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How to find the best poker set

best poker set

A poker set buying guide

Bring the excitement of the casino into your home with a cool poker set. You need a poker set to play many casino games. Poker sets usually contain poker cards, poker chips and a poker chip case. There are many different types of poker sets to choose from. Consider a few simple points to find the best of these casino game accessories.

>> Which poker games do you like to play?

designer poker set

Most poker sets are designed to play either poker card games, like Texas hold 'em, blackjack, seven-card stud or Omaha. The best poker set for you depends on the games you like to play. Other casino games, like roulette and craps, require special tables to play, and poker tables are usually the best thing to buy to play those games. Some quality poker sets come with a felt tablecloth that has the patterns that you need to play blackjack, and you may be able to find unique poker sets, such as Tripoley, that you like to play as well.

>> How many poker chips do you need?

How many chips you buy when you buy a poker set depends on the games that you play, if you are playing a tournament and how many players you usually play with.

The number of chips you need for poker games like Texas hold 'em or Omaha is easy to determine because each player usually starts off with the same number of chips. Blackjack is different from poker card games because blackjack usually features a dealer who acts as the bank. Players can buy as many chips from the bank as they like. If you are looking for poker set deals because you are hosting a charity casino night or some other casino event that includes blackjack, estimate how many chips you think each player is going to buy to determine the number of chips you need.

Poker tournaments have generally accepted minimum numbers of chips. For a 10-player tournament, at least 500 chips is a good number. This amount encourages players to bet without making the tournament blinds too onerous or making the chip denominations so large that no one can break the chips down into lower denominations. Poker tournaments with 20 to 30 players require at least 1,000 chips. When you design a tournament, you determine the value of the chips. The best denominations for chips are in multiples of fives or fours. Some of the best poker sets feature five different chip colors with a limited number of one or two colors. These sets are good for tournaments because you can designate fewer high-value chips while providing a greater number of low-value chips.

If you play a cash game with three to six players, it's possible to get by using 200 to 300 chips. With fewer players, you don't need as many chips to spread around. It's a good idea, even in cash games, to designate one chip color as highly valuable. Cash games with 8 to 10 players need to have about 500 chips to function well.

>> What about poker chip material?

quality poker set

There are different opinions about which poker chip material - plastic, ceramic or clay - is best. The best poker chips for you are made from a material that works for you. Plastic chips don't have a casino "feel" and are generally harder to do tricks with. These chips do their job in a poker game as well as other chips, though, and sometimes have grooves in the edges that make them easier to stack.

Ceramic chips make for a quality poker set because they are smooth chips that are easy to shuffle and do tricks with, and they provide a casino feel. These chips are quite durable.

Clay chips are what casinos often use. Because the chips are easy to do tricks with, they are perfect for designer poker sets. You should be aware, though, that clay chips can break with repeated use.

>> How much should the poker chips weigh?

There is no standard Las Vegas weight for poker chips, so the best poker set for you will have a chip weight that you prefer. Poker chips weigh from a few grams to 13.5 grams.

If you like to do chip tricks or play with players who can shuffle chips with their hand or roll a chip down their fingers, then it might be a good idea to buy a poker set with heavy chips. Your fingers have more control over solid heavy chips than over light chips. Heavier chips also have a casino feel to them that many players prefer when they look for poker set deals. Light chips work fine as poker chips, though, and you may be able to do tricks with these chips.

>> Do you want a card dispenser?

Card dispensers hold one or many decks of cards in a box and release one card at a time for the dealer to deal. Some of the best poker sets, especially blackjack sets, contain a card dispenser. Poker etiquette requires that the dealer keep the cards close to the table felt so that other players cannot see each other's cards. Blackjack is best played with multiple decks of cards, and a card dispenser makes it easy to handle three or more plastic poker card decks at the same time.

>> Consider cool poker set features

Many quality poker sets come with a dealer button, extra decks of cards and dice. A dealer button is especially useful for hold' em and other card games.

Examine the chip case closely when you buy a poker set. You'll want the chip case to be portable and feature a design and colors that you like. There are many unique poker sets, including a poker set that holds chips and a deck of cards inside a bronze globe. Other interesting poker sets include professional poker-themed sets and themed sets for motorcycles, professional basketball and car racing.

Consider your playing habits and poker set features as you search for the right set. You can easily find a quality poker set that provides hours of fun and makes a good addition to your games and puzzles at home.

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Poker Set Best Sellers

500 Dice Style Casino Weight Poker Chip Set

Trademark Poker Maverick 300 Dice Style 11.5g Poker Chip Set

Trademark Poker 300 Set 2-Color Striped Suited Chips with Case

Trademark Poker 4 Aces 500pc 11.5g Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case

Trademark Poker 100 Radial Chips Set
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