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How to buy men's shoes

how to buy mens shoes

A men's shoes buying guide

Shoes provide protection and comfort. There are many different types of men's shoes, and it can be difficult to choose the best men's shoes for you. If you're wondering how to buy men's shoes, you'll need to consider a number of factors, such as your needs, types you like, sizes that sit, function and style. This men's shoes buying guide will help you search for the perfect pair.

>> Buy men's shoes that suit your needs

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There are many different types of men's shoes. When you shop for men's shoes, consider your footwear needs. Whether at work, on the beach, to a fancy event, in the woods, on a tennis court, on a boat, jogging around a track, on hiking trails or around the house, there are shoes for optimum comfort and performance in every setting. Ask yourself where you are planning to wear the shoes and what activities you will be doing. Once you consider your needs, you are ready to consider the types of men's shoes available.

>> What are the different types of men's shoes?

As you learn how to buy men's shoes, you'll notice that there are several different types of men's shoes, including work boots, slippers, athletic sneakers, driving shoes, hunting shoes or boots, water shoes, moccasins, sandals, dress shoes and hiking boots.

  • Work boots are a type of men's shoes intended for use in hazardous or dangerous environments when protection is necessary. They are very durable and may have non-slip rubber soles, steel toes, extra padding or the ability to absorb impact. Men's safety shoes, men's black work shoes, men's safety toe boots and men's steel toe boots are specific options to consider.
  • Slippers are comfortable shoes that are worn indoors. Their primary purpose is to provide lightweight comfort. Many types of men's slippers are made of fleece or terry cloth and may be slip resistant.
  • Athletic shoes are worn for sports or exercise indoors or outdoors. Athletic shoes are lightweight, durable and flexible and offer shock absorption. Basketball, tennis and running shoes are types of athletic shoes that offer specific features to enhance your performance in those sports.
  • Hunting boots are worn when hunting and in inclement weather, such as freezing or wet conditions. They are waterproof and contain insulation and cushioning. They are durable and often scent-free.
  • Water shoes are designed to offer increased functionality in water. They are lightweight and mold to the foot. They have ventilation and rubber soles to provide comfort and protection.
  • Moccasins are made from animal hide, such as leather or deer. They are comfortable and padded, providing arch support. They are designed for hunting activities, but can be worn in other settings.
  • Sandals are open shoes that provide ventilation for the foot. Sandals are lightweight and flexible and are appropriate for hot climates. Sandals are also very easy to put on and can be worn indoors or outdoors.
  • Dress shoes provide comfort and support in an indoor or office environment. Dress shoes may be waterproof.
  • Hiking boots are worn in rugged terrain. They are heavy, stiff and protective of the feet when hiking or climbing. In addition, they provide ankle support and are durable.

The comparison chart below shows the features of some different types of men's shoes.







Work boots Potentially hazardous/dangerous environments Protection Heavy Practical Steel toe, extra padding, impact absorption
Slippers Indoors Comfort Very lightweight Casual Very soft, memory foam, cushioned soles
Athletic shoes Indoor/outdoor Support when playing a sport or exercising Lightweight Casual/practical Durable, flexible, stability, support, shock absorption
Hunting shoes/boots Outdoors, inclement weather Support hunting functions Mid to heavy Practical Waterproof, scent-free, insulated, cushioned, durable
Water shoes Indoors/outdoors in water Protect feet in water Very lightweight Practical Waterproof, ventilation, rubber bottom, very tight fit
Moccasins Indoor/outdoor Protect feet in hiking, hunting, etc. Very lightweight Casual/practical Soft, padded, arch support, shock absorption
Sandals Indoors/outdoors in warm environments Protect feet and keep them cool Lightweight Casual Flexible, ventilated, open, flexible
Dress shoes Indoors Provide support in office or indoor environment Light/medium Dress Waterproof, air circulating, comfortable, shock absorption
Hiking boots Outdoors, inclement weather Protect feet in rugged environments Medium/heavy Practical Waterproof, durable, shock absorption, ankle support, flexibility, stiffness

>> How to find men's shoes that fit

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When you shop for men's shoes, you must determine the correct men's shoe size. Not all manufacturers size their shoes the same way. For that reason, it is best to compare manufacturers to determine your size. In addition, different types of men's shoes are sized differently. For example, basketball shoes may be sized differently than hiking boots. Compare similar types of shoes to identify your correct men's shoe size. This will help you as you learn how to buy men's shoes.

Another thing to consider as you learn how to buy men's shoes is that your feet may change size during the day. Your feet may be one size in the morning and another at night. Measure your feet two or more times during the day and select the larger size to ensure proper fit all day long. You can make a sizing guide at home to take into account the different sizes. Simply trace your foot on a piece of paper, both sitting and standing, throughout the day. This will show the variance and can be taken into the store for sizing consideration.

>> Find the right men's shoes to fit your style

When deciding how to buy men's shoes, determine the men's shoe styles that you prefer. Different men's shoe designs make the shoe dressier or more practical. The three main men's shoes styles are dress, casual and practical. The main determinants of the appropriate men's shoe style for you are function, preference and consideration of your wardrobe. Dress shoes are made of high-end material and can be worn in business or formal situations. Casual shoes are intended for every day and to be worn in a variety of situations. There are many types of men's casual shoes, including slippers and sandals. Athletic shoes and moccasins can be casual, depending on the men's shoe design. Practical shoes are designed for function. Practical shoes include work boots, hunting shoes or boots, water shoes and hiking boots. In addition, athletic shoes and moccasins can be used as practical shoes. Once you determine if you prefer dress, casual or practical shoes, you can identify the best men's shoes for you.

When deciding how to buy men's shoes, first establish your needs and then compare the different types of shoes to determine the best type for you. Next, decide among the many men's shoes styles before making specific aesthetic choices. With this men's shoes buying guide, you will be able to find the best shoes for you.

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