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Unit 13 (PS Vita)
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Choosing the best PS Vita games

best ps vita games

A PS Vita game buying guide

The PlayStation Vita, also called the PS Vita, is an oval-shaped handheld game console that supports either Wi-Fi alone or Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and optional 3G. Today's market includes a very long list of PS Vita games in many different genres including sports, action, strategy, racing, fantasy, arcade games and puzzles. You can easily research the top PS Vita games or search for a new PS Vita game based on your specific interests.

>> Finding PS Vita games and compatible games

top ps vita games

When you're ready to buy PS Vita games, learn where to purchase them and which other games are compatible with PS Vita video game consoles.

Some video games for PS Vita are distributed by the PS Vita card and sold in stores, while others are found online through the PlayStation store. Along with current games, PS Vita is compatible with PlayStation Portable downloadable titles, PSOne Classics downloadable titles, PlayStation Minis, PlayStation Mobile games and videos from the PlayStation store.

PS Vita acts as a PS3 controller and as a second screen device for the upcoming PlayStation 4 for streaming content directly from the console to the PlayStation Vita. This allows a game to be played remotely.

Digital versions of PSP games can be played on PS Vita if the PSP game was purchased and downloaded from the PlayStation Store using a PS Vita, or if the PSP game was purchased from the PlayStation Store using a PS3 with the same PSN/SEN account linked to your PS Vita. The PSP game must be listed as Vita Compatible.

>> Consider the age of player

When shopping for the best PS Vita games for you, think beyond the top PS Vita games by checking the ratings and recommended ages for players of each game. When you buy PS Vita games, knowing ratings and recommendations will boost your confidence and help you stick to your personal comfort level. Discovering cool PS Vita games appropriate for each age group is easy when you see the large available selection.

The market currently features hundreds of PS Vita games. The Entertainment Software Ratings Board, also known as ESRB, provides ratings categories to assist you in determining appropriateness:




EC Early Childhood Intended for young children
E Everyone Suitable for all ages
E10+ Everyone 10+ Generally suitable for ages 10 and up
T Teen Generally suitable for ages 13 and up
M Mature Generally suitable for ages 17 and up
AO Adults Only Suitable for adults 18 and up
RP Rating Pending Not yet assigned an ESRB rating

>> Consider the genre of game

A list of PS Vita games shows you the wide variety of genres available. You can buy cool PS Vita games based on sports, action, fantasy and racing. PS Vita offers puzzle games, arcade games, strategy games and shooter/player games. After immersing yourself in game genres and titles, you'll narrow down the best PS Vita games for you.cool ps vita games

Many top PS Vita games feature sports. Sports titles include traditional team sports such as football, baseball, hockey and soccer, as well as two-player games such as boxing, billiards, foosball and mahjongg. If you enjoy solitary gaming, the best PS Vita games for you will feature individual pursuits such as fishing, bowling or snowboarding. You'll find cool PS Vita games that allow you to interact with others or to challenge yourself.

Action games might make the list of PS Vita games you find appealing. Action titles feature a huge variety of possibilities, from simpler goal-based games to lengthy adventure-based games. Consider creating a list of PS Vita games that satisfy your desire for quicker resolution, your enjoyment of drawn-out battles or quests, or both.

Fantasy titles allow players to role-play and engage in strategy. You can buy PS Vita games that allow you to create a fantasy-based character identity and interact with a different type of world.

If your top PS Vita games choices involve the need for speed, check out racing games. Racing titles involve cars, motorcycles, trucks and even spaceships. Try to beat your own best time or race against other players.

When you gravitate toward puzzles, buy PS Vita games to challenge your analytical mind. Puzzle games include word games, number games and strategy-based games.

>> Consider number of players

new ps vita game

You can play a PS Vita game alone or with other players, and with the right connection you can play remotely with other players.

With PS Vita cross-platform play, you can play a game on your PS3 console, save your progress, and continue the game on the PS Vita System. You can also join in multiplayer games on your PS Vita System, playing against players on their own PS3 consoles. Your list of desirable PS Vita games might include the ability to share experiences with other players.

>> Consider needed accessories

Your PS Vita gaming console already contains everything you need to play compatible games. With its analog sticks, multiple buttons, touchscreen, rear touch pad, cameras, speakers, microphone, compass and GPS receiver, you're set to play all the best PS Vita games on your personal list.

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Ps Vita Games Best Sellers

Unit 13 (PS Vita)

PlayStation Vita Borderlands 2 Limited Edition Bundle

Little Deviants (PS Vita)

MLB 12: The Show (PS Vita)

Minecraft (PS4)
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