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How to buy a pregnancy test

which pregnancy test to buy

A pregnancy test buying guide

There are several things you should know as you figure out which pregnancy test to buy. Ease of use along with accuracy are the most important factors to consider. Learning which pregnancy test is good for you is also important. Because some pregnancy tests can be confusing to read, do a pregnancy test comparison and select the format that is easiest for you to understand. This pregnancy test buying guide will help you figure out the best pregnancy test to buy.

>> Consider accuracy

how to buy a pregnancy test

As you decide which pregnancy test to buy, think about accuracy, which is vitally important in a pregnancy test. The sooner you know you are pregnant, the sooner you can make healthy changes in your routines, for example, stop taking certain medications or decrease your stress levels. Most products claim 95 percent accuracy or better.

Test results are most accurate one day before your scheduled period and the days immediately after. Some pregnancy tests are accurate up to five days before your scheduled period. Each manufacturer lists how many days prior your period its test is accurate. For many women, this is the decisive factor in how to choose a pregnancy test.

>> Consider the results waiting period

Each different type of pregnancy test has a different results waiting period. Although most return results within three minutes, others take a bit longer. Some instructions suggest waiting ten minutes before reading the results.

>> Consider the display format and test type

Different types of pregnancy tests have different displays. As you learn how to choose a pregnancy test, understanding how results are displayed is crucial.

Digital pregnancy tests display "pregnant"/"not pregnant" or a +/- symbol in the window. These are the easiest to read and are often considered the best pregnancy tests to buy. In some cases, digital tests are more sensitive to the HCG hormone and can detect pregnancy earlier than stick or dropper tests.

Another type of pregnancy test is the dropper style. With this test, you collect urine in a cup and use the supplied dropper to transfer the urine to the testing area. For this type of test, you set the testing vessel on a flat surface and hold the dropper at least two inches from the testing area. It is important to use the exact number of drops of urine requested by the test for accuracy.

The stick style pregnancy test is the most popular and the easiest to use. You hold a stick in your urine stream and lay it flat while you await the results. The display options vary for viewing the results. Each package lists the results delivery type so that you know what to look for. When deciding which pregnancy test to buy, most people choose the stick style because it is so easy to use.

>> How to obtain accurate results

which pregnancy test is good

As you better understand how to choose a pregnancy test, learning when the results will be the most accurate is important. Some tests claim to be accurate up to ten days before your period is due, while others suggest a maximum of five days prior. Even if the test works properly, the amount of the HCG hormone in your body is the determining factor. The amount may not be strong enough five to ten days before your period is due to obtain an accurate pregnancy test result. Every woman's body is different.

For the best results, decide which pregnancy test to buy based on your needs. If you need to know five days prior to your period or you are having symptoms of pregnancy that early, purchase a test that suggests accurate results as early as five days prior. If you prefer to wait to be "late," this is often the best option for the most accurate results because the HCG hormone has had ample time to build up in your body.

The chart below provides a pregnancy test comparison. This will help you determine which pregnancy test is good for you and which fits your needs the best.

Type of test

Results format

Time to receive results

Digital Pregnant/not pregnant 3 -5 minutes
Stick +/- or | || 3 -5 minutes
Dropper | || symbols up to 10 minutes

>> What can you use in combination with pregnancy tests?

For women who have been unsuccessful in conceiving, ovulation test kits help detect the most fertile time to conceive during your menstrual cycle. The results vary for each woman. These results are estimated. Another item that is often used with a home pregnancy test is a home diagnostic test, which aids in detecting the most fertile times of the month for conception.

This pregnancy test buying guide is designed to help you understand how to choose a pregnancy test, which could be one of the most useful items in your medicine cabinet. Ease of use along with accuracy and ease in reading the results will help you determine which pregnancy test to buy.

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