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What are the best iPod speakers for you?

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An iPod speakers buying guide

In today's world, many people have an iPod or MP3 player to listen to their favorite music at home or on the go. However, these devices need external speakers of some kind in order to hear the music. When you start looking into the best iPod speakers for you to buy, there are a few things you might want to consider before you head to the store.

>> What do you need speakers for?

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When it's time to find cool iPod speakers, first consider where you plan to use them most. If your speakers will stay in one spot with enough space, you're free to purchase larger tabletop or tower speakers with amplified sound capability. If you need to transport your speakers from one location to another, choosing smaller speakers makes travel more comfortable. The best iPod speakers for you fit your taste and your space, from big home and office speakers to portable speakers including mini speakers. IPods with headphones are great for a private workout at the gym, a quieter office setting and long distance walking.

If you want to hook up your music for road travel, your vehicle's speaker system connects to your iPod with an auxiliary input jack in the stereo system, an FM transmitter or a cassette tape adapter. Mini speakers often fit into the storage area between your vehicle's seats. An iPod docking station even works in your vehicle with an appropriate power adapter to plug into the cigarette lighter and a power inverter to convert your lighter power port from DC to AC power. Think about adaptability if your iPod speakers need to provide sound for you in a variety of settings.

>> Consider portable speakers

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Cool iPod speakers are available in a multitude of portable versions for your purse, backpack or suitcase. Their lightweight status makes them ideal for travel. These smaller speakers can still carry powerful stereophonic sound and produce excellent musical clarity. Top iPod speakers vary in design from modern to retro, and include cubes, round speakers, ergonomic shapes, animal shapes and even iPod speakers on key chains. You can choose from a large selection of unique iPod speakers in bright and translucent colors and find speakers with lights and LED displays. Many portable speakers feature wrist straps or carry handles for ease and safety, and some include a carrying case. Consider your sense of style, your travel gear and speaker carrying features to narrow down the best iPod speakers for you.

Portable iPod speakers are typically battery-powered, with an option for rechargeable batteries on some. Your speakers charge from a wall outlet or other power source with a USB charging cable plugged into the standard USB port on your iPod. An LED power indicator displays your power status. Playback time varies, but portable speakers remain charged for many hours, with top iPod speakers offering more hours. Mini portable speakers contain a headphone jack. These are cool iPod speakers to have if you commute on foot, take long hikes or need to exercise discretion while enjoying your music.

In today's portable iPod market, unique iPod speakers sometimes contain built-in amplifiers and custom features, such as a finely tuned vacuum bass design for low-frequency response and sound well beyond speaker size. Read speaker specifications to determine the expected level of audio output. Other additions to cool iPod speakers include a wraparound audio cable, ability to collapse to facilitate storage, a cord wrap, rubber coating on USB ports for protection and a magnetic base to keep speakers together for travel. Some top iPod speakers are Bluetooth-compatible for a wireless experience, offering a hands-free speakerphone for your Bluetooth-enabled phone.

>> Consider home use speakers

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IPod docking stations, also known as speaker docks, provide a built-in cradle for your iPod, and also function as a charging station. Your iPod needs matching connectors in order to fit into the iPod speaker dock, so make sure you match specifications. Dock connectors feature a number of tiny pins on one or both sides of the plug that correspond to the docking port.

Your docking station plugs into a wall outlet with a power cord and battery backup is usually included. It can also be connected to a stereo system or video screen to allow the iPod files to play on those systems while charging the iPod. This flexibility is appealing if you need to recharge in the middle of a listening experience.

Tabletop speakers are very cool iPod speakers if your space welcomes their size. Many tabletop speakers are the same size as home stereo speakers. Big, medium or small, these speakers range from a standard rectangular design to some truly interesting original iPod speaker designs, including antique radios, jukeboxes, animals and cars. Other unique iPod speaker designs imitate teardrops, lamps, wooden log shapes and sleek modern designs. They also plug into an outlet for power with a universal voltage adapter, and some have battery backup. You'll often find a remote control added for convenience.

If you're searching for cool iPod speakers with vertical presence, consider tower speakers. These tall speakers stand right on the floor and boast the widest speaker surface. Their outer edges shoot straight up and down, with some of them rounding into curves at the top. Many tower speakers are black, but other designs exist, including real wood or wood-veneer for matching your decor, LED-powered light displays and even horizontal adaptability. Some top iPod speakers, both tabletop and tower, host iPods and MP3 players, as well as other handheld media devices, through an RCA auxiliary jack.

The best iPod speakers for managing your sleep time are alarm clock speakers. Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, these helpful, cool iPod speakers feature a digital time display, sometimes a remote control and a night light.

>> Consider other types of speakers

If you want to use your iPod with wireless headphones at the gym, or listen to your device through larger wireless speakers, an adapter cord or cable allows you to transfer sound to a different receiver. Adapter cables of different capabilities and lengths connect your musical selections to the best iPod speakers for the moment or occasion. Purchasing different types of iPod speakers for different locations is a great way to maximize your listening options.

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Ipod Speakers Best Sellers
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