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How to choose a slide

how to choose a slide

A slide buying guide

Learning how to choose a slide before you start looking for one will make the process easier. There are many different types of slides that you can you choose from while shopping for a slide. The best slide should fit the needs of the users, and when thinking about which slide to buy, there are a few factors you will want to keep in mind.

>> Determine how you will use the slide

slide function

How you will use the slide needs to be considered when learning how to choose a slide. The slide size and slide style help to determine where it should be used. A slide that is going to be used with outdoor play toys will be different from the slide that is going to be used indoors or with a pool. The best slides for indoor use should be made of plastic, be shorter in height and be lightweight for easy moving from one room to another. These smaller slides are intended for use by toddlers and young children and might be something to consider when you buy slides.

Swing set slides and tall metal slides are made to be used outdoors. Slides that are made for use outside can be taller than those made for the inside. If you are looking for an outdoor slide that can be put away at the end of the day, consider lawn water slides. These slides are a quick and fun way to keep children entertained and cool during the summer. The only thing you need is a lawn, preferably with a small incline, a water hose and children that want to play. These slides are made of plastic and can be folded up or rolled up at the end of day or the end of the season.

With residential water slides, a constant water flow needs to be hooked up and running anytime the slide is in use. In addition, if you use an inflatable water slide you need the constant water flow and a constant air flow via a blower to keep it inflated. An inflatable Swimline pool toy that is designed as a slide should have a weighted water base for stability. This type of slide is designed to sit on the side of an inground pool and can be found in the pool supplies section of the store.

>> Choose a style that works for you

Popular slide designs include straight, waved, water, tube and U-turn. Straight slides are the most common type of slide available on the market. They are found with swing sets and also come as free standing slides. This slide design is found in both indoor and outdoor slides. Waved slides are similar to straight slides except they have a wavy design. Water slides should only be used outdoors and with pools or other water sources. Just like the water slides, the U-turn slides are also recommended for outdoor use. A U-turn slide turns around as the slide descends, which gives the impression of the user spinning. U-turn slides are often tall slides, allowing the user more room to make the U-turn as they slide down.slide styles

Any of the above style slides, except for the water slides, are commonly found with swing sets. The slide dimensions for the slides that come with a swing set depend on the size and design of the swing set. Tube slides are often found in larger swing sets or playground equipment, like what you would find in a school playground or city park. This type of slide is typically made of plastic and has a tube that covers the slide from the top to the bottom and is like sliding through a tunnel as you go down the slide.

>> Consider the slide's materials

The slide's material is a factor in learning how to choose a slide. The most common material that is used in making slides is plastic. One reason plastic is used to make slides is because of how easy it is to mold plastic into a slide shape. Plastic slides are lightweight, easy to clean and hold up to different weather climates.

Metal slides are made for outdoor use and are recommended for children that are over four years old. Metal alloys are used in creating metal slides. This type of slide is made for outdoor use, is durable to wear and tear and will last for years.

>> What size slide do you need?

Slides are available in a variety of weights and heights, and knowing how to choose a slide will help you choose the right one for your needs. Slides that are recommended for toddlers and very young children average between two and three feet long. These types of slides are often made of plastic and meant to be used inside in play rooms, nurseries or day cares. Taller and longer slides are designed for outdoor use because of the amount of space they need. The really tall slides are made as stand alone slides and are designed to be used alone or with other playground equipment.

>> Consider setup and installation

slide designs

The setup and installation process should be considered as you learn how to choose a slide. Slides need to be placed on a flat surface with a soft cushioning, such as mulch, sand or grass under the landing. Often slides need to be put together once you get them home. However, some slides come preassembled from the store. Metal slides typically use screws and bolts to put them together, while the plastic type of slides typically snap together. Another thing to consider is whether everything you need to assemble the slide is in the box or if you need to purchase additional material.

There are many things to consider when choosing a new slide. Making a list of your wants and needs will help you choose the best slide for your house or play yard. You need to consider the age of the children that will be using the slide, the size of the slide and the design of the slide. Knowing where the slide will be used, whether indoor, outdoor or with a pool, also helps to determine which slide to buy.

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