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Choosing the best protein powder

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A protein powder buying guide

Using protein powder is a convenient way to get more protein into your diet without needing to ingest any food. However, it is important to perform the necessary research in order to determine the best protein powder for your body. This powder should not only taste good to you, but also needs to coincide with your overall fitness or nutritional goals. Use the following information to help you learn how to buy protein powder that will benefit you the most.

>> What are your health needs and goals?

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Determining the best protein powder for you can only be achieved by first thinking about your health needs and goals. For instance, if you are interested in gaining muscle, you will need to look at the top protein powders that contain higher amounts of carbohydrates. If losing weight is your goal, it's important for you to consider protein powder that is lower in calories. Outside of fitness and weight loss goals, many people choose to supplement protein powder as a meal replacement. For this reason, you will want to look for protein powder brands that are not only higher in calories, but also provide the right vitamins that will allow you to stay full. By assessing your own goals, you can best determine which protein powder to buy.

>> Consider your schedule

Thinking about your schedule plays an important role in understanding how to choose protein powder. If you are looking to consume your protein in the morning, consider picking up casein protein powder. Because of its slow digesting properties, it helps to keep you full throughout the day. Casein is also helpful before going to sleep. After all, your body is going through a state where you are not eating or drinking for hours. Ingesting a slow digesting protein allows your body to recover and stay satiated as you sleep. Before or after your workouts, you would want something like whey protein powder. Whey has a much faster absorption rate into the body, which helps get protein to your recovering muscles more quickly. Timing means everything in order to get maximum protein powder benefits. By thinking about your schedule, you are better able to pick out the top protein powders that fit your lifestyle.

>> Consider allergies

Not all protein powder is made alike. There are many different types, depending on how each is filtered along with what ingredients are contained. If you have any food allergies, you need to look at all ingredients. For instance, those that are allergic to dairy protein need to avoid whey and casein protein. If you are allergic to dairy protein, you may want to consider supplementing with protein powder brands that offer egg or beef proteins. For any lactose intolerant issues, whey protein can still be consumed. However, it is important to remember that this protein must be an isolate. This means that the powder goes through additional filtration by the manufacturer to help remove any lactose. The good news is that even if you have food allergies, there are many different types of protein powder available to choose from that all vary in terms of ingredients.

>> Consider types of protein powder

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To help understand which protein powder to buy for your goals, you need to consider the various types. Some types of protein powders are made from vegetable or animal sources. Alongside your vitamins supplements, these powders provide nutritional benefits such as essential fatty acids and branched-chain amino acids to keep you healthy. Whey, which is derived from milk, is often made by many of the biggest protein powder brands because of its values to the body. Because of its low amount of carbohydrates and its fast absorption rate, it is popular to take before or after a workout.

If you are interested in dropping your cholesterol, egg white protein powder may be helpful to your body. Because it is cholesterol-free, it is the best protein powder for those going dairy-free. For personal or health reasons, some prefer to avoid meat or animal products. In this case, soy protein is the best protein powder to consider alongside hemp. Hemp and soy protein powders offer antioxidant benefits as well as eight essential amino acids.

>> What types of flavors and sweeteners do you enjoy?

As you buy protein powder, be sure to remember that manufacturers often use a variety of flavors and sweeteners for taste purposes. Most of the top protein powder brands flavor their mixes with either artificial or natural sweeteners. In certain cases of flavorless powder, no sweeteners are used at all. As far as artificial sweeteners are concerned, the two most common ingredients used are sucrose and aspartame. If you are sensitive to these, natural sweeteners such as Stevia can be found to give off a similar sweet taste. Keep in mind that these sweeteners shouldn't only be considered for taste purposes. For conditions such as diabetes where your blood sugar must be kept under control, look at the top protein powders containing natural sweeteners. The best protein powder you choose correlates with the health needs of your body.

>> Consider macronutrient levels

In order to determine the best protein powder for your body, you need to consider the macronutrient levels of the label. Macronutrients consist of the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats that are in each powder. The type of protein powder you choose needs to correlate with your diet and nutrition plan. For instance, you may be looking to gain weight or simply remain full throughout the day. In this case, choose whey protein that contains higher levels of carbohydrates and fat. This type of powder is often seen on the shelf as a "mass gainer." Because of its higher caloric level per scoop, it makes an excellent addition to any meal. If you are on a low carb diet, there is typically less research involved as most protein powders are purposely manufactured to be lower in carbs. Many of these low carb protein powders are also higher in healthy fats, which are needed to keep you full throughout the day.

Protein powder is one of the best ways to complement a healthier lifestyle. However, the right amount of research is needed. By considering factors such as your health needs, schedule, potential allergies and desired sweeteners, you are better able to figure out the best type of protein powder for you.

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