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Picking out the best kid's ATV

best kids atv

A kid's ATV buying guide

A kid's ATV is a cool toy for many children. It combines role playing features, like those found in kid's ride-on tractors, with off-roading adventure. There are different types of kid's ATVs on the market today, and every kid's ATV has cool features. How do you figure out which is the best kid's ATV for you? Think about the ATV model that you want and then choose from the many different features that come with new kid's ATVs.

>> What kind of ATV vehicle do you want?

kids atv Models

Different kid's ATV designs are based on different adult ATVs. Each of these ATVs has different features and capabilities that appeal to your child. Consider these features carefully to select the right kid's ATVs for you.

  • Motocross bikes: There are both kid's motocross bikes, or children's toy dirt bikes, that are powered by pedals like regular bikes, and kid's motocross bikes powered by an engine. Pedal powered kid's motocross bikes are simply kid's bikes with motocross styled accessories attached to them. The powered kid's motocross bikes, while they use a small electric battery engine, are often similar to adult motorcycles but much smaller in size.
  • Four-wheelers: Four-wheeler kid's ATV designs also use an electric battery and resemble their adult counterparts. These vehicles often only have the weight capacity and seating space for one child. Kid's four-wheelers can't travel off road to the same extent as adult four-wheelers but can handle some difficult terrains.
  • Power wheels jeeps: Power wheels jeeps, also called child's electric jeeps, use electric battery power as well and look like actual jeeps. These kid's ATV models have room and weight capacity for two small children to fit in them. Often these vehicles have trunks or seat belts, making them a good role playing toy.

>> Is this new kid's ATV the right size for my child?

Bike rim sizes correspond well with age, and 12-inch rims are usually appropriate for children 2 - 5 years old while 16-inch rims are appropriate for children 5 - 8 years old. Similarly, boy's 16-inch bikes are a popular toy for 5 - 8 year old boys. Look at the product description for four-wheeler and power wheel jeep kid's ATV brands. Often the product description lists a recommended age group for the vehicle. If there is no recommended age listed on the packaging, then you can look for the weight capacity to see if your child's weight is within capacity. Remember that many of the power wheels jeeps are designed for two children. The weight capacity for that kid's ATV design is the combined weight of two children not the weight of one child.kids atv design

>> How fast can the kid's ATV go?

Many of the four-wheeler and power wheels jeeps have two speeds, 2.5 mph and 5 mph, and your child can move a lever to shift between those speeds. Others have a 2.5 mph top speed which can be good if you are uncomfortable with high speeds. Some kid's powered motocross bikes have 5 mph as their top speed as well, but a few kid's powered motocross bikes can run up to 15 mph. Kid's motocross bikes sometimes use a lever for acceleration but sometimes use twist grip acceleration and hand brakes which are complicated processes for younger children. Power wheels jeeps usually use gas and brake pedals which can add to their role playing features.

>> Consider battery charge time for powered vehicles

All of the best kid's ATVs that use power require that you charge the battery for a significant length of time before you use the vehicle. A full charge on these vehicles can last anywhere from 50 minutes to three hours. You'll want to buy a vehicle with a run time that you think is sufficient. In addition to running time, new kid's ATVs vary on the length of time that they need to charge. Many of the four-wheeler and power wheels jeeps require 14 - 18 hours of charge time to be fully charged. You'll almost certainly have to charge these vehicles overnight for them to work. The more high powered motocross bikes require around 12 hours of charge time, but some of the less powerful vehicles fully charge in only a few hours.

>> Consider special features

new kids atv

Some of the best kid's ATV pedal bikes come with training wheels attachments. These are good for younger children, and you can remove the training wheels when your child learns how to ride without them. Kid's motocross bikes often feature rising handlebars that adjust upward for your growing child to make it easier for him or her to grip the handlebars. All three kid's ATV models sometimes feature shocks for the vehicle which adds a degree of realism and improves the vehicle's ride. Some new kid's ATVs come with lights or are able to play music. These features are good for role playing.

>> Consider the kid's ATV design

New kid's ATVs come in different colors including blue, pink, red, yellow and green. Your child will probably want to play with a vehicle that has his or her favorite color. Look at the design of the kid's ATV. Many kid's ATV models have detailed patterns and can look quite real. Your child will probably appreciate a sense of realism in his or her vehicle.

If you consider the different kid's ATV designs and kid's ATV features, you can find the best kid's ATV for your child. Your child and his or her friend can have fun with these bikes and riding toys for many years.

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Kids Atv Best Sellers

Yamaha Raptor ATV 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On

Polaris Sportsman 850 ATV 24-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On, Silver

Kid Trax Moto Trax Toddler Quad 6V Battery Powered ATV

Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw ATV 12-Volt Ride-On

Kid Trax Melody Toddler Quad Battery Powered Scoot ATV
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