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How to buy a Nintendo DS

A Nintendo DS buying guide

The Nintendo DS is a portable handheld device to play video games on the go. It is ideal to use while you are on the how to buy a nintendo dsroad, at a friend's place or even in the comfort of your own living room. Whatever your situation is, the Nintendo DS will provide you with several options for entertainment. There are many different things to know about how to buy a Nintendo DS.

>> Which Nintendo DS features do you want?

As you first explore how to buy a Nintendo DS, you will find four different types of Nintendo DS devices that have been released over the years. You will want to consider the different Nintendo DS types to determine which device suits you best and is the best Nintendo DS to buy.

Nintendo DS Comparison

Nintendo DS The original Nintendo DS is the basic device, complete with the essential hardware for handheld gaming. The device includes a touch screen display, a Game Boy Advance slot, flash memory storage, wireless Internet and 6 to 10 hours of battery life. The Nintendo DS comes with DS Download Play and PictoChat.
Nintendo DS Lite The Nintendo DS Lite is an even more simplified version of the original DS. The Nintendo DS Lite contains all of the same features of the original DS but with smaller hardware. The device is smaller and battery life is 5-8 hours. The DS Lite still carries flash memory, Internet connection and a Game Boy Advance slot.
Nintendo DSi The Nintendo DSi is the next level of DS. It is smaller and lighter but contains the same great features of the original DS. With more up-to-date hardware, the DSi has more memory, better Wi-Fi compatibility and many more applications to offer such as Flipnote Studio, DSi Camera, DSi Shop and DSi Sound.
Nintendo DSi XL The Nintendo DSi XL includes everything from the DSi plus more applications. With the same hardware from the DSi, the DSi XL has larger dimensions with a significantly larger display.

>> What type of games are you going to play?

An important part of how to buy a Nintendo DS is considering game ratings. When you shop Nintendo DS, games are rated from Early Childhood (EC) to Adults Only (AO) withwhich nintendo ds to buy ratings in between for teenagers. Depending on if you are interested in a Nintendo DS for you or for your children, you will want to take note of the number of games rated to your liking. If you intend to purchase M (mature) rated games, you will want to research the games with that rating as well as accessories and features that might be needed or desired for the particular games.

>> Do you want a smaller device or a larger display?

Depending on the types of games you will want and where you will be playing them, you will want to determine the Nintendo DS size that is right for you. You might want a smaller, portable device or you may like a larger device with a larger display to play Nintendo DS adventure games. Many other games rated for children are more likely to get you out of your house and over to your friends, making a smaller, lighter, portable device much more ideal.

>> What applications do you want to use?

As Nintendo DS technology develops, the devices offer more and more applications that will increase the many Nintendo DS uses and influence which Nintendo DS to buy. These applications differ between the different types of Nintendo DS, with some devices offering more applications than others. However, an important thing to keep in mind as you consider how to buy a Nintendo DS is determining if you feel the need for all these additional applications. You might want to keep things simple with the basic DS, or you might be interested in the DSi XL which features many application options including DS Download Play, DSi Browser, DSi Camera and Brain Age Express.

>> Do you want a DS with a camera?

If you plan to use the Nintendo DS camera, you will find that the newer DSi and DSi XL come equipped with a small camera. Though this might not be your primary purpose for your DS, you might find it a fun or useful feature when you are with your friends.

>> Will you be using the Internet on your device?

You might find that you want to take advantage of the Nintendo DS's Internet capabilities and primarily use the DS's browser. Though each DS is capable of Internet best nintendo ds to buyconnection, you may want to keep things simple with the basic DS if browsing is your primary use for the device. Internet connection is a vital component to multiplayer gaming and you will want to consider this as you shop Nintendo DS. If you intend to primarily play single player and you do not have the desire to download games, you will likely not have a need for Internet.

>> What genre or type of games will you want?

As you shop Nintendo DS for games, you will want to consider which genres you prefer before deciding which Nintendo DS to buy. Nintendo DS games typically come in the following genres:

  • Action and adventure
  • First person action
  • Party
  • Puzzle and strategy
  • Role playing game
  • Sports and racing
This will help you determine how to buy a Nintendo DS and what applications or other features of Nintendo DS you should get for your DS.

>> Will you want multiplayer Nintendo DS?

Many users are attracted to the multiplayer aspect of gaming, making it an important part of how to buy a Nintendo DS. If you intend to play games with other DS users, it is essential to consider the multi-play game card that will give you the ability to link to other devices. The DSi and DSi XL comes with a more up-to-date Wi-Fi card which will allow better compatibility with more wireless networks making multiplayer connections easier. With many games having multiplayer modes, you will need to decide how important multiplayer is to you.nintendo ds comparison

>> Consider Nintendo DS accessories

For those who intend to take advantage of the social aspect, the features of Nintendo DS use many accessories that can enhance your game play and social play. You can get a headset to listen and talk without distraction. The USB Wi-Fi card creates a wireless hot spot that allows several other DS devices to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi. The DS memory expansion allows use of the Internet browser or memory for enhanced game play. The Nintendo DS also functions as an MP3 player via a removable SD card. As you shop Nintendo DS you will find a wide variety of third party accessories.

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Nintendo Ds Best Sellers

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