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Choosing the best printer stand for you

best printer stand

A printer stand buying guide

Whether you work from home full time, or away from home or are simply looking for somewhere to place your office or home supplies, you can find printer stands of different furniture designs and sizes to accommodate your needs.

>> Understand your needs

printer stand Model

Thinking about your current and future office needs is an important first step when figuring out the best printer stand to buy. Consider how regularly you print documents, and especially, whether your new printer stand will be for your home or office away from home. Considering the types of documents you are most likely to print, for example, articles with text, pictures or both, how much at any one time and how many people will use your printer will help you determine the best printer stand to suit your needs.

Even though most people start off with basic furniture with enough strength to hold a standard-sized printer, their printing and later, storage needs, grow along with the amount of work that needs to be done. So, consider getting a printer stand that will accommodate your growing printing and storage needs.

>> Consider available space

Seeing that printer stands come in all shapes and sizes, consider the available floor space in your room when deciding how to buy printer stands. Remember, the amount of space you have will make it easier to know how many other pieces of office furniture you can add. Also, the bigger the printer stand, the less space you will have to walk or move around, so take measurements beforehand to allow you to know exactly how much space your printer and machine stands are likely to take up.

To make the most use of space, especially in hallways or multi-purpose rooms, look for PC carts, workstations and corner printer stands. If you prefer to have your printer hidden away when you are not using it, consider choosing a hideaway workstation to save up on space and to give your home or office a seamless appearance.

>> Consider cabinets and storage

When looking at different printer stand designs, remember you can stay on top of your paperwork with models that have filing systems. Models with printer cabinets do not usually take up too much space as they feature two to four drawer filing systems to make it easier for you to keep all your work tidy and accessible. Also, you can find more storage options with top printer stands such as multimedia work stations.printer stand size

>> Consider the weight of your printer and portability of your printer stand

Weight: The size and weight of your printer is another important factor when considering the best printer stand to buy. If you are not concerned with the actual size and would prefer a fully-functional work station, consider a multi-purpose printer stand design with space for both your computer and printer stand. These unique printer stands are the best to choose if you regularly do printing jobs because you can format your documents, print and collect them from the printer without getting up from your chair. If size is important, look for printer stand models that are solid and will last a long time, because you can easily place them in a corner and can move them whenever you want to rearrange your office.

Portability: This is also one of the most crucial printer stand features to consider when figuring out the best printer stand for your office, especially if you like to rearrange your office or, if your work space is temporary. Depending on your immediate demands, you may not always need to transport your office furniture away from your home but may still desire the option of being able to have a portable printer stand to move your printer to different areas of your house or office. In order to accommodate those occasions, choose top printer stands with wheels for ease of movement such as rolling printer stands. Also, consider printer stand designs made of light material, to make it easier for you to move it to another space whenever you want.

>> Consider the materials

There are several materials to consider when thinking about the best printer stand to buy. Below are a few of the most popular printer stand designs:

Solid wood: These top printer stands have a natural look that can blend in with any decor in your home or office. The grains, knots and small differences in color mean that no two pieces will be exactly the same - so you will always have a fresh appearance.

Real wood veneer: These quality printer stands have been finished with a thin layer of real wood. Because of their design, they are quite light in weight and the best printer stands to move around.

Wood effect finish: This furniture looks like real wood, but has less grains and knots, and thus has a more even color and appearance.printer stand design

Metal and glass: If you prefer new printer stands with a contemporary feel, consider models made of metal or glass or both. Not only are they durable, but they are also easy to clean. Also, if you have limited space in your office, look for those made with frosted or clear glass as they create a sense of light and space.

>> Consider ergonomic printer stands

Before choosing a new printer stand, think about how you will use it and how much time you will spend printing. Remember that if you work from home on a full time basis, you will need more support than if you do printing jobs from time to time. So, when considering which printer stand to buy, look for those that have been specifically made to ensure you are always comfortable in order to reduce any work-related injuries. Choosing quality printer stands means that they have been made with your posture, safety and comfort in mind. Although the standard height for most printer stands is 28" - 38" off the ground, you can also look for adjustable printer stands that allow your wrist to fall in a natural downward position to reduce any strain to your joints.

While most office furniture is designed to be strong and stable, always consider the maximum weight recommendations before you buy, so you know the weight you can store on top of each model.

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Printer Stand Best Sellers

South Shore Smart Basics Printer Stand, Multiple Finishes

Sauder Edge Water Printer and Utility Stand, Estate Black

Safco Underdesk Printer / Fax Stand

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