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How to buy a ladder ball set

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A ladder ball set buying guide

Ladder ball is a relatively new outdoor game involving throwing tethered balls, called bolas, so they wrap around one of three horizontal pipes. If the ball wraps around the top pipe, the player receives three points, whereas the rung underneath is worth two points and the value of the bottom rung is only one. To find out why this pastime is one of the most popular lawn games in the country, buy a ladder ball set, invite some friends to the park and see who wins by scoring 21 points. Here are some ladder ball buying tips so you know how to choose a ladder ball set that is best for you and your friends.

>> Who will play ladder ball?

ladder ball design

When you buy a ladder ball set, take into account who'll play the game. If you are purchasing the ladder toss game for children, look for ladder ball dimensions suited for children. The child ladder ball sizes are brightly colored, which helps younger players aim when they throw the bolas. Another ladder ball design feature to look for when you buy a ladder ball game for children is a set with a square base, which keeps the frame from tipping over if a young player makes a wild throw. There are also combination packages that let you buy a ladder ball set bundled with other games, such as washer toss games and corn hole games.

One of the fastest growing pastimes at college tailgating parties is playing ladder ball. If you'd like to buy a ladder ball set to take to the next game, look for a lightweight, folding ladder ball design with a carrying case. Although these portable sets are a bit smaller than the ladder ball dimensions required for competitions, they'll provide you and your friends with hours of fun.

>> Do you want other games included in your ladder ball set?

The next time you have a garden party and want to buy a ladder ball set to entertain your guests, consider the top rated ladder ball combination packages. These sets usually include one game suited for children, like bean bag toss games, and two lawn games for adults, such as bocce ball and croquet. A bocce ball set allows you to play a game sometimes referred to as Italian bowling. It's a lawn game in which players roll colored balls to knock other players' balls out of play. A croquet set introduces you to a popular pastime in the United Kingdom and the former British colonies, in which you use a long-handled mallet to hit balls through vertical hoops staked in the grass. The object in croquet is to get your ball to the goal before your competition.

School groups, scout troops and community organizations often buy ladder ball combo sets. Members of these organizations set up each individual game in booths at carnivals and other fund raising events. Not only are ladder ball and the other games popular with both adults and children at the fairs, but the booths offering ring toss games and the other pastimes are also very profitable.

>> Do you want to play variations of ladder ball?

When you're ready for a new ladder ball experience, look for variations in the basic ladder ball design the next time you go shopping. One extremely popular modification that makes a whole new ladder ball game is ladder golf. In this takeoff of ladder ball, two golf balls are tethered instead of the standard bola balls. The rules are also slightly different in ladder golf because the opposing player or team is encouraged to do as much as possible to distract the person trying to score. You'll find ladder golf parties advertised on many college campuses as this rowdy game is a favorite at fraternities and sororities.

Another sports-related spin-off inspired by the classic ladder ball design is ladder football, which uses small footballs in place of the bola balls. Additionally, the makers of ladder football sets modify the design of the ladder frame so it resembles a goal post and the supporting base resembles a football field. If you're looking for something to do after a high school football game, everyone is sure to enjoy ladder football.

The next time you go to the beach, you're likely to see people playing chuck-it ball, which also has its roots in ladder ball. Instead of the wooden frame included in the original ladder ball design, the ladder in this game variation is made from steel. You'll use metal stakes to secure the frame to the ground, unlike the case with the free-standing ladder ball frame. The reason for the rugged construction is that the balls you throw are larger and a little heavier than the standard bolas. Some chuck-it ball sets have balls designed to look like beach balls, and they also come with a carrying case. how to choose ladder ball

>> Where will you play ladder ball?

When you go shopping for a ladder ball set, consider the location where you and your friends will play the game. Many people who live in the city opt to play ladder ball in driveways or outdoor basketball courts. If this sounds like you, your ladder ball buying tip is to focus on sets including wooden frames. The wooden construction will resist the friction scratches that may occur on plastic frames during play on concrete surfaces.

Because ladder ball started as a lawn game, you'll find many game frames made from plastic or PVC. These materials are water resistant and well suited for playing on grass that may be damp. Additionally, plastic and PVC are lightweight materials, which keeps your lawn free from any lingering imprints from the frame.

Ladder ball is also a popular game for families when they go to the beach. When you shop for a ladder ball set to use on sand, look for models with metal frames. The water and scratch resistant paint on those models protects them from water and sand at the beach. Top rated ladder ball sets designed for use at the beach usually include a waterproof carrying case.

When you'd like to find a new outdoor game to entertain your family and friends, consider shopping for a ladder ball set. Everyone will have a great time playing this popular lawn game.

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