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How to buy a sleeping pad

how to buy a sleeping pad

A sleeping pad buying guide

Camping is a favorite pastime for many people, but comfort is not always possible when you're out in the wild. To get a good night's sleep, purchase the best sleeping pad for your needs. This means you need to consider several factors, like how to choose a sleeping pad, portability, size and the material of the sleeping pad.

>> What are your needs?

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When figuring out at how to buy sleeping pads, the first thing you need to consider is your needs. Think about your health, the terrain of the camping site, what you plan to pack and the weather where you will be camping to determine which is the best sleeping pad. When you are sleeping on the ground, you are subject to the rocks and bumps on the ground. As you do a sleeping pad comparison, think about how tall you are and how susceptible you are to temperature fluctuations. Sleeping pads come in various lengths; you want to buy a sleeping pad size that keeps you comfortable without requiring you to pack extra fabric.

When shopping for sleeping pads, look at the temperature rating. If you camp often, you want a sleeping pad that has a variable temperature rating. These pads will keep you comfortable during varying weather. Different pads may be more suitable for men than for women. Women may need a pad that is shorter and narrower, while men may need a wider bag to handle their shoulder width.

Think about the terrain you will be sleeping on as you consider how to buy sleeping pads. You may want to look at additional accessories, such as cots and hammocks, or sleeping bags that go on top of your sleeping pad. If you plan to backpack in the summer, look for a light pad to lighten your load.

>> How portable does it need to be?

The portability factor is based on how easy it is to roll the sleeping pad: a simple rectangular sleeping pad is the most portable. As you add insulation and length, the pad becomes harder to roll. If you are a heavy sleeper, then you may not need as much padding as a light sleeper. In addition, if you are camping with another person and using a two-person pad, you can get away with a lighter material because you will have additional body heat. With a two-person pad, only one person needs to carry the pad, lightening the other person's pack.

>> Choose the material

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There are two types of sleeping pads: synthetic and down. Goose or duck feathers make up the undercoating in a down sleeping bag. It is breathable, but also keeps you warm and dry. It is higher in price than synthetic, but it lasts longer and keeps you warmer. If you are camping in cooler climates, this is worth the extra cost. It is also often water-repellent so you will stay dryer overnight.

When determining how to buy sleeping pads, consider synthetic material if you have allergy concerns with down feathers. It is also cheaper but has a tendency to break down faster. When looking at how to buy sleeping pads, you will want to think about whether you want synthetic materials or if down is better for you.

>> Consider the care and accessories

When shopping for camping supplies, you will want to think about the care that is required when looking at how to buy sleeping pads. In addition to a sleeping pad, some of the airbeds and sleeping accessories you want to look at include pad liners and battery powered inflators. Your sleeping pad will stay cleaner if you change your clothes prior to getting in and if you use a removable liner. Sleeping pads are easier to clean through a laundry service so you will want to consider those when you look at how to buy sleeping pads. If you want a sleeping bag or airbed with your sleeping pad, consider the various accessories, such as airbed accessories, that are available to help make camping more enjoyable. This includes pillows, pumps and sheets for warmer weather.

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