1. Safety Glasses Buying Guide
Safety Glasses Best Sellers
Crews Checklite
Safety Glasses,
Clear Frame, Clear

Crews Stratos
Safety Glasses,
Black Frame, Clear

3M 11474 BX Reader
Safety Glasses
with I/O Mirror
Lens Blue Frame
and +2.0 Diopter

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How to buy safety glasses

how to choose safety glasses

A safety glasses buying guide

Sight is necessary to perform most jobs and activities, and thus protecting your eyes is vital. The best pair of safety glasses for you depends on your particular needs. Consider a variety of safety and protection products. Different types of safety glasses are available for many needs.

>> Why do you need safety glasses?

The benefits of safety glasses include protecting your eyes when you are operating machinery or when you are participating in certain activities. Safety glasses completely cover the area around the eyes, ensuring that debris does not reach the eye. If you work with machinery or welding, safety glasses are required for your field of work. Doctors and scientists often use safety glasses for their protection against chemicals that may splash in their eyes while performing their duties. The best safety glasses for you are determined by your safety glass uses.best safety glasses

>> Will you use your safety glasses inside or outside?

As you figure out how to choose safety glasses, consider if you will be using them inside or outside. This may help you decide which type of safety glasses to buy.

>> Do you need UV protection?

Different types of safety glasses have different types of lenses. Some lenses are clear, others are tinted and some are colored. To decide how to choose safety glasses based on their color, take into account your uses for safety glasses. Most types of safety glasses come in clear colors. Tinted frames are also available for outdoor safety glasses. These provide shade from the sun, prevent glare and may contain UV ray protection.

UV, or ultraviolet, protection is a good idea for anyone who is in the sun. Many people associate the use of ultraviolet blockers with sunblock or sunscreen, but it also can be used to protect your eyes. UV blockers can be added to glasses so the sun does not penetrate the lenses and harm your eyes or the skin around them. The skin around your eyes is among the most sensitive on your body. UV blockers can keep eyes and sensitive eye skin away from the harsh rays of the sun. The best safety glasses with UV blockers protect the eyes from skin cancer and sun damage and help prevent wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation of the skin. When figuring out how to choose safety glasses, take UV protection into consideration if your job is outside.

>> What color glasses are best for you?

types of safety glasses

If you work inside and need to have the best view possible through your glasses, clear safety glasses are the best safety glasses. Tinted glasses, as well as dark colored goggles, are appropriate for wearing outside, as described above.

>> Consider the material

When figuring out how to choose safety glasses, look at the different materials the glasses are made of to come to a conclusion about which are the best safety glasses for you.

Lens material


  • Easy to find
  • Lasting
  • Easily replaceable
  • Inexpensive
  • Available in department stores
  • Heavy duty
  • Can withstand impact
  • Less likely to scratch
  • High quality

>> Do you need accessories for your safety goggles?

One of the most popular accessories for safety glasses is a band that goes around the back of the head, called a head strap. This allows you to tighten your protection goggles as needed. Head straps can prevent your glasses from slipping off. When deciding how to choose safety glasses, consider the benefits of putting a head strap on the back of the glasses. You can purchase glasses with the head strap applied to ensure that the strap will not slide off of your safety lenses. Head straps also keep the glasses safe while you are operating home improvement tools and products. You can use the head straps to hang the goggles when you're not using them.

Along with head straps, you might decide to purchase side shields for your safety eyewear. Side shields deflect items from the eye area and can protect you if you deal with debris from different directions.

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Safety Glasses Best Sellers

Crews Checklite Safety Glasses, Clear Frame, Clear Lens

Crews Stratos Safety Glasses, Black Frame, Clear Lens

3M 11474 BX Reader Safety Glasses with I/O Mirror Lens Blue Frame and +2.0 Diopter

Crews Checklite Scratch-Resistant Safety Glasses CRWCL112

JACKSON SAFETY V60 Nemesis Rx Reader Safety Glasses, Black Frame, Smoke Lens
$1.04 $1.38 $20.58 $1.59 $10.38
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