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How to choose which Ninja blender to buy

which ninja blender to buy

A Ninja blender buying guide

When you love to cook, the Ninja blender is a wonderful addition to your kitchen collection. For those that are new to the Ninja blender line, it is easy to learn which Ninja blender to buy. There are a number of models to choose from, and after considering the variety of features offered you will be able to buy a Ninja blender that fits best with your personal cooking requirements.

>> Why do you want a Ninja?

ninja blender usesAs you consider which Ninja blender to buy, think about what type of recipes you enjoy cooking. With at least four different Ninja kitchen system series available, one is sure to fit your style of preparing food. The pulse system is the easiest to compare to any other blender. It can mix drinks, make salsas and, with the proper bowl attachment, prepare bread recipes. If your passion is frozen drinks, consider the Ninja Master prep series, as frozen drinks and desserts are its specialty. When you need an all-around, hard-working blender, take a look at the Ninja kitchen system, 1100/1200 series or the Ninja Professional blender series. Both models are heavy-duty blenders that can do anything from kneading bread or making smoothies and specialty drinks to creating dishes such as hot artichoke dip or a crunchy Thai peanut spread.

>> Consider Ninja design advantages

Ninja blenders are one of the most versatile kitchen appliances on the market and when you include all the different bowls, blades and attachments available, the number of distinctive recipes you can create is endless. Since it will take the place of other kitchen small appliances, you will have more room on your counter as well.

Blades: A unique 4- or 6-blade design technology sets the different types of Ninja blender series apart from their competitors. Having blades that rise during use allows the ninja blenders to cut ice and other foods from all levels in the jar, creating a completely chopped or crushed final result. Because of this technology, you can create frozen drinks in no time at all.

Bowls: The Ninja blender series all offer a minimum of a 40-ounce bowl. Depending on the model you choose, more bowls are available. For example, the master prep series offers a 48-ounce pitcher, 40-ounce bowl and a smaller 16-ounce bowl all with storage lids. The kitchen system 100/1200 series includes a 40-ounce bowl and the 1100/1200 series and the professional series both come with a 72-ounce pitcher. The pulse series includes a 40-ounce processing bowl, a 48-ounce pitcher and two 16-ounce single serve blending cups with drink lids, which are great for mixing and serving smoothies with no need for another glass or cup.

Attachments: As you consider the best Ninja blender to buy, look at the attachments ready for use for the different blender series. Some of the attachments available for purchase are the dough paddle and blade, a whipping attachment, the 40-ounce bowl, a 72- or 48-ounce pitcher, a dough station for the 1100 series and you can switch for some models between the 6-blade and 4-blade cutting systems.

>> Consider which Ninja features are right for you

ninja blender with juicerWhile looking at the best Ninja blender to buy, consider convenience. A significant advantage of the Ninja Kitchen systems is that being an all-in-one unit, it will replace many of the small kitchen appliances you already own or are thinking of purchasing. The Ninja systems can be juicers, mixers, blenders and food processors wrapped in one little package, leaving plenty of open space on your kitchen counter.

Power and speed: Each Ninja is a multi-speed blender that has at least three speeds and a pulse option.

  • Speed 1: making various types of dough, pizza, cookie, pretzel, mixing.
  • Speed 2: smoothies, fruit and vegetable blends, general blending.
  • Speed 3: frozen drinks, crushing ice.

Blending: Whether you like fruit smoothies or a protein shake or want to entertain and serve frozen cocktails at your next party, the Ninja blenders will do the job.

Juicing: The system will blend whole fruits and vegetables into delicious pure juice drinks for those who prefer a healthy natural addition to their diet.

Mixing: Create fresh breads and fancy desserts in very little time. Ninja Systems can create pizza dough, cookie dough and even cake batters for those special occasions, and you are still only using one machine with just an attachment adjustment.

Food processing: This chopping bowl blender will make fresh salsa with ingredients from your garden or fresh vegetables you just bought at the local farmers' market. You can mince, chop, blend and even grind with the food-processing blades and bowl.

Stability: This unique counter top kitchen blender is equipped with suction cups and a lever that locks the base down onto your counter to ensure the base will not move during use.

Consider the following chart with some of the standard attachments and what you can make with each:

Ninja product

Best use

72-, 64-, 48-ounce pitcher Drinks, smoothies, frozen drinks, any type of mixing
40- and 16-ounce bowls with covers Food processing, chopping, dicing, slicing
Slicer/shredder or grating disc Shred cabbage, grate cheese, most food processing
Whipping attachment Whipped cream, guacamole, other types of dips
Dough paddle and blade Cookie dough, quick bread dough, mixing and kneading bread dough

>> Consider size and power

Ninja blenders have different size options available. Pitchers are available in 48-, 64- and 72-ounce sizes and bowls come in 40- and 16-ounce sizes. All have lids available for storage or single serve options. The best Ninja blender to buy has the container sizes that will best suit your family and entertaining needs. ninja blender with food processor

When you shop for Ninja blenders you will see that the power options in the Ninja blender family range from 400-450 watts in the Master prep series, 1000 watts in the 1100/1200 and the professional series and up to 1500 watts of power in some systems.

>> Consider how to care for your Ninja blender

The last factor to consider as you decide which Ninja blender to buy is how to care for your new system. All pitchers, bowls, splash guards, blade sets and lids are dishwasher safe. It is best to place the blade sets, splash guards and the lids on the top rack of your dishwasher. Any of the actual power heads or bases can be cleaned with a damp cloth and just wiped clean but do not immerse them in water. As with any sharp object, use caution when handling and cleaning any of the blade assemblies. Keeping it clean after each use will give you a small kitchen appliance that will last for a long time.

Now you know which Ninja blender to buy that will save space in your kitchen and provide years of enjoyment creating new and delicious foods for you and your family.

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