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How to Buy PS2 Games

how to buy ps2 games

A PS2 games buying guide

>> Types of PS2 Games Comparison Chart

When deciding how to buy new PS2 games, you first have to decide what type of game you want to play. The must-have PS2 games, PS2 games deals, and top rated PS2 games may or may not be the best type of game for you. After all, one person might prefer Playstation 2 Star Wars games, while another loves to kick back with Playstation 2 Soccer Games. Others prefer PSP games. Shop various PS2 games before making your purchase. This will help you narrow down the best PS2 games to buy.

Type of game




First person shooter (FPS) or third person shooter A shooting game that involves controlling a character who engages in gun battles. Almost always, unless the game centers on a campaign Check the rating before purchasing a shooting game for anyone under 18.
Role-playing game (RPG) You control a character and guide them through life, usually on a journey or towards the character's destiny. Occasionally Many role playing games have earlier or later series' entries on different PlayStation Systems.
Adventure/fantasy Adventure and fantasy games involve players controlling characters who fight against difficult odds in make-believe worlds. They often contain magic or non-existent technology. Occasionally Check whether the PS2 game is heavily multiplayer before purchasing it. If it is, make sure you have friends with the same game to get the most out of it.
Sports Sports games put you in control of professional athletes. Occasionally Read carefully to determine whether the game puts you in control of a single player or the entire team.
Children's games Games that are designed to teach a child a lesson or entertain them with quirky characters. Less likely to be multiplayer, for safety reasons Read reviews before purchasing a children's game to determine what age the child should be before playing it.

>> Which PS2 games do you want?

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Once you've decided on the best PS2 games to buy, decide which copies are right for you. Knowing how to buy PS2 games has a lot to do with the system on which you play. For example, some PlayStation 3 consoles are backwards compatible and can play PS2 discs. However, not all PS3 consoles can play PS2 discs. This depends on the serial number of your console. All PS2 games can be played on the PS2, of course, but the console isn't manufactured anymore and can only be purchased used. Various accessories like PS2 to USB adapters are still available.

One thing to consider when deciding how to buy PS2 games is whether the games you want are part of a PS2 game series. Some PS2 games series have plots that run through the entire series and make more sense if you play them in order. Later games in certain series may have better graphics and controls than earlier ones, which is to be expected as video game technology changes. That way you can enjoy quality visuals as you sit back and relax with your PS2 wireless controller.

The best PS2 games to buy can also be found by reading reviews and ratings. Many publications review different video games, and older reviews can still be found online. Another benefit to reading these when choosing how to buy PS2 games is that reviews may mention whether the game is too challenging for children. One important factor to consider when learning how to buy PS2 games is whether the game will be too easy, hard enough to be fun or too difficult to complete for a young person.

>> What game rating do you need?

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Before purchasing a PS2 game, read the description of the game on the back to decide if the content of the game is appropriate for the person for whom you're buying the game. Not all games are designed for all age groups. Many are geared more toward older teens or adults. Another way to gauge the suitability of a game is to use the rating, which is a judgment made by the Entertainment Software Rating Board about which age groups should be playing the game. Ratings categories include: Early Childhood (EC), Everyone (E), Everyone Over Ten (E10+), Teen (T), Mature (M), Adults Only (AO) and Rating Pending (RP), which means the game hasn't been assigned an official rating yet. Different games in PS2 game series may have different ratings, so check the boxes before grabbing that PS2 game deal that includes multiple titles.

The ESRB also assigns content descriptors to some games, which tell you what particular types of objectionable content are in the game. Some games may also have interactive elements assigned to them that tell you whether the person playing the type of PS2 game you buy will be exposed to other users or have his location shared. Ratings can be as, if not more, important than required video game accessories when deciding how to buy PS2 games.

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