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How to buy maternity pants

how to buy maternity pants

A maternity pants buying guide

When searching for the best maternity pants for your growing belly, you will need to consider factors such as pant sizes, your current wardrobe, where you will wear your pants, stretch panels, fabrics, pockets and maintenance requirements. You don't have to sacrifice style or comfort when shopping for maternity pants.

>> Consider your clothing size

As you consider how to buy maternity pants, keep in mind that your pre-pregnancy pants size will also be the appropriate non-maternity pants size for you. Although your waist is sure to change throughout the duration of your pregnancy, the size of your legs will actually remain relatively the same. The legs of maternity pants are accordingly structured, offering you the same fit as what you would have worn previously, while the waist is made of a flexible fabric panel that will stretch and grow along with your body.best maternity pants

By purchasing the maternity pants size that is equivalent to that of your regular pants, you will be investing in a pair that will allow you to be comfortable and that you may even look forward to wearing. If, while determining how to buy maternity pants, you decide to purchase a pair in a larger size, you risk investing in a garment that you may not feel comfortable wearing long-term.

>> Take your existing wardrobe into consideration

When looking into how to buy maternity pants, you will want to consider the women's clothing that you will be wearing throughout your pregnancy. Loose or stretchy tops will be conducive to your growing belly, so you may want to take the styles and colors of those garments into consideration as you shop for the best maternity pants for you.

>> Consider where you will be wearing the maternity pants

Both comfort and style need to be taken into consideration as you evaluate where you will be wearing your maternity pants.

For example, if you plan to work throughout the duration of your pregnancy, you will need to find dressier types of maternity pants that are both appropriate for the office and comfortable enough for you to wear all day long as you move about. These can also be alternated with maternity dresses for a variety of looks. For more of a casual, everyday look, the best maternity pants may be jeans or basic twill pants. These can easily complement other maternity clothes, so you can create casual outfits for a variety of occasions, whether you are running errands, picking the kids up from school or just hanging around the house.

>> Determine what kind of panel works best for you

When considering how to buy maternity pants, you will notice that there are three basic styles of waists that work to adjust the fit of your pants according to your growing belly.maternity pants sizes

  • No-panel maternity pants: If you are in your first or second trimester, you may want to consider buying pants with no panel, which are a great option for transitioning into maternity wear. The pants feature a traditional zipper fly and button closure, but have an elastic back that allows for a snug yet comfortable fit as your belly begins to grow.
  • Demi-panel maternity pants: These feature a panel that wraps below your belly. The pants sit low with an elastic band that spans around the entirety of the waist, making them appropriate for the full nine months of your pregnancy.
  • Full-panel maternity pants: These are similar to the demi-style pants but also feature a flexible knit band that wraps around your waist and tummy for maximum comfort during your second and third trimesters. The soft band grows and stretches with you in order to ensure a custom fit that changes along with your body.

>> Consider fabric choices

As you choose the best maternity pants for your wardrobe, keep in mind the various fabrics that are available for apparel. Many women find that they have certain preferences when it comes to the materials that their everyday pants are made of and that these preferences often continue into pregnancy.

If you prefer jeans and believe that denim will complete your casual, everyday look, then choose the types of maternity pants that are made with this fabric. Linen and khaki may be possibilities, as well, especially if you desire comfort. If you are searching for maternity pant styles for the workplace or for special occasions, you may want to consider black or neutral-colored pants in dressier materials. For light exercise, such as yoga or walking, stretchy pants and maternity activewear are available.

>> Do you need pockets?

As you determine how to buy maternity pants, note whether or not you will need pockets for storing small items such as your cellphone, keys and cash. Not all maternity pant styles come with side or back pockets, so you should evaluate your needs before you make a purchase. Ask yourself how frequently you will use the pockets as well as what you will use them to store.

>> Consider maintenance requirements

For the most part, you will maintain your maternity pants in the same way as your everyday apparel. Many garments will come with their own care instructions, although most can simply be washed in cool water and dried on a regular or permanent press setting.

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Maternity Pant Best Sellers

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