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Finding the right ProForm treadmill

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A ProForm treadmill buying guide

ProForm treadmills are designed to help you lose weight, get fit and experience a healthier lifestyle. The ProForm brand offers a variety of treadmills with different features. As you compare the best ProForm treadmill models that might meet your requirements, keep a few considerations in mind:

  • The space you have available
  • Who will be using it
  • The treadmill power
  • The running belt
  • The frame
  • The ProForm treadmill features

>> Consider your space

proform treadmill models

ProForm treadmill models come in different sizes with different storing options. If your plan is to keep your new piece of sports and fitness equipment out for easy access, measure the length and width of the designated area. You'll want to be sure you have room to walk around your ProForm treadmill once it has been set up. If your preferences lean toward foldaway treadmills that you can store, you'll still need to measure the area to ensure you can properly use your new treadmill while it's set up.

>> Consider who will be using it

When looking for the best ProForm treadmill, it's important to take note of who and how many people will be using it to ensure you buy a quality ProForm treadmill with an appropriate amount of power. A treadmill that will be used only by one person who weighs 110 pounds probably won't need to be as powerful as one that will be used on a regular basis by four different people of various sizes. Once you have noted how many people will be using your new ProForm treadmill and their approximate weights, you'll be able to determine the treadmill power you need.

>> Consider the treadmill power

The force that moves your running belt forward while you're working out is measured in horsepower and powered by a drive motor. The more weight a treadmill belt must hold, the more power per revolution it takes to move it. Since more horsepower means each revolution of the belt places less stress on your exercise machine, look for a machine with higher horsepower, especially if multiple people will be using it.

Another factor that comes into play with regard to a treadmill's power is the incline motor, which lifts and lowers the belt incline in ProForm models that include such a feature. Most incline motors run on direct thrust and a leverage system. Direct thrust power is powerful enough to quietly lift most weights without strain on the machine, making it a good feature to add to your ProForm treadmill wish list.

>> Examine the running belt

When shopping for any treadmill, also consider the length and width of the running belt. The belt of the treadmill you choose to purchase will need to be long enough to accommodate your stride, yet short enough that you can easily jump off the treadmill if needed. While belt widths of 20 inches usually accommodate most users, those with smaller frames often prefer a belt width of 17 inches. A belt with just the right width for you will give you a better workout than one that is too wide.

Belts with at least 3/4 of an inch of thickness are usually more durable than thinner belts. The thicker your belt is, the longer it will last against the friction of running and walking.proform treadmill features

>> Consider the treadmill frame

The frame of a treadmill is important to consider when looking for the best ProForm treadmill because of its significant impact on stability. The larger and heavier a ProForm treadmill is, the more stable it will feel. Your new ProForm treadmill should feel firm and secure while you walk or run on it. You will also want accessible handles at times during your workout, so look for handle bars that are right at arm's reach rather than too high or too low.

>> Choose ProForm treadmill features

ProForm treadmill models come with several different accessories designed to accommodate certain types of workouts and tracking measures. Feedback features, for example, can effectively monitor your heart rate, performance and calorie burn. Programming features allow you to set up your workouts and goals in order to optimize anything from weight loss and cardio fitness to muscle toning or stamina building. Some ProForm treadmills offer iPod and MP3 compatibility so you can easily connect your audio device to your treadmill and listen to your favorite recordings while working out.

Finding the best ProForm treadmill for your unique needs is important as you strive to reach your optimal weight loss, fitness and other health goals. Buy a ProForm treadmill with the right power, belt, frame and features for the person or people who will be using it in order to help get the results you want.

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