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How to buy sandals

how to buy sandals

A sandal buying guide

Women's sandals are a popular shoe style with women of all ages, especially during the warmer months. When learning how to buy sandals, it is good to note the numerous sandal benefits, including ease of putting them on and taking them off, foot breathability and an overall cooler foot temperature. When deciding how to buy sandals, many things must be considered. First, you must determine your proper sandal size. Next, you should decide which type of sandal is best for you, and which sandal design best suits your needs. Finally, decide on the sandal style that you enjoy.

>> Consider sandal size

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When determining the best sandals to buy, the first consideration you must make is sandal size. Sandals are made in a variety of sizes. Some sandals are roughly sized according to those of traditional women's shoes. It is best to start with your traditional shoe size when determining your best sandal size. Some sandals are made in a range of sizes, for example 1/2, 3/4, etc. These sandals offer a larger range of sizes per pair of sandals and do not require a specific size. Sandals are made by different sandal manufacturers, and the size may vary from one brand to another or from one type of sandal to another. It is important to compare two sandals of the same sandal brand to determine your best size. The type of sandal may also affect the size. Compare sizing with similar types of sandals to determine the best size for you.

>> Consider sandal type

The second consideration in deciding how to buy sandals is sandal type. There are many different types of sandals on the market today, designed to fit a wide variety of lifestyles. Flip flops or thong sandals fit in between the first and second toe, and can be causal or more formal, depending on the design. Thong sandals are very easy to slip on and off and offer temperature control. Slide sandals allow the foot to slide into the shoe. These slip-on shoes are easy to take on and off, and offer more support on the front, back and/or sides of the feet. Wedge sandals offer height and are similar to high heels. Wedges, such as women's black wedge sandals, offer solid support under the foot and distribute body weight evenly across the whole foot. The height of the wedge varies, and the shape of the shoe also varies depending on the sandal design. Sling-back sandals buckle behind the heel and are effective at protecting the entire foot and do not slide when walking. Dress sandals frequently feature a thin, high heel. There are also low heel sandals that are appropriate in business and formal environments. Finally, flat sandals feature a flat sole. The sole itself is very thin and can be combined with other sandal designs, offering greater functionality for the wearer. Many thong sandals are also flat sandals, for example.

>> Consider sandal design

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When choosing between sandal designs, it is important to consider where the sandal will be worn. Some sandals are appropriate for outside use, while others wear best indoors. Some sandals are appropriate in a work environment, while others are appropriate in more casual places. Because sandals can work in many different settings, sandals are available in many different sandal designs. Sandal designs offer additional features and benefits for the wearers. First, sandal design affects the top of the sandal. Some sandals offer arch support, which is important for proper posture and a healthy back. Other sandals are ergonomically designed to conform to the foot and provide added comfort and support.

>> Consider your ideal style

Sandals can be constructed out of many materials, including leather, fabric, plastic and natural fibers. The sandal's fabric will often dictate where you can wear them and with what styles of outfits. In addition, the sole can be constructed out of many materials, including cork, plastic and foam. Popular sandals include women's silver sandals, women's green sandals, women's gladiator sandals, adjustable strap sandals and women's black sandals. Sandals are available in many different colors and patterns. Many sandals have embellishments, such as beading or stones, fabric wrapped soles or metallic accents.

>> Sandal comparison chart

Sandal type Environment Design Style
Flip-flop/thong sandals Indoor/outdoor use Strap attaches in Y between first and second toe, available in wedge, flat sole, ergonomic, and other specific designs. Many embellishments available, including metallic colors, two-toned, ergonomic, beaded, painted and more.
Slide/slip-on sandals Indoor/outdoor use according to materials and design Varies according to design requirements including buckles, straps and materials. May go around the foot or have only the front enclosed, may offer additional style embellishments or be very simple.
Wedge sandals Indoor/outdoor use according to materials and design Wedge height can vary, sole is higher below the heel, solid sole structure under foot. Style changes include wrapped sole, fabrics, complementary or contrasting colors and fabrics, etc.
Sling-back sandals Indoor/outdoor according to materials and design Have a piece that goes around the heel, may use wedge or flat heel, may have additional features like heel width and buckles. Available in many different colors, fabrics and materials, may be dressy or casual in nature.
Flat sandals Indoor/outdoor Thin, flat sole. Available in many different colors, patterns and other details. Can be used with other styles to create unique sandals.
Dress sandals Indoor Frequently features a heel, may be made of patent leather, suede, vinyl or other dress material. May have embellishments such as crystals, beading, metallic or bright colors, etc.

With just a little bit of research, finding sandals that fit your style and budget can be a very enjoyable experience.

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