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Which jigsaw to buy

which jigsaw to buy

A jigsaw buying guide

Jigsaws are both a handy and popular tool to have around for a variety of jobs. When thinking about which jigsaw to buy, there are a number of points you will want to keep in mind.

>> Consider types of jigsaws on the market

how to buy a jigsaw

The types of jigsaws available are going to greatly affect your decision on which jigsaw to buy. Most designs are standard. They are usually slender and have a D-shaped handle on top with a blade sticking out of the bottom. A standard jigsaw is also a reciprocal jigsaw, meaning the blade goes up and down only. When you are looking into how to buy a jigsaw, you will find that there are several other jigsaw designs available as well.

A great addition to your cordless power tools collection is a cordless jigsaw. These jigsaw designs are powered by a battery pack and allow you the freedom to use your saw wherever you need it without a cord. These are often referred to as portable saws. In some cases, cordless power tool sets will include a jigsaw. Other jigsaw designs include a barrel grip, an orbital jigsaw and a scrolling jigsaw. These different types of jigsaws are useful for more specialized projects. The barrel grip jigsaws are more comfortable to hold for some people. The orbital jigsaws can be shaped like a standard jigsaw but the blade goes up and down and from front to back. This double motion gives you an extra sooth cut and excellent control. Lastly, the scrolling jigsaw is unique in that it has a dial that allows you to turn the blade. This aids in cutting intricate designs and small curves.

>> Consider the blades

This is an important feature for most people who purchase this equipment. Having the ability to change the blades on your jigsaw means that you will be able to use the right blade for each job. Different types of jigsaws are increasingly adopting the technology of quick-change blades. Jigsaw blades are specific to the material you are cutting. For example, there are different metal cutting blades, drywall blades and wood cutting blades. You can usually find the latest design in the power tools and hardware department of a store. Be sure that whatever jigsaw you purchase is able to also use the blades you want as well.

>> Consider your power needs

jigsaw designs

While thinking about which jigsaw to buy, you should take a moment and look into the amount of power and cutting capacity you need. The best jig saw to buy is usually one that makes efficient and productive use of the power supplied and gets the job done in the most effective manner. Different types of jigsaws have varying power level requirements. If your jigsaw will mostly be used for heavy jobs, such as commercial projects, then power might be a big concern for you. The corded jigsaw will be the best jigsaw to buy if you will be using it for extended periods. This will ensure that there is reliable and consistent performance of your tool. These will usually fit into your kit of portable power tools. Most of the corded jigsaw designs range from three to eight amps. This is often enough to provide you with the optimum power for heavy-duty use. While the corded types of jigsaws provide more power to the users, it is important to note that it is very easy to accidentally cut through the cords while working with these devices.

>> Consider the performance and versatility of the jigsaws

When making a decision on which jigsaw to buy, it is important that you look into the performance and versatility measures of the jigsaws. Most power tool accessories and gear are often well labeled to clearly show their power requirements. Most of the jigsaw designs on the market offer similar cutting capabilities. There may be features that make the tool best suited for a certain type of job. If you are looking for a jigsaw that will be used for scroll cutting and crafting, then you should look for a jigsaw with features such as a knob style auxiliary handle. This feature allows for easier precision steering control for intricate and detailed cuts. If the jigsaw will mostly be used for straight cuts, you should look for jigsaw designs with features like a built-in laser line that makes straight cuts easier. Features such as the dual-bevel capability allow for angled cuts in either direction for accurate cuts. The precision rollers help in reducing the error rates in making cuts. This makes accurate cuts much easier to achieve.

>> Consider convenience

The effectiveness of the jigsaw design that you choose can also depend on the usability of the device. This makes it easier to reap most of the jigsaw advantages. Before you buy any power tool equipment and storage tools, you should try identifying some of the features you might like. Convenient features that you can look into include anti-vibration features that help in reducing fatigue and enhancing the precision on the machine. You might also opt for built-in lights that help illuminate what you are cutting. Built-in lights will help reduce the dependency on exterior sources of light. Other common jigsaw features that you can be on the lookout for are dust blowers to clear away sawdust and on-board tool storage that provides a space for keeping important parts, such as the blade replacements, handy.

Which jigsaw to buy will also depend on the application of the machine. If you are on the lookout for home improvement tools, the best one is going to be the one you feel most comfortable using. Before making the decision of buying a jigsaw, you should have a clear idea of what you will be using it for. Once you have an idea of the task to be achieved clearly engraved in your mind, it will be much easier to decide on which jigsaw to buy.

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Jigsaw Best Sellers

Skil 4-Position Orbital Jigsaw with Laser Guide, 4495-02

WEN Variable Speed Jig Saw

Black & Decker 24 Pack Jigsaw Blades Wood and Metal, 75-626

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