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Finding the best sun umbrella

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A sun umbrella buying guide

Sun umbrellas provide shade and relief from the sun. When selecting the best umbrellas for you, it is important to understand several considerations. These factors will help you make an effective sun umbrella comparison and select the best sun umbrella design for you.

>> What sun umbrella sizes do you need?

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There are two main sizes of sun umbrellas. The measurement of each umbrella is the diameter of the umbrella top. Six to seven foot umbrellas are small and can provide shade for one or two people. They are typically very light and weigh less than seven pounds. They fit into the anchor to secure the umbrella. Umbrellas with a diameter of 7-13 feet can shade up to four people, and are generally heavier (up to 25 pounds). Many people opt for 9' umbrellas.

There are other shapes of umbrellas, as well. Some commercial umbrellas are rectangular and provide shade for more than six people. Because different sizes of umbrellas are appropriate for different settings, it is important to first establish what sun umbrella size you need when you buy a sun umbrella.

>> What type of sun umbrella do you prefer?

When selecting the best sun umbrella, evaluate the types of umbrellas, and select the type you prefer. Market umbrellas are used in outdoor settings, where longevity and durability are important. They are typically large and heavy and may be used with carts or in mall settings. Patio umbrellas are very similar to market umbrellas but may be slightly smaller. They are used outdoors in a residential setting for long periods of time. A patio umbrella is a durable sun umbrella that provides shade for up to six people. Commercial umbrellas are the largest type of sun umbrella. They are used in commercial facilities and are designed for years of use. Commercial umbrellas are not portable, yet they are extremely durable. Clamp-on umbrellas are the smallest type of umbrella. They attach to the back of a chair and are extremely portable. Clamp-on beach umbrellas offer coverage for one person. Clamp-on umbrellas offer maneuverability, allowing them to become offset umbrellas and adjust to offer coverage from the sun. Because there are many different types of umbrellas, it is important to consider these details before you purchase a cool sun umbrella that would work for you.

>> What sun umbrella materials do you prefer?

When selecting the best sun umbrella for you, determine which materials you prefer. There are three components of every umbrella: pole, rib and fabric.

Umbrellas feature wood, aluminum and steel poles. Wood pole umbrellas offer an additional benefit because they will not rust. Metal poles are hollow inside and can be heavier than wooden poles but will not snap during hard winds or other adverse weather.

The ribs of an umbrella can also be made of different material. Fiberglass is a lightweight substance that can hold any shape and is waterproof and durable but will not withstand extremely heavy winds. Steel is the heaviest of the rib materials. It will withstand the most adverse weather but also adds weight. Wood is the middle material that is more lightweight and can be more durable, depending on the wood used. In addition, unique sun umbrellas also feature different types of umbrella fabric.

The most common types of fabric are polyester, nylon, canvas and acrylic. Polyester is a lightweight fabric that can hold different patterns. However, polyester can fade and cannot withstand adverse weather. Nylon is a very durable material that is also strong. It is available in many colors. Canvas is a thin, lightweight material that is similar to cotton. It can be painted and can have patterns. Acrylic is durable and waterproof. It can be colored or can be featured in clear umbrellas.

Because the different materials used can vary so significantly, it is important to consider all materials when selecting the best sun umbrella for you.

>> Which sun umbrella features do you prefer?

sun umbrella sizes

Sun umbrella features vary, so keep this in mind when you buy a sun umbrella. Vents on the top of the umbrella create air circulation and allow air to pass through the canopy to the shaded area. Some umbrellas offer tilting features, which allow you to position the canopy to shield yourself from the sun. Other umbrellas are waterproof and offer rain protection, as well as sun protection. Some of the best sun umbrellas also come with their own carrying cases to make them especially convenient when you're on the go.

>> What type of anchors do you need?

When deciding to buy a sun umbrella, consider the anchoring system of the umbrella. A standard pole has a sharp and pointed end that can be directed into the sand and secured. Other umbrellas also come with built in handles, to allow them to be pushed or turned securely into the ground. Some umbrellas also come with built-in anchors and the pole can be shaped like a spiral or corkscrew. These umbrellas allow for a more secure anchor. Some other cool sun umbrellas also offer sand grabbers. A sand grabber is placed at the top of the sand and screwed downward into the sand. Because many of the best sun umbrella brands can offer any of the different anchoring systems, it is important to consider possible locations and your unique needs when selecting unique sun umbrellas for you.

>> What UPF do you need?

The next consideration when selecting from new sun umbrella deals is to identify the UPF protection you need. UPF protection is a rating of the amount of UV protection an umbrella offers. Good UV protection blocks up to 95.8% of all UV light and has a UPF range of 15-24. Very good UV protection blocks up to 97.4% of all UV radiation and has a UPF range of 25-39. Finally, excellent UV protection blocks up to 98% of all UV radiation and has a UPF range of 40-50+. The higher the UPF rating, the more protection the umbrella offers from UV radiation. Because the degree of protection varies so significantly, it is important to consider any UPF ratings when selecting the cool sun umbrellas to meet your needs.

Choosing the best sun umbrella design from the various sun umbrella brands is just a matter of looking into these considerations. So, buy one today to start enjoying it on a sunny day.

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