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How to buy lawn mower blades

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A lawn mower blade buying guide

Choosing quality patio and garden supplies is all about compatibility. While one part might be perfect for your neighbor's mower, another one is the right fit for yours. Buying the best lawn mower blades is important, not only because they'll fit your mower, but also because the best blade will help give you a beautiful lawn. Review the many different types of lawn mower blades available before you make the final decision on which you'll add to your lawn mower.

>> What type of lawn mower do you have?

types of lawn mower blades

It's necessary to know what type of lawn mower you have. There are three main types: push lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers and riding lawn mowers. Both push and electric lawn mowers are usually smaller units that are best for small lawns. Riding lawn mowers are best for large lawns, because you don't have to push the machine the entire time. The best lawn mower blades are designed to fit the type of machine you use, and power mower blades may not be the top rated lawn mower blades for push mowers.

To find what kind of mower you have, look for a sticker on the machine that lists the manufacturer, model and other information. If there is no sticker on your mower, or if the sticker has worn off, you can still find the information you need to determine which lawn mower blade design is correct for you by calling the company that manufactures your lawn mower. It's also important to note whether you use a mulching mower or a standard mower, since the blades are not interchangeable. Many retailers who sell new lawn mower blades have tools you can use to find which blades are compatible with your mower, as long as you have information about the mower available.

>> How many blade holes are on your mower?

Blade holes are an especially important determinant in which types of lawn mower blades to buy if you don't have manufacturer information. The number of blade holes where the mower blades connect to the mower must be compatible with the number of holes on the new lawn mower blades you purchase. The size of blade holes also varies. The best lawn mower blades, and indeed the only lawn mower blades to buy, have holes the same size as those on your mower. Since there are many types of lawn mower blades, measure the holes before shopping.

>> Consider blade length and grass length

lawn mower blade design

There are two lengths to take note of when you buy lawn mower blades: the length of the grass and the length of the blade itself.

If you're using the length of the blade as a guide for which lawn mower blade sizes to buy, remember to measure diagonally, from the bottom corner on one side to the top corner on the other - not straight across. Get the measurement in inches so you can compare it to the listed sizes on new blades. Blade measurements are measured the same whether you're using a zero turn riding mower or a more traditional model. It's also important to measure the thickness and width of the blade, which should be done on the side opposite from the horizontal edge of the blade.

When you buy lawn mower blades, also consider the height you'd like your grass to be. For a slightly shorter lawn, go with a longer blade that reaches a more closely to the ground. For a more luxurious lawn, buy lawn mower blades that are shorter so that the grass maintains more of its length.

>> What type of blade do you want?

There are several types of lawn mower blades, each used for different mowers and purposes. If your machine can use more than one type, determine which lawn mower blade features are essential to your gardening and lawncare needs. The best lawn mower blades for one lawn may be different than the best lawn mower blades for another.

Blade type


Three-in-one blade This type of blade is a popular choice for all homeowners and is also known as a gator blade. Three-in-one blades offer both high-lift and low-lift functions. They use a notched edge to give grass a distinctive look and can be integrated with a mulching function as well.
High-lift blade High-lift blades are a good choice for someone who wants to use the grass trimmings for another purpose, because it pushes up the cut grass on the lawn so it's easier to gather. The way the blade handles grass can help keep the mower clear.
Low-lift blade These blades are designed for mowers that expel grass to the side. The cut grass is thrown from beneath the mower more quickly because the blades are near to the ground.
Mulching blade Mulching blades look like low-lift blades with an extra slope in the blade, which helps to evenly spread mulch over the lawn.
Reel blade Reel blades are often used on push mowers and in groups of three or more for an even cut. They're designed so that the pushing action gives a nice, clean cut on your lawn and are one of the most popular blade types.

When you shop for the best lawn mower blades for your machine, you're looking for the right fit and purpose. Choosing the right gardening tools is like choosing tools for creating art, because the decision you make ultimately affects how your lawn looks. By knowing both your lawn and the type of mower you're using, you're sure to find the right fit.

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Lawn Mower Blade Best Sellers
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