1. Refurbished Laptop Buying Guide
Refurbished Laptop Best Sellers
HP Refurbished
Sparkling Black
15.6" Pavilion
15-b119wm Laptop
PC with AMD
Quad-Core A8-4555M
Processor, 6GB
Memory, 750GB Hard
Drive and Windows

HP Refurbished
Winter Blue 15.6"
2000-2d19WM Laptop
PC with AMD E-300
Processor, 4GB
Memory, 320GB Hard
Drive and Windows

HP Refurbished
Sparkling Black
15.6" Pavilion
15-b129wm Laptop
PC with AMD
Processor, 4GB
Touchscreen, 500GB
Hard Drive and
Windows 8

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Finding the best refurbished laptop to fit your needs

best refurbished laptops

A refurbished laptop buying guide

Searching for a new computer is quite easy, provided that you do the necessary research. Although you may be checking out the newest computers available, it's important to keep in mind that many of the best refurbished laptops on the market today work well for most people's standards. These computers have been returned to the manufacturers where they are cleaned, inspected and tested for use again. By purchasing a refurbished piece of equipment, you are able to get something with high specifications for a good price. Use the following information to help you pick out top refurbished laptops for your needs.

>> How will you use your laptop?

new refurbished laptops

Before going out and looking at refurbished laptop deals, you need to think closely about how you will use your laptop. After all, certain specifications are important depending on the use. For instance, if you are trying to shop refurbished laptops for checking email and simple work tasks, consider looking at laptops under $300. Laptops in this price range work well for basic tasks. Top refurbished laptops with a processor speed around 1.3 GHz allow you to multitask and quickly switch between computer programs. Keep in mind that if you will be storing many types of files, such as documents and videos, consider looking at laptops under $500. As you add more files to your computer, it requires more memory to run efficiently. The best refurbished laptops in this price range have a faster processor that is capable of handling more complex tasks like video editing or playing video games.

>> Consider operating system

While looking at refurbished laptop deals, you may see a variety of operating systems that are offered with each laptop. The best operating system for you depends on your needs and what you are comfortable using. Most laptop buyers are comfortable with Windows, because it is the largest distributed operating system software that is found on most laptops in stores. Chances are if you have used a computer, you may have worked with Windows. If you have worked with Windows before and want something different, consider the best refurbished laptops with OS X. OS X is found on all Apple computers and comes with programs for video editing, music recording and more. No matter which operating system you choose, always be sure to check which programs come bundled as you shop refurbished laptops. Many programs available with new laptops must be downloaded later on by the user when buying refurbished because of licensing agreements.

>> Consider RAM

Random Access Memory, or RAM, is the most important factor to consider when it comes to the speed and performance of new refurbished laptops. For the most basic tasks, the best refurbished laptops for you to buy need to have at least 1 GB (Gigabyte) of RAM. For higher amounts of multitasking, start looking at 2 GB laptops. Essentially, opening more programs on your computer causes more RAM to be used up. Consider looking at the best refurbished laptops with over 2 GB of RAM if you are interested in running several programs at once.quality refurbished laptops

>> Consider hard drive space

Your computer's hard drive contains all of the programs and files that you choose to store on your computer. Everything, from pictures to videos, resides in this area. As you are looking at refurbished laptop deals, choose a computer that offers more than enough hard drive space to fit your needs. If you plan on storing large files like movies, you may even need an external hard drive for additional storage. Outside of the size of your hard drive, you need to consider the type of hard drive when you buy refurbished laptops. There are two different types of hard drives available. A hard-disk drive (HDD) is the traditional drive you may know about if you are familiar with computers. An HDD features moving parts that store any of your data on rotating metal disks. The computer accesses this data when it needs it using a metal arm, and the data is always there, even when your computer is off. A solid-state drive (SDD) on the other hand features no moving parts and stores your data on flash memory chips. This data can be retained even if the computer is not on.

There are advantages with both an HDD and SSD when it comes to comparing the best refurbished laptops. For instance, HDDs offer larger amounts of storage for a lower price point. However, SSDs offer better speed performance. SSD laptops are capable of booting up in seconds. SSDs are also less prone to damage because there are zero moving parts. The type of hard drive you choose depends on your preferences.

>> Consider processor (CPU)

Second to RAM, always consider the central processing unit (CPU) when looking at quality refurbished laptops. The CPU does all of the calculations for the computer. Think of the CPU as the brain of your computer. Each CPU contains a set amount of cores. The more cores that the CPU has, the better its processing power is. It is generally smart to purchase new refurbished laptops that contain at least two cores. Quad core laptops are more suited for those interested in high-end computing. In order to make things easy to understand, simply look at the processor's specifications. A processor's speed is measured in gigahertz (GHz). The higher the number of gigahertz, the faster the computer will be.

>> What additional features are important to you?

top refurbished laptops

After you begin to understand which technical specifications are important, it's necessary to consider additional features when you buy refurbished laptops. For instance, if you are interested in video chatting with friends and family, consider looking at new refurbished laptops with webcams. Memory card slots are helpful if you are an avid photographer. While many laptops require you to purchase an external card reader that plugs into your laptop, these slots allow you to transfer pictures and video directly from the card to your hard drive. If you will be connecting an external mouse, consider looking at laptop computers with a few USB ports. That way if you are using your mouse, you will still have additional ports available to attach items like flash drives.

>> Consider the warranty

The warranty is another extremely important factor to consider when you buy refurbished laptops. Because the computer that you are buying is used, you want to make sure that it works correctly out of the box. Certain refurbished laptop deals come with warranties that offer a minimum 30-day policy on parts and labor. This warranty is often extended with certain models to one year for hardware issues. If you are looking for additional protection, consider quality refurbished laptops with warranty extensions if they are available. This will safeguard you well into the future as you use your new computer.

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