering how to buy a violin. Maple is a typical material used for the violin body and the neck. It offers a solid strength. A nice piece of wood makes an attractive violin design as well.

The fingerboard and chin rest are usually made of ebony. They are dark in color, smooth on the surface but dense in nature. This wood gives an elegant feeling to the appearance of the violin while giving your chin a comfortable place to rest. It also provides support to the fingerboard. Strength is important because violins take on a variety of roles in musical compositions, from bending notes to emulating percussion instruments; the neck and fingerboard must be able to withstand the various types of play.

>> Before you buy a violin

which violin to buy

Before you purchase a violin, check for a few things. First, inspect the body thoroughly to make sure it is intact. Any damage to the body will affect the sound the violin produces, make sure it is in good condition when you buy it.

Check the quality and tone of the sound. Because you'll be using the violin for a long time, it's essential to buy one that has a tone you like.

It's common to keep some spare strings with you as you shop for a violin, because the strings might break when you're playing. Purchase a pack of strings to keep in your case, as they will come in handy.

Make sure the violin is in a suitable condition to last for a long period of time. When you're not playing the violin, keep it in a case for protection.

>> Consider accessories

When learning how to buy a violin, you might want to consider musical instrument accessories.

  • You might want a case to protect your violin and carry it around.
  • Don't forget the bow. A bow typically uses horsehair, and the body itself is made of pernambuco or wood. The best bow depends on how comfortable you feel holding and swinging it.
  • Consider buying a shoulder rest. Shoulder rests allow you to comfortably hold your violin while you're playing it.

If this is your first violin purchase, you might consider a starter kit or bundle that includes all these components in one package.

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