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How to buy an iPad mini

An iPad mini buying guide

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An iPad mini is a portable device that offers the functionality of an iPad but in a more compact design. iPad mini uses range from playing games, to watching movies, to checking email and more. If you are wondering which iPad mini to buy, this iPad mini buying guide willhelp you understand the factors to consider when learning how to buy an iPad mini.

>> What types of activities will you do on an iPad mini?

When you are choosing which iPad mini to buy, it is helpful to think through how you will use the device. iPad mini uses are broad and varied, so knowing what you will do on your iPad will help guide you as you discover how to buy an iPad mini.Features of the iPad mini are virtually the same from model to model, with the exceptions of connectivity, memory and color. Here are some examples of popular activities to do on an iPad mini.

  • Reading: With full access to the iBookstore, as well as other eBook sellers, the device is an e-reader. It is small enough to hold in one hand, yet its 7.9-inch screen makes it larger than many other e-readers. The screen is about the size of a large paperback. It also offers advantages over other e-readers because it plays videos, browses the Internet and displays images in full color. Modern media-rich eBooks and eMagazines perform well on an iPad mini.
  • Gaming: Just like all Apple iPads, the iPad mini has full access to the Apple Store, which means you can choose from over 375,000 apps. The smaller size makes it more user-friendly for children's hands, or for people who prefer a compact size.
  • Emailing: One of the features of an iPad mini is that it includes an email program. This means you can use the iPad mini to stay up to date with emails without a computer. The smaller size makes typing faster for many users, so it is a popular device with people who send many emails.
  • Web Browsing: iPads are fully capable of browsing the Internet with the preinstalled browser, which can load content-rich web pages.
  • Video Chat: The iPad mini design features both a front and back camera, so you can video chat using video-enabled chat apps.

Many users find the iPad mini size to be more convenient than a full-size iPad because it tucks into purses and backpacks with ease. Its smaller size permits most adults to hold it comfortably in one hand, like a book, which is why it is becoming a popular option for people shopping for iPads, e-readers and tablets.

>> Do you want to use voice command?

how to buy a ipad mini

Some people enjoy the convenience of talking to a device rather than typing in commands. Considering whether you want to use voice command is an important aspect of knowing how to buy an iPad mini.

If you have ever used Siri on an iPhone, you will be pleased to learn that all iPad minis also offer this voice command service. With this desirable feature, you can use your voice to search the Internet, set reminders, send messages and a multitude of other tasks. Standard iPads do not offer Siri, so if voice commands interest you, then the iPad mini is probably a better fit for you than a regular iPad.

>> Do you want it to operate on a network or Wi-Fi?

Where you will be using the device is an important consideration when you are determining how to buy an iPad mini. If you picture yourself sitting on a beach or in a park while browsing the Internet, then the best iPad mini to buy will be one that lists a mobile data provider such as AT&T or Verizon on the product listing. This means the device is ready to connect to that carrier's data network from many locales.

features of ipad mini

Before you commit to one carrier, it might be a good idea to shop for iPad mini compatible data plans. This will allow you to determine which is the best iPad mini to buy when it comes to monthly subscriptions.

All iPad minis are at minimum compatible with Wi-Fi. You can browse, download songs, search the Internet and numerous other activities whenever your iPad connects to a Wi-Fi network. With many homes, workplaces and cafes offering free or low-cost Wi-Fi, choosing a Wi-Fi only model may be something to consider when thinking about how to buy an iPad mini.

>> How much memory do you need?

As you explore how to choose an iPad mini, be sure to include memory in your iPad mini comparison. All of the iPad minis currently come in three different sizes in terms of memory. Here are the sizes:

Memory Size

Number of eBooks*

Number of 45 minute TV shows*

Number of Songs*

16 GB 8,000 30-40 4,000-10,000
32 GB 16,000 60-80 8,000-20,000
64 GB 32,000 120-160 16,000-40,000

*please note these figures are estimates and exclude any other type of data, such as pictures and apps

>> Do you want new or refurbished?

ipad mini sizes

As you shop iPad minis, you might notice there are new and refurbished models. Understanding the difference between the two is helpful as you determine how to buy an iPad mini. A new iPad mini is an unused model, whereas a refurbished model is used, but still comes with a warranty. When you are shopping, you might be able to find a refurbished model with more memory than a brand-new model listed at the same price. Refurbished models may also have different features, warranties and availability when compared to new models. Be sure to thoroughly evaluate your options when looking for the best iPad mini to buy.

>> What type of accessories do you want?

Finally, think about the types of accessories you want for your iPad mini. As far as colors go, iPad mini designs are available in black and white. You can also customize your iPad mini with cover designs that come in many styles. You can choose from a sleeve, folio-style, flip cover and more to add that final touch.

Another accessory to consider is a keyboard, which some people like to have as an option to the on-screen keyboard. Beyond that, you might also want to consider screen protectors that help prevent damage to the screen or reduce glare.

When shopping for an iPad mini for yourself or someone else, be sure to research as much as you feel is necessary to make an informed decision on which iPad mini is the best iPad mini to buy.

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