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How to buy a kitchen cart

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A kitchen cart buying guide

A kitchen cart can provide a simple, inexpensive solution for kitchen storage and also offer you the flexibility and convenience of keeping frequently used items close at hand. When shopping for the best kitchen carts on the market, you'll find that you have many options. Taking the time to research the type of storage you need, and the type of cart that will work best with your existing kitchen design, will yield you the best results in your search.

>> How will you utilize a kitchen cart?

kitchen cart designs

Before you buy a kitchen cart, you'll want to determine what you'll use it for. The best kitchen cart for you will depend on your storage requirements. If you're looking to buy a kitchen cart for extra storage purposes, then kitchen cart size is an important factor. The kitchen carts you consider should have enough space for all of the cookware and accessories you plan on storing in it. Large areas for pots and pans are useful features to include, as well.

When looking to purchase a top kitchen cart for entertainment purposes, you'll probably want one that is stylish as well as functional. Features such as a wine rack and areas to store dishes and glassware are also nice amenities. Many kitchen cart brands offer multifunctional carts that not only provide extra storage but also areas for food preparation. Small islands and integrated cutting boards are convenient features for those who love to cook and need more space for prep.

>> What type of kitchen cart would you like?

Kitchen carts are versatile pieces of kitchen furniture that you can personalize based upon the features you need. Kitchen islands are a good choice for adding storage and expanding counter space. Islands are a great food preparation tool, as well, and they can also add an element of style to your kitchen layout.

Many kitchen carts come with wheels, making them portable and easy to move between rooms, if needed. You can also choose a kitchen cart design that will serve as an extension to your countertops, to expand your existing space.

>> Which kitchen cart material do you prefer?

The best kitchen carts can be constructed from many different types of materials. Each material option has its own benefits which you can integrate into your kitchen decor. Many kitchen cart designs feature wood, metal or eco-friendly options, so the choice really depends on your taste and your kitchen design scheme.

Wood is one of the more popular and inexpensive choices of kitchen cart designs, and offers a traditional style element to your kitchen. Wood-top kitchen carts are also among the best kitchen carts to use if you plan on using the top as a cutting surface. If you prefer a more industrial look, then one of the best kitchens carts to choose is a metal cart. This unique kitchen cart style provides a clean, modern look and can give the appearance of a restaurant kitchen.

If you're looking for eco-friendly furniture options, you might opt for bamboo and other green materials. You can also create a unique kitchen cart look that is also eco-friendly by using chemical-free granite or concrete counter tops.

When choosing between the best kitchen carts with wheels, keep in mind how different wheels function. Kitchen cart wheels come either as swivel, straight or locked wheels. Swivel wheels are best if you have a large area and plan to move the cart frequently. Straight wheels are ideal for small spaces where you will only be moving side to side or front to back. Locking wheels are a great feature if you are working on preparing food or entertaining and you need to make sure the cart stays in one place.kitchen cart sizes

>> Consider different counter surface materials

Many of the best kitchen carts offer a variety of counter surface options to choose from.

  • Butcher block: Kitchen carts and cabinets that feature a butcher block are useful if you tend to do a lot of food prep.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is very easy to clean and has a sophisticated look that you can easily incorporate into your kitchen theme.
  • Granite: Granite is also easy to clean and is heat-resistant, so you can place hot pots or pans on the surface safely.

>> Consider storage options

The best kitchen carts offer supplemental storage that allows you to store all of those extra cookware items sitting on the counter. Having the items in close range is convenient and cuts down on your cooking time. Other types of storage options for kitchen carts and cabinets include shelving and cabinet storage.

  • Open shelves: Open shelves increase the usable space in small kitchens, allowing you to keep your cookware and dishes organized and within reach.
  • Closed cabinets: Closed cabinets also maximize space, and discreetly hide your items away until you need them.
  • Shelves: Multiple shelves allow for extra storage, and are great for storing odd-shaped or small appliances.
  • Microwave: Some carts are available with special sections built to hold your microwave. Microwave carts often have a power strip built into them as well.

>> Consider extra features

Add extra functionality to your custom kitchen cart by having additional accessories included in the design.

  • Towel rack: A towel rack is a great feature to hang your kitchen towels and rags when you're not using them.
  • Wine rack: Keep your favorite wines close at hand for drop-in guests or just for a quiet evening at home with a loved one.
  • Hooks: Hooks are great for hanging your pots, pans and cooking utensils.
  • Drawers: Drawers are ideal for tucking away small items, such as eating utensils, bottle openers or take-out menus.

The various kitchen cart sizes, styles and features allow you to choose a kitchen cart that suits your specific needs. Give your kitchen a mini makeover that you'll be proud to display with a new kitchen cart.

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Kitchen Cart Best Sellers

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