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How to buy suspenders

how to buy suspenders

A suspenders buying guide

Suspenders are a nice alternative to conventional belts. These apparel accessories often complement suits well in addition to going well with casual clothing. There are various options to consider when you shop for suspenders. When determining how to buy suspenders, keep a few factors in mind in order to find the best suspenders for your wardrobe.

>> Consider why you want to wear suspenders

types of suspenders

Fundamentally, suspenders are used to hold your pants around the waist area, but unlike belts, they do this by using tension from your shoulders instead of tension around your waist. A less practical reason for wanting to wear suspenders is that you associate designer suspenders with the apparel typically worn for certain professions such as stockbrokers and lawyers. Suspenders can also add color or variety to an outfit. There is also a basic element of elegance that the best suspenders can give, and you may wear suspenders to try to capture that particular look.

>> How do you measure yourself for suspenders?

There are two similar methods for measuring suspenders, which you need to understand in order to know how to buy suspenders. If you are interested in Y-shaped suspenders, you should measure the distance around your shoulders from one front belt loop of your pants to the center belt loop on your back. If you are interested in X-shaped suspenders, you should measure the distance around your shoulder from one front belt loop to the opposite belt loop on the other side of your body. You will likely need to ask someone to help you get these measurements. For suspenders made with elastic, your measurements don't need to be exact, but leather suspenders require exact measurements because leather will not expand like elastic.

>> Choose between X-, Y- and H-shaped suspenders

The best suspender type for you is a matter of comfort and style. For example, you might find Y-shaped suspenders to be uncomfortable. These types of suspenders will hold your pants up at the exact center of your back, and you may not like that feeling. X-shaped suspenders, in contrast, hold the pants up from the two belt loops around the center of your back. You might prefer this design to the Y-shaped suspenders. These suspender designs look different, so you should also think about which design is more appealing to you. H-shaped suspenders are the original suspender design; however, they are much less common today. With H-shaped suspenders, the two support loops come right around your shoulders without crossing, and the loops are connected with a piece of cloth. These suspenders support the pants from the two belt loops around the center-back belt loop, so H-shaped suspenders do not present the problems that Y-shaped suspenders do.

>> What kind of suspender style do you want?

suspender styles

You should consider aspects like colors and patterns when learning how to buy suspenders. Many suspenders are sold in single conventional colors like black, brown, blue or red. These types of suspenders are classy and often match suits, dress shirts and other types of women's and men's clothing very well. Sometimes, suspenders are made in more fantastical themes. These can be in unique patterns, or they can be themed such as red, white and blue to represent America or rainbow colors as part of a clown suit. You may be able to fit solid-colored suspenders and some of the less outrageous patterned suspenders into your wardrobe, however. If you are buying for a child, girls' and boys' suspenders will often have colorful patterns without being too ostentatious.

>> What kind of material do you want for your suspenders?

When you learn how to buy suspenders, you have the option to choose between leather, elastic, cotton and polyester suspenders. Cotton or polyester suspenders will often have an element of elastic in them that enables them to stretch to your body. Consider what you are planning on using your suspenders for in order to find the best suspender material for you. Leather is recommended for business suits as are some cotton and elastic suspenders. If you do go with leather suspenders, you should make sure that you buy a discreet pair of suspenders. You don't want your suspenders to overshadow the rest of your outfit.

>> Do you want additional suspender features?

Some of the best suspenders have adjustable latches to loosen or tighten the suspenders. This can be a helpful feature, especially for girls' and boys' clothing, because you can change the suspender's length as your child grows. Most suspenders have simple clamps to latch onto the pants; however, you may be able to find latches or hook fasteners if you prefer those styles instead. There are also quality suspenders for construction work or other hazardous professions. These suspenders often include lower back support to help you keep good posture when you do strenuous work. Finally, some suspenders are designed especially for hunting and holding up water-resistant pants. These suspenders feature a camouflage design, are often water resistant and generally support heavier pants.

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