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Finding the best nursery chairs

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A nursery chair buying guide

Nursery chairs are often considered an integral part of nursery furniture. They provide a convenient and comfortable place to hold your baby. There are many choices in types of nursery chairs to consider. Here is a look at some of the things you'll want to consider when you go shopping for a new nursery chair as part of your baby products and furnishings.

>> Decide on the style of the nursery chair

nursery chair design

While many parents want the motion of a rocker to encourage their newborn to go to sleep, some nursery chairs are stationary. Others may be traditional rockers that have a back and forth motion. Still another option in types of nursery chairs is the glider. It also provides motion but doesn't move in the manner of a rocking chair. It is a gliding motion rather than the rocking motion of a traditional rocker. The best nursery chairs will feel comfortable to you regardless of how they move.

>> Consider the color of the chair

When you go shopping, you'll find many stylish nursery chairs in different designs. You can choose a neutral color that will fit in with the nursery and then transition into another room when the baby is older.

Another nursery chair design option is to select a chair that fits in with the nursery theme. You can find brightly colored chairs and even some that have patterns on them. Besides being decorative, the color choice for your nursery chair design also hides spills and stains. It can prevent the chair from appearing worn with use.

>> Consider the wood frame

When deciding on the best nursery chair, the frame should also be considered. You'll find everything from pale to dark wood in your choice of stylish nursery chairs. The wood can complement or match the other furniture in your nursery or it can contrast it to stand out. You can even find types of nursery chairs with painted wood to be even brighter and more decorative.

In addition to the color of the wood, the frame also affects the durability of the chair. A strong wood, such as oak or walnut, will help the best nursery chairs last for many years. It also influences how heavy the chair will be, which is important if you think you may move it around.The frame should have rounded and smooth corners to prevent crawling children from accidentally hurting themselves with sharp edges. There should also be no worry about splinters, a problem that can occur with antique chairs.

types of nursery chairs

>> Consider the material for the fabric

Besides selecting the nursery chair design, the fabric is important in the wear and care that the chair requires. Some fabrics have a longer wear to them than others and will not show the effects of regular use as easily as other material choices. For example, damask, microsuede and canvas are durable and easy to clean. The material should be resistant to stains, such as polyester. You also want to consider how easy it will be to re-upholster in the future for use in another area of the home.

Also consider the thickness of the cushion and the softness of the material in your nursery furniture sets. You want something that is comfortable and will not irritate sensitive skin since this chair will be placed within your baby's reach once he or she begins crawling. Microsuede is once again a good option here since it has a velvety feel. Polyester is another suitable choice.

>> Other features to look for

There are many additional features that you can require in the best nursery chairs. The ability to recline is an important consideration, especially since you may be spending numerous hours in this chair during the early weeks of your baby's life. If you find that your baby can only be soothed in your arms on some nights, you'll want a chair that allows you to relax and recline so you can get some rest.

Some types of nursery chairs have one reclining position while others may offer multiple positions. This better enables you to select the most comfortable position for you to get a little sleep along with your baby.

The springs are another important consideration when looking at the top nursery chair. You want a chair that can hold up to your weight and rocking motion without losing its spring. The springs in the seat under the cushion also provide shock absorption to make it more comfortable to sit in while in motion.

The gliding motion is another consideration when you are looking to buy nursery chairs. The motion should be fluid and relaxing. It should also be quiet. new nursery chair Many types of nursery chairs contain a lumbar pillow to provide the support for your back to help you be more comfortable. New mothers often complain of lower back pain and the lumbar pillow can alleviate some of this discomfort.

Another feature that comes with some unique nursery chair designs is the ability to lock in place when you don't want to rock. You may appreciate this feature when your baby is asleep and you just want to rest. It can also makes it easier to get up out of gliders and rockers with your arms full of your precious bundle.

You may also want to look at wide arms on a nursery chair. This provides additional support when you want to get up. It also gives you a comfortable place to put your arms while you are holding your baby.

Holding your baby and rocking him or her to sleep is one of the special pleasures of parenting. The best nursery chair enables you to enjoy this pleasure in a comfortable and convenient way and is an essential part of your baby gear.

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Nursery Chair Best Sellers
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