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A Minwax buying guide

Paints and stains are both very effective at changing the way a surface looks and helping pieces to last longer. When you buy Minwax paint and apply a coat to a piece of furniture, it immediately looks different and may be more durable. With so many different stains, paints and sealers available, it's important to understand the various Minwax products and their uses before you decide to purchase one. By learning which stains and sealers to buy, you can ensure that your top Minwax products function as they should, and really make a difference on the surface they are applied to.

>> Decide between paints and stains

minwax product uses

Minwax paints and stains are good for altering the look of a surface, and by learning about Minwax product benefits, you can get the most out of them.

Paint is useful when your surface is outdoors or when you want a smooth look to your surface. Paint helps to protect a surface against the effects of weather outdoors by creating a covering over the surface. Both Minwax touch-up paints and Minwax poly water based paints are desirable because of all the different shades and colors available. Paint offers a great solution to completely mask the surface underneath and make it look like something new altogether, making it one of the top Minwax products.

Stain is an excellent option when you are working on a wood surface and you want the grain pattern to show through. One of the Minwax product features of stains is that they soak into the pores of wood as it is applied, offering deeper protection. Since stain is thin, it's easier to apply evenly than paint. It only requires minor preparation and can dramatically recolor a surface to look the way you want it to, which is one of the main Minwax product benefits that stain has to offer.

>> Choosing the right stain

When you want to use stain to preserve your surface, you still need to figure out which stain has the right Minwax product features for you. Consider where you will apply the stain. Thinner stains are better suited to horizontal surfaces, such as floors and table tops, while thicker stains or spray stains are more appropriate for vertical surfaces, like door frames. A gel stain is well-suited to vertical surfaces because of its thicker consistency, so when you apply gel stain it stays in place as it dries. It is also useful because it's very easy to achieve a consistent color across your surface no matter how it's applied. This is one of the most notable Minwax product features for gel stains.

Buy Minwax wood stain in an aerosol can when you are applying stain to an uneven or vertical surface. Spray stain goes on evenly and works well on locations that are difficult to reach. It's also easy to apply quickly and great for projects that have to be completed fast, making it another one of the top Minwax products. Aerosol stain works well on vertical surfaces because it goes on in a thin coat that will dry in place.

Standard stains work well on flat horizontal surfaces and are quick to apply. They come in large containers and can be used to quickly cover a large surface area. Standard stain is thinner than gel stain and soaks into wooden surfaces more effectively, making it a good option for outdoor projects as long as a good sealer is used as well. Standard stain holds its color well and is a very durable coloring option.minwax product features

In addition to Minwax product uses, you need to consider what color you want your finished surface to be. Choose a color stain that will complement your surface and work with the color of the underlying surface, rather than trying to mask it. If the wood you are staining has a green tint to it, a stain with a slight green tint will look better than other colors, because some of the original wood color will show through the stain you apply. By matching the natural tint, you ensure that you get an even-looking finish. Remember that stain will look different once it's applied to your surface, and the best way to figure out if you have the right color is to apply a small amount to your surface at first.

>> Choosing the right sealer

Whether you are staining a surface indoors or out, you can extend the life of your surface with a good sealer. When you buy Minwax sealers, it's important to consider where they will be used. Oil-based sealers are perfect for application over oil-based stains or paints. They are also the ideal choice for vertical surfaces, because they apply smoothly and are slightly thicker.

Water-based sealers, such as Polycrylic or Minwax polyurethane coating, are a good option over water-based paints or stains. These sealers are known for drying quickly and being very easy to clean up when you are finished. Polycrylic is an excellent outdoor sealing product because it maintains its color well in direct sunlight. This sealer is also a good option for white surfaces because the acrylic compound helps the original finish remain unchanged.

>> Finding the right cleaning product for your wooden surface

When you buy Minwax cleaner, you want to make sure you are getting the right product for your cleaning needs. First, ensure that you plan on cleaning a wooden surface that isn't sealed in polyurethane before you buy Minwax wood floor cleaner. For basic cleaning on hardwood floors, the Minwax hardwood floor cleaner is very effective. When you want to clean a more porous surface, such as an oak floor stained with standard Minwax stain, a lemon oil treatment soaks into the grain, providing a higher level of cleaning. For a thorough cleaning with additional weather protection, a wood polish is the right product to use on your wooden furniture.

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