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How to buy a stove

how to buy a stove

A stove buying guide

There are several factors to consider when determining how to buy a stove, including the stove size and the configuration that best fits your kitchen space. Use the tips in this stove buying guide to help you find the right stove for your needs.

>> What kind of stove do you prefer?

which stove to buy

Many different kinds of stoves are available. In a freestanding gas or electric range that you use in the kitchen, the oven and the stovetop are connected; these stove designs are easy to install. When you are considering how to buy a stove, remember that a gas stove fires up quickly. Natural gas, which powers a gas stove, must be readily available for you to be able to use a gas stove.

A cooktop and wall oven set can offer flexibility as far as configuration goes because the wall oven and the cooktop are not connected.

A liquid propane-powered gas (LPG) stove is very effective and is useful if you live in a remote area.

Dual-fuel cooktops may include an electric oven and a gas stovesop.

When looking at different types of stoves, remember that wood stoves (also known as fire stoves) use fuel from burning wood (wood burning stoves) or biomass fuel derived from wood (also known as pellet stoves). Some are wall-mounted wood stoves and some are vintage stoves. With a tabletop electric stove, you can simply use the stove on a flat surface near an electrical socket.

When figuring out how to buy a stove, determine if you want to cook food quickly but consume minimal heat and energy. If you do, then consider a convection stove. Trivection is a cooking option that uses a combination of convection, thermal heating and microwave heating power.

>> Consider the stove size

When figuring out how to buy a stove, think about the stove size. If you plan to cook for just one or two people, you do not need a lot of space, but if you plan to cook for a large family or you want an industrial stove, you need to make sure your kitchen has ample room.

>> Consider stove features

stove designs

Another consideration when figuring out how to buy a stove is stove features. For example, high-power burners (also known as elements) are useful for searing, quick boiling, stir-frying and other cooking tasks where you need a lot of heat. For basic cooking tasks, look for a gas stove with a medium-burner feature.

Low burners are good for simmering and slow cooking. These burners, also known as simmer burners, are useful when you cook sauces and foods that are sensitive to high temperatures.

Additional stove features include heavy-duty grates. Electric and gas stoves might include a bridge element so you can use large pans and griddles on them.

>> Consider other stove options

There are various stove options to consider when figuring out how to buy a stove. Some ovens have a self-cleaning cycle with or without an automatic door lock. Most ovens offer at least five rack positions. Some stove designs have programmable timing choices, allowing you to set the cooking time or to set the oven to turn off by itself when a timer buzzes.

If you want to broil meat, different types of stoves have low and high broil settings. Some stoves have a clear, large window so you can check on food without losing heat because you open the oven door.

>> Consider digital features

best stove to buy

When you shop for stoves, you'll notice that some have controls that allow you to control the cooking temperature as well as timer settings. Some stoves have an option to dehydrate fruits and vegetables, which can be a stove advantage.

For holidays, a useful feature to have in a gas range is "Sabbath mode," where the food can be kept warm without you having to adjust any settings. Different types of stoves offer different types of warming drawers.

Some models allow you to access your oven remotely. This type of oven keeps the food fresh until you remotely activate the oven.

When figuring out how to buy a stove, you'll find models with downdraft ventilation features to eliminate odors and smoke, among other stove advantages.

>> Care of the stove

When figuring out how to choose stoves, make sure you find one that you can clean and take care of regularly. A well-maintained stove is more energy-efficient and will last longer than one that is not maintained.

Avoid spills on your stove or range as much as possible. When you cook, do not splatter food or let the pots boil over. Clean the cook top regularly with a clean rag or per the manufacturer's instructions.

Make sure that when you clean your stove, the burners are cool. Soak the burners in warm soapy water and clean them with a scrubbing pad or a soft bristle brush.

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