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How to buy a mouse pad

how to choose mouse pad

A mouse pad buying guide

Mouse pads are one of many important computer accessories. When looking to buy a mouse pad for your mouse, you will want to consider a handful of things to help you determine which is the best mouse pad to buy for you.mouse pad designs

>> Determine what type of surface is needed

First, you will want to determine the best surface type for your mouse pad, and this will be based largely on what type of mouse you have. The "surface" of a mouse pad refers to its top skin, where the mouse will be moving.

An optical mouse includes an LED light that helps the mouse detect movement over a surface. This then translates into the mouse cursor moving on the computer screen. Optical mice function best on a hard mat that has a lot of changing color, graphics or texture. This is because the optics inside the mice need to be able to detect some sort of superficial change to work properly. A flat, soft and dull mouse pad will not work as well as a colorful, textured one.

If, on the other hand, you have a mouse with a simple rolling ball, you will want to focus more on a textured mouse pad that grips the navigation ball for ease of use. While you can choose from simple or complex colors freely, slick mouse pads might not offer you the same performance as others.

While thinking about the mouse pad surface, you will want to think about which makes you feel the most comfortable. Exploring the various electronics supplies related to computers will show you that there are different types of mouse pads for different types of computers and computer users. For example, there are mouse pads that have wrist rests built in. There are also mouse pad designs that come in both ergonomic and traditional types. An ergonomic design is safe and comfortable if you will be using the computer for long stretches of time. Traditional mouse pads, on the other hand, are often flatter and thinner than the ergonomic models.

>> Size and shape considerations

Next, determine where you will be using your mouse pad. If you are going to be using your mouse pad in the office, your employer may require it to meet certain specifications of shape, size, design and appearance. If your mouse pad will be used on the go it should be flexible and easily carried in a bag or pocket. This likely means you will want a smaller mouse pad as opposed to a larger one.

What size and shape is your computer desk at home or work? There are many different mouse pad sizes from which to choose. Make sure that the mouse pad you choose will fit easily into the spaces you will be using. Also consider what type of mouse user you are. If you make smaller, more precise movements with your mouse, then a smaller, well-textured pad is likely the right choice for you. But if you tend to move the mouse in broader strokes, then one of the larger mouse pad dimensions might be more your style.

>> Material and padding considerations

Consider the material your mouse pad will be made of. When analyzing how to choose mouse pads, it is important to consider the qualities of different materials. Some types of mouse pads are designed to stick to the surfaces they are placed on. Others are easy to carry from room to room. Some allow the mouse excellent traction for easy cursor movement. Hard mouse mats tend to offer more glide than softer ones.mouse pad sizes

Do you have sensitive skin? Believe it or not, this is an important point when thinking about how to choose mouse pads. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to opt for a thicker and softer mouse pad for maximum comfort. You may also want to look closely at what kind of mouse pads with wrist rests are available for sensitive skin.

Keeping your mouse pad clean is important. A clean mouse pad will prolong the use of your mouse pad and the mouse itself. A durable, easy-to-clean mouse pad will help keep dust and dirt from reaching the inside of your mouse. Be sure you are comfortable with any and all cleaning instructions a particular mouse pad may have so that you can get the most use and life out of it.

>> Styling and design considerations

The final decision to make when you compare mouse pads from various mouse pad brands deals with cosmetics. Deciding on the color and pattern can be fun. Think about choosing mouse pads with looks that best suit your personality and space. While some styles and designs are better suited for certain types of mice, such as optical mice needing varied colors and/or designs as mentioned before, there are usually more than enough choices out there that you can find a mouse pad that both suits your tastes and works well with the mouse you have.

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