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How to buy PS3 games

how to buy ps3 games

A PS3 game buying guide

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a very popular video game platform. When thinking about which PS3 games to buy for either yourself or someone else, there are a few things you might want to consider. Read through the following to help you pick out the best PS3 video games to meet your needs.

>> Which rating is suitable for you?

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When deciding among the must-have PS3 games, the first consideration should be the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) rating. The ESRB rates games according to age appropriateness. "EC" games are appropriate for young children. Many "EC" games incorporate learning features, have limited reading and are suitable for children over 3 years of age. Games that are "E for Everyone" are appropriate for all players over 6 years of age. Ones that are rated "E10+" are appropriate for players 10 years old and older. Those considered "Teen" games are appropriate for players 13 years old and older. Games rated "Mature" are appropriate for players 17 years old and older. Lastly, "Adults Only" games are appropriate for players 18 years old and older. To ensure the most appropriate content, it is important to consider the ESRB ratings when selecting the best PS3 game to buy.

>> Which type and genre of PS3 game is right for you?

When you shop PS3 games, it is important to consider the different types of games. There are many different types of PS3 games, including educational games, first person shooter games, role-playing games, fighting games, sports games, PS3 exclusive games, driving games and PS3 Move games. Consider all of these choices when learning how to buy PS3 games.

  • Educational games introduce key educational content, such as mathematics, phonics, direction, color, shapes and even foreign languages. Many educational games are rated EC and E and are geared toward younger audiences.
  • First person shooter games feature a main character that shoots at various targets or enemies.
  • Role-playing games require a main character to go on an adventure or quest. In role-playing games, the character must perform different tasks, such as solving puzzles, conquering enemies, rescuing the princess and more.
  • Fighting games typically involve characters fighting in an arena. The player can either fight the computer or an opponent.
  • Sports games feature professional sports teams with the real players. Sports games allow the player to play on a professional sports team. Many times a new edition is released yearly with updated players, uniforms and arenas.
  • Driving games allow the player to drive automobiles, upgrade features to these vehicles, drive in famous places and accomplish tasks. Many times, driving games feature cars designed for speed, maneuverability or adverse conditions, and players can either play against the computer or against other players.

Finally and while not a specific genre of game, the PS3 Move adds a new dimension to video gaming with motion tracking. Through the use of a web camera and controller, the PS3 Move captures players' movements and projects their image on the screen. PS3 Move games are available in every rating by the ESRB.types of ps3 games

Because games are so different, it is important to consider the type of PS3 game the player prefers when you make a PS3 game comparison. When you are learning how to buy PS3 games, it is helpful to consider all these options.

>> What features do you want?

When you start to explore how to buy PS3 games, you must consider the PS3 game features you want. Features of individual games include graphics capabilities, online multiplayer gameplay, achievements and parental settings. Graphics capabilities determine how vibrant and detailed the environment and other objects are in a game. There are also different video games accessories to consider as you learn how to buy PS3 games.

Online multiplayer capacity is another main PS3 game feature that is important to many players that you might enjoy. Online multiplayer capabilities allow you to connect with friends and play against each other or as a team. The players in multiplayer games are able to talk via headset, compare statistics, earn achievements and design maps together.

In addition, some types of PS3 games offer achievements and rewards for performing certain game tasks. The rewards can change and offer an incentive for completion.

Finally, if children will have access to the PS3, parental settings may be important to you. Parental settings restrict access to certain games without entering a code, can reduce the level of violence and language the game uses and can even remove access at certain times of day.ps3 game features

Different games require different accessories and attachments. Some games require musical instrument attachments. PS3 Move games require the PS3 Move accessories that capture body movement. It is important that you have all of the necessary components before playing a specific game. When deciding the best PS3 game to buy, PS3 game features must be considered.

>> Do you want a PS3 game series?

When deciding how to buy PS3 games, the next step is evaluating the game series. Some popular PS3 video games have been developed into multi-game franchises. These series feature common characters, storylines, gameplay or other popular characteristics. Sports games are frequently released yearly with updated content and characters based on that year's teams. For that reason, sports games are frequently released in a series. Other games that are frequently released in a series are unique first person shooters, fighting and role-playing games. If you enjoyed one game in the series then it is likely that you will enjoy another in the PS3 game series.

There are also the Playstation 3 Collector's Edition games that you might enjoy. Other popular games include PS3 Darksiders 2 games and PS3 Saints Row games. You should also always be on the lookout for PS3 new releases to help you figure out how to buy PS3 games.

>> PS3 game comparison

Consult the table below for a breakdown of many PS3 game options that you might want to consider:

Game type

ESRB rating



Educational games EC, E Simple controller, limited reading Based on popular characters, movies, etc.
First person shooters E, E10+, E13+, T, M, A Online multiplayer, multiple views, cooperative play common Many popular shooting games have been made into a series
Role-playing games All Weapons and gameplay depend on type of character, online multiplayer Many popular role-playing games have been made into a series
Fighting games E, E10+, E13+, T, M, A Tournament or storyline play, online multiplayer Many popular fighting games have been made into a series
Sports games All Reflect current teams, arenas, uniforms, etc. for the year released Many popular sports games have been made into a series with updates coming out yearly
Driving games All Reflect actual cars designed for various conditions, allow customization, online multiplayer Many popular driving games have been made into a series with updates reflecting new places or vehicles
PS3 Move games All Movement capture technology, requires Move devices, attachments and controllers New games on Move may be derived from a popular series, can have popular characters or may be reflective of movies, TV shows, etc.

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