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How to buy pony beads

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A pony beads buying guide

Dating back to Lewis and Clark and delivered via the Pony Express, pony beads have been used for thousands of projects. Going shopping to buy pony beads is a fun part of buying craft supplies. Pony beads can be used for beading and jewelry making and are found in a variety of different shapes, colors and sizes to create a myriad of different projects and items.

>> Consider the project

pony bead designs

When you buy pony beads, there are a number of different varieties. Pony bead colors come in many different colors. From clear to the deepest shades of black, you can find pony beads in all primary colors and every color mixture in between. Pony beads can also be multicolored, similar to rainbows, or they can have different tones in the beads. When you buy pony beads, be aware of the type of project you want to start to choose the correct sets of beads for beading projects.

One of the fun things about new pony beads is that along with colors, they can come in a number of different shapes. The usual shape of a pony bead is a round or oval shape with openings at the tips. The tips are normally large enough to add string or yarn for jewelry making projects. Along with this shape, pony beads can be found in different shape cut outs such as hearts. Animal shaped pony beads are available, such as cat and fish shaped beads. These unique pony beads can be used for very specific projects where you need certain pony bead designs. Depending on the project that you need the beads for, you can find pony beads in the shape needed to present the item that you are making.

Pony beads can be purchased in large and small quantities. Depending on the project, decide on the amount of pony beads that you will need. Take into account the pony bead sizes along with the size of your project. It is advisable to purchase more pony beads than you think that you will need for the project, since beads are small and mistakes happen. If you typically use pony beads for the different projects, consider buying them in bulk. You can find good deals on beads in large quantities and having them on hand for different projects rather than having to replace them often can save time and money.

>> Consider the material

Plastic and glass pony bead designs are the two different materials that you will see for these craft beads. Plastic beads are lightweight and can be found in large and small pony bead packages. These beads are most often used for all types of crafts, from small to large-scale projects. These beads are easy to handle and work with crafts for people of all ages. Kids' craft beads are typically made of plastic. When you buy pony beads, consider plastic beads for traditional projects.pony beads collection

Glass pony bead designs are heavier than plastic pony bead designs because of their make-up. These beads are perfect for crafts that involve hot gluing. Since plastic will easily melt when touched with a hot glue gun, projects such as these call for glass beads. Glass beads are quality beads that can also be used on clothing projects. These beads are heavier and able to withstand different adhering techniques. Those who want to have a pony beads collection should consider adding glass beads and plastic beads in different color and finish choices.

>> Consider the finish

Be aware that several different finishes for pony bead designs exist when you are looking to buy pony beads. Opaque finished beads are those that you are unable to see through. These solid colored beads are easy to find and are popular for different projects, from beaded necklaces to hair decorations. When gluing or attaching pony beads on an object or a particular design, you will find that opaque pony beads are good to use.

Another popular pony bead is the translucent bead, which allows light to pass through the item. Translucent beads are good when you want to use beads without an overall color. Clear craft colored beads will also allow other objects to show through or not overwhelm the look of the item. When you buy pony beads in translucent, there are different color varieties to choose from. When it comes to jewelry making, Aurora Borealis beads are cool pony beads. These are used to make necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry designs. Aurora Borealis beads can turn different colors depending on the way that the light reflects on the beads. These beads are often given a prism or triangular pyramid shape, making it easy to create different jewelry designs that stand out. Aurora Borealis beads have many facets, which is characteristic of the types of cuts used in stones for jewelry.

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