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How to buy a pool pump

how to choose pool pump

A pool pump buying guide

Swimming pools provide outdoor play and exercise for many people. Pool pumps are just one of the pool supplies that are required to operate a clean and inviting pool. With so many different pool pumps available, you might have questions on how to buy a pool pump or which pool pump is best for you. Read through the following guying guide to help you find the best pool pump to meet your needs.

>> Think about your pool

best pool pumps

The first step you must take before selecting pool pumps is to evaluate your pool. Conditions and features of your pool will dictate the particular pool pump that will work for it. Just as pool covers and pool cover pumps must be properly sized, so must a pool pump. The size of the pool pump is determined by a couple of factors. The first factor to consider when you buy a pool pump is your pool's capacity. Your pool's capacity is the amount of water it holds in gallons. The second factor is the pool pump's flow turnover rate for your pool. The turnover rate is how fast the entire body of water in the pool is processed. This information is important because an efficient pool pump will process all of the water in the pool within 8-10 hours and thus maintain pool cleanliness. So if you had a 10,000 gallon pool, you would want a pump that can process 10,000 gallons in 10 hours, or 1,000 gallons every hour (about 17 gallons per minute). Pumps are usually rated in GPM (gallons per minute) but pool pump brands will often also tell you how many gallons the pump can process each hour to help you with the math. As a final note, pool pumps are also rated in horsepower. While horsepower can and does influence how many gallons per minute the pump can process, the ultimate thing you need to know is how much water the pool can pump.

>> Types of pool pumps

The next thing involved in learning how to choose pool pumps is what type of pool pumps are best suited to meet your needs. There are three different types of pool pumps, and the top rated pool pumps on the market are available in all three types. Single speed motors operate at one constant speed and always process water at that rate. They can only be turned on or off, and are sometimes put on automatic timers. Two-speed pumps operate at two speeds.types of pool pumps The pump can be set at the low setting for a longer period during the day, but it can also be operated on the high setting for maintenance tasks or if a temporary increase of power is needed. Variable speed pool pumps operate on a wide variety of speeds. Variable speed pool pumps can be digitally controlled and programmed for specific times. The speed can be changed if the need arises. As a rule of thumb, single speed pumps cost less upfront, while variable speed pumps often save more on the monthly electric bill.

>> Pool pump features

One final factor in determining how to choose pool pumps is what pool pump features are needed for your unique situation. Pool pumps are manufactured by a variety of pool pump brands and have different features. One factor that is important when you buy pool pumps is efficiency. An efficient pool pump utilizes the fewest resources during operation. An efficient pool pump also moves water efficiently through the pool. When evaluating different pool pump models and pool pump brands, it is important to determine how efficient you require the pool pump to be.

Another important consideration in how to choose a pool pump is noise control. Some pool pumps are quieter than others. Considering the acceptable level of noise you are comfortable with is important when you buy a pool pump.

Some pool pump designs are intended for indoor, outdoor or indoor/outdoor operation. The demands on pool pumps are different if they are operated indoor or outdoor. It then becomes very important to select the pool pump that is designed for your location.

Another main consideration is energy efficiency. Energy efficiency features allow the pool pump to minimize energy consumption. New pool pumps may be rated as ENERGY STAR appliances and are thus more energy efficient than other models. Many types of pool pumps also designate the cost of operation, thus allowing you to determine how energy efficient the pool pump is while operating.

Finally, it is important to select a salt water pump if the pool uses salt water. The demands on the pool pump are different depending on whether salt or fresh water is processed. And many pool pump designs cannot be operated in both environments. Utilizing the proper pool pump is thus essential to proper pool operation. Identifying the pool pump features that you prefer is an important step in determining how to choose pool pumps and is vital to finding the best pool pump for your needs.

In the end, be sure to research individual pool pumps as much as you feel is necessary in order to make an informed decision. This research should also include the opinions of owners of that particular pool pump brand and model, as well as expert reviews. By giving yourself this knowledge, you'll be able to select the best pool pump for your situation and help keep your pool in good shape so that you, your family and friends can enjoy it for a long time.

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Pool Pumps Best Sellers

Summer Escapes RX1000 Pump with GFCI

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump

Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System, 15,000 Gallon

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