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Finding the best lock box for your valuables

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A lock box buying guide

Everyone has possessions they'd rather not lose. Whether you're protecting your photos, identity documents or other valuables, buy a lock box to ensure they're secure. The best lock box can even keep your valuables safe if they're exposed to water, fire or extreme temperatures. As you learn how to choose a lock box, remember that there are plenty of features to consider when deciding which is the best lock box for you, whether you want a key safe, a biometric scanner or a safe that requires a code.

>> What size lock box do you need?lock box design

The first question to ask yourself is what size lock box you need. Some security safes are as large as trunks. Buy a lock box with a lot of storage space if you have large items to store. If you're storing photos, jewelry or documents and need something smaller, there are plenty of small and medium styles from which to choose. To decide what size lock box to buy, place the items you want to store in a cardboard box and measure the box to determine the length, width and height. The specifications will give you an idea of the lock box dimensions you need to fit your items. As long as you have the storage space, don't be afraid to buy a slightly larger size. The best lock box may give you additional room for growth, in case you obtain or find something else you want to store. No matter what you buy, lock boxes are excellent home security products.

>> Which types of lock boxes do you prefer?

There are multiple types of lock boxes. Spinning locks work by inputting a code and pulling a lever. Combination locks feature a spinning dial. Biometric safes have pads that scan your fingerprint and match its pattern against a known one to grant you access to your items. Key boxes use a lock and key to safeguard your belongings, while a PIN pad setup opens the lock after you enter the correct code that you've programmed into it. Some lock boxes come with loops you can thread through your own locks. With so many cool lock boxes available, you have a number of options. First, decide how much security you want your lock box to have. A lock box design with a biometric or keypad entry is safer than one with a physical lock that can be cut or broken. However, a lock box design that uses a physical key is easy to open for anyone with a key. Lock boxes with keys are a good choice if you want the whole family to have access.

>> Where do you want to store the lock box?

types of lock boxes

Carefully consider your lock box design to make sure it will fit in the designated place. For example, if you buy a large lock box, you may need to store it in an open room rather than a closet with a narrow entry. If you want to store it in the attic or basement, remember that you'll have to carry it up or down the stairs. Also, keep in mind the weight of the box itself. Some cool lock boxes are very heavy. If you're looking for wall safes, find a place in your wall that's strong enough to support the safe and large enough so it doesn't interfere with electrical conduits. Some lock boxes are small enough that they can be stored on shelves and in closets. You'll want to be able to easily access the lock mechanism, wherever it's placed. When you buy a lock box, make sure that the placement makes it easy to remove and replace items.

>> Which lock box features do you want?

Some top lock boxes offer more than just a way to secure your valuables. Before you buy a lock box, perform a lock box comparison to make sure the item you choose has every feature you need to keep your items safe. For example, look for a lock box that's fireproof. The best lock box can withstand extremely high temperatures for extended periods of time. Buy a lock box that can bolt to the floor if you're interested in theft protection. You can also find boxes that have padding, multiple compartments and additional features to help you safely store and organize your valuables. You can also purchase lock boxes like digital keypad wall safes that must be connected to an electrical system or powered by batteries to function. The best lock box combines many of these features into one unit. If you're buying a lock box that will be installed in your wall for home improvement, it's especially important to consider the various features available.

>> What are the choices in lock box materials?

Most lock boxes are made with wood, plastic or metal. Wood lock boxes, like trunks, are attractive and look good in any room of the home. They're also easily decorated with paint and other decorative touches. If you like wood, look for lock boxes with attractive metal hinges and lock mechanisms. Plastic lock boxes are perfect for protecting small items, especially when you're on the go. They're handy for protecting kids' valuables, since they may have cute decorations and are often small enough to fit into backpacks. Finally, consider metal lock boxes when security is the priority. They can be bolted to the floor, are very heavy and can withstand potential home emergencies. You can find lock boxes in various metal colors, including silver, black and gray. Carefully choose the material from which your lock box is made to ensure you get the box that suits your needs.

The best lock box for you is any unit that can protect your valuables, while still remaining practical for your routine and space. Within the appropriate lock box, the items you treasure will be protected from fire, flood, theft and dirt. There are many excellent lock boxes made from a variety of materials. Finding the right one will bring you security and peace of mind.

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Lock Box Best Sellers
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