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Finding the best step stool

best step stool

A step stool buying guide

When you need to reach the top shelf, a step stool is a helpful item. When shopping for step stools to meet your specific needs, there are a few points you'll want to consider along the way.

>> What size step stool do you want?

cool step stools

The most important thing to consider as you buy step stools is what size you need. Step stool dimensions vary significantly in every respect: height, storage size, rung distance and the area of the platform, for example. One of the first things to think about as you buy step stools is what you're using it to reach. The difference between reaching the sink and reaching the top of the linen closet is pretty significant. Before purchasing a step stool, measure how many feet away the place you want to reach is and make sure the step stool is tall enough to help you easily grasp the item you're reaching for. A small wooden step stool may be the perfect size, but larger step stool dimensions may be necessary if you're using it for home improvement purposes or just want a step stool for general projects.

Another important factor is the size of the standing platform. Larger top platforms may offer greater stability and help you stay on the stool for a longer period of time. The best step stool for brushing your teeth, for example, is one with a large platform that is easy to stand on while you're moving and focused on another task. As you look at different step stool designs, keep both stability and height in mind.

>> Who will use the step stool?

The best step stool for one person might not be the same design that's best for another. For example, child's step stools might be slightly higher than toddler step stools that are designed for smaller children. The rung distance and size of each part of the stool is made to fit children, if you buy a model made for children. You can also buy step stools that are made for the entire family. They have small steps but are large enough for the feet of an adult, too. One way to determine which is the best step stool for you is to look at the weight limit listed on the packaging. A step stool designed to hold only 40 pounds is meant for young children, while one meant to support 100 pounds still isn't meant for most adults but can be used by older kids. Look for step stools with high max weight limits if you're looking for one that works for the entire family.

>> What step stool material do you prefer?

You can find cool step stools made from wood, plastic and metal. Each has specific benefits. Consult the following table to help you find the material that best suits your particular needs.

Type of step stool



Plastic Plastic step stools are light enough that everyone can use them, even children. They're easy to find and clean. Use plastic step stools in areas with high humidity, like bathrooms.
Wood Many vintage step stools are wood. They're sturdy and blend well into most home decor. Use wood in indoor areas with low humidity. They're great for living rooms and bedrooms.
Metal Metal step stools are strong and lightweight. They can last for a very long time with proper care. Useful for a number of projects, both indoor and out.

>> What kind of rungs do you want?

One way to shop step stools is by considering the rungs of the stools. You should look for step stool designs that include non-slip rungs. Some types of rungs have grooves or patterns that help the foot on the rung stay stable and prevent it from sliding off the rung when it's moved. Even stylish step stool designs should have safe and sizable rungs.

>> Where will you store the step stool?

stylish step stool

If you want the step stool to be stored in a small space, look for folding step stools. The best step stools are those that fit into the space you have available. If you're planning on pushing the step stool under a desk, for example, it should be small enough to fit under the desk and not interfere with the placement of your legs under the desk. If you want one that will be used in the bathroom, buy a step stool that is small enough to leave open room to move it during the day. Measure your space and then look at the step stool dimensions as listed to determine whether it's the right fit.

>> What step stool style do you want?

The last thing to consider is whether you want a cool step stool style or a classic white step stool. You can find fun designs with ducks and other fun characters with other baby products if you're looking for something for a child. Designer step stools that look more appropriate for adult spaces can also be purchased if you're looking for something that can be displayed in a public room like a library. Whatever your style, there are cool step stools designed for every room and taste.

Whether you want a basic Rubbermaid step stool to help you reach the top shelf or a cherry wood step stool that matches your bookcases, you will definitely find a step stool you love. Keep an eye on safety with non-slip legs and rungs, and always choose a size that lets you easily reach the place where you need to be. The best step stool is also made from the right materials for the room where you're placing it. Consider this as you plan to buy a step stool for your needs.

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Step Stool Best Sellers

Cosco 2-Step Big Step Folding Step Stool with Rubber Hand Grip

Rubbermaid Small Step Stool, Black

Cosco Folding Steel Step Stool, 2 Step

Graco Deluxe Step Stool, White/Pink

Graco Transitions Step Stool, Green
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