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How to buy a shower door

shower door buying guide

A shower door buying guide

shower door designs

Dramatically changing the look and feel of any bathroom can be accomplished with a change of shower doors rather than a full bathroom remodel. Shower doors come in a wide variety of styles from framed to frameless and in several different finishes. Thanks to the many shower door options available, you can easily customize your bathroom to suit your personal sense of style. A new shower door is a quick home improvement project that provides a big payoff.

>> Which shower door is ideal?

When looking to buy a new shower door, there are a couple of types you should be familiar with in order to help find the best shower door for you.

Framed shower doors:

One of the most popular styles of shower doors is the framed shower door. These types of shower doors feature metal or plastic frames that hold the glass securely in place and attach to the shower enclosure wall and floor. These doors often come in a complete DIY kit that may include other bathroom plumbing supplies.

Frameless shower doors:

A modern shower door design is the frameless shower door. This shower door style is ideal for homeowners who would like to add a luxurious spa feel to their home. Frameless shower door sizes must be matched to the shower area space so that the glass can be attached with brackets to a wall or another piece of glass.

>> Consider shower door styles

When upgrading a bathroom with new plumbing and fixtures such as shower doors, consider which shower door styles would be best suited for your bathroom and your personal tastes. When learning how to buy a shower door, be sure to think about which shower door options are most important to you and how would you like your glass shower doors to operate.

  • Sliding - Frameless bypass shower doors are sometimes called sliding doors and are often the best shower door design if your bathroom has limited space. This is the type of shower door that slides horizontally across the shower opening rather than swinging open into the bathroom. These doors consist of two panels, the one that slides and a stationary one.
  • Pivot - Pivot shower doors are a type of shower door that swings open. They are called pivot shower doors because, as the name suggests, they pivot on one end. You will find that pivot or swinging shower doors are available as both framed and frameless styles.
  • Round new angle - Perhaps the most interesting shower door design is the round or new angle door. This shower door style is also referred to as a neo-angle door. The name comes from the fact that the shower enclosure is not a traditional rectangle or square which is made of 90 degree angles. This shower door option features 45 degree angles in its design, making it a very interesting alternative.

>> Consider the shower door glass finish

how to buy a shower door

Of all the shower door options to consider when thinking about how to buy a shower door, the glass finish is certainly something you will want to think about. Finishes include clear, frosted and patterned, and the choice you make will further personalize your bathroom to make it distinctively yours.

  • Clear - Clear glass doors help to open a room up. With clear glass doors, the shower remains a part of the bathroom. Clear glass doors may include lines or stripes to give the door a little character while still remaining light and open.
  • Frosted - A great look for a bathroom that needs a sense of mystery would include frosted glass shower doors. Frosted glass doors let in the light while at the same time providing privacy. Frosted glass doors are available in several shower door brands and come in all different sizes to fit your bathroom perfectly.
  • Pattern - Pattern doors can really bring out the personality of a bathroom because there are so many different patterns to choose from. From wavy to crackled patterned doors, these various shower doors are available in framed and frameless styles.

>> Consider shower door materials

The frames of shower doors come in two basic types, aluminum and plastic. Each has its own advantages. Which type of material you will want to choose is a matter of personal preference.

Aluminium - Aluminum is lightweight, sturdy and can be finished in a variety of styles. These frames are made of high quality extruded aluminum and are designed to provide years of service and look great doing it.

Plastic - Many shower door frames are constructed of a type of very strong, rigid plastic that is specially designed for bathroom environments. Plastic shower frames are available in a wide range of finishes and colors with one just right to complement any bathroom's decor.

>> Consider shower door finishes

types of shower door

There are several parts of a shower door other than the glass that allow for different finish types. These are the frame, hinges and door handles. Whether you want the finishes to match the rest of the decor, or would like to have a finish that stands out, there are plenty of options available.

Brass - Brass handles on a shower door add a timeless touch of elegance and sophistication to a bathroom and are very popular in homes that like to have a traditional appeal. Brass shower door handles come in both brushed and polished tones for even more options to choose from.

Nickel - Midway between traditional and contemporary finishes is nickel. This shower door finish, like brass, comes both brushed and polished but has a metallic silver look that offers a unique appearance.

Chrome - Chrome finishes off a bright, reflective surface that you might enjoy if you are looking for a shower door that has a contemporary style.

As you go shopping for your next shower door, be sure to research individual shower door designs that you might be considering. This will help you make an informed decision on which shower door to buy and help you find the best shower door for you.

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Shower Door Best Sellers

Coastal Shower Doors Value-Line Frameless Swing Shower Door

Prime Line Prod. 19672 Shower Door Sweep-SHOWER DOOR SEAL

DreamLine Elegance 32.25 to 34.25-inch Frameless Pivot Shower Door Chrome

DreamLine Elegance 52 3/4 to 54 3/4-inch Frameless Pivot Shower Door Chrome

DreamLine Unidoor 53-57x72-inch Frameless Hinged Shower Door 55-56 W x 72 H, Chrome
$239.95 $5.34 $571.24 $777.39 $742.14
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