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How to buy a paintball gun

how to buy paintball guns

A paintball gun buying guide

Paintball is a fun and exciting sport enjoyed by many. When you are in the market for your own paintball gear, paintball masks and paintball goggles, there are a number of things to consider when looking for the best paintball gun to buy.

>> How will you use your paintball gun?

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When first thinking about how to buy paintball guns, ask yourself how you want to use your paintball gun. If you are a beginner or an occasional player and looking to have some fun with friends and family, then shop for non-mechanical paintball guns or other paintball markers that are designed for recreational play. Most paintball guns can be upgraded later as your interest in the sport grows. If you are more experienced and looking to shop for paintball guns for organized play or tournaments, which include scenario, woodsball or airball, then consider an electric paintball gun. You will likely find that the best paintball and air gun to buy is light, accurate and has a good rate of fire. You might also want paintball markers that can carry a high number of paintballs before needing to reload. These types of paintball markers are highly used in competitive play as players tend to fire a lot of balls very quickly.

>> Consider different types of paintball guns

When determining how to buy paintball guns, you should consider the different types of paintball guns available. Mechanical paintball guns have an ejection sequence and work by pumping the handle between shots, which places another round in the barrel. These paintball guns are relatively louder and more gas efficient than automatics. If you want something more powerful, consider semi-automatic paintball guns. There are two types:

  • Semi-automatic mechanical paintball guns fire one shot every time the trigger is pulled. There is no pumping between shots.
  • Semi-automatic electronic paintball guns have an electronic switch instead of a trigger, and fire one shot or can have a 3-round firing rate.

If you want something even more powerful, consider electro-pneumatic paintball guns, which are fully electronic. When you pull the trigger, an electronic signal tells the paintball gun to fire. These paintball guns can have a 3-round firing rate, 6-round firing rate, or can be fully automatic. Consider these different types of paintball guns to see which one is best for you.

>> Choosing equipment for your paintball gun

When considering how to buy paintball guns, think about the type of tank you want. CO2 tanks are used with mechanical and semi-automatic paintball guns. Although 12-gram CO2 tanks are sufficient for mechanical paintball guns, consider upgrading to 9-ounce or larger CO2 tanks when using semi-automatic paintball guns. Typically, CO2 tanks come in 9-ounce, 12-ounce, 20-ounce and 24-ounce bottles. High pressure air (HPA) tanks, or paintball nitro tanks, are intended for electronic paintball guns. These tanks provide a more consistent shot and increase accuracy, and they work better during winter. The bigger the tank is, the more shots you can fire. Consider these types of tanks and which are compatible with the guns you are looking at when determining how to choose the paintball gun that is best for you.

When deciding how to buy paintball guns, consider what kind of hopper you want. Hoppers hold paintballs and feed them into the paintball gun to shoot. Gravity-feed hoppers rely on gravity to pull the paintballs into the barrel. If you want a gravity-feed hopper, try mechanical paintball guns. Force-feed hoppers use force to push the paintballs down into the barrel. They are recommended for all other types of paintball guns. Consider these types of hoppers to help determine the best paintball gun for you.

When thinking about the best paintball gun to buy, think about the barrel. Barrels vary based on length, bore and the material it is made out of. Barrels generally range from 10 to 18 inches in length. The longer the barrel is, the quieter and more accurate the shooting is. The bore is usually .68 in diameter but can be modified using inserts. Make sure the bore matches the size of paintballs you will be using. Barrels also come in a variety of materials ranging from titanium to carbon fiber to steel. While lighter barrels, such as carbon fiber, are better for players who are always on the move, heavier barrels such as steel provide a more steady shot. When you shop paintball guns, make sure to get the right barrel for your gun.

>> Consider paintballs

After you figure out the best paintball gun to buy, it is time to consider your ammunition. There are recreational grade paintballs, mid-grade paintballs and tournament style paintballs. They vary based on quality and hardness. Also, paintballs come in practically any color and paintball size ranges from standard .68 caliber to .71 caliber. When you shop paintball guns, make sure your ammunition fits with your barrel. types of paintball gun

>> Paintball gun care and maintenance

When you buy a paintball gun, remember to take good care of it. To keep your paintball gun in top shape, you will have to occasionally take it apart, clean it and oil it. Therefore, be sure you are comfortable with the maintenance of whichever paintball gun you are thinking about purchasing.

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