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Flowtron Electric
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Flowtron Electric
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HBB-128, Bed Bug
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How to find the best insect zapper

best insect zapper

An insect zapper buying guide

If you've had it with bugs buzzing around you, consider purchasing a new insect zapper. When insects make contact with the zapper, an electrical charge occurs, killing them and keeping the air around you nice and clear. There are many zappers to consider, so doing an insect zapper comparison before settling on a model will help ensure you get the one that's right for you. The best insect zapper is one that looks good and takes care of your needs.

>> Where will you use the insect zapper?

zapper insect benefits

Before you buy an insect zapper, decide where you want to place the unit. Indoor insect killers function differently than those used outside the home. Units designed for the kitchen may be built differently than those for a dining room or patio. First, think about where the insects will fall after making contact with the insect zapper style you purchase. You want the zapper to be installed high enough that insects will fly by it, but not so high that the insects fall to an inconvenient place. If you plan to place the insect zapper on a patio, consider what type of patio and gardening supplies can be used to create a space for collecting the insects if the insect zapper design doesn't have one built into the model. The best insect zapper for you may include a bug collection area built into the unit.

>> What insect zapper power source do you prefer?

There are three main power sources for a new insect zapper: batteries, solar power or a power outlet. The most useful one for your product depends on the insect zapper design. Portable zappers usually function with batteries, so they can be used away from outlets and in places where no outlets are available. Consider them for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. Indoor insect zappers, like electric fly traps, function when plugged into a power outlet. This is the best power source for zappers that will be installed in one location and rarely moved afterward. Solar power models draw energy from exposure to sunlight for a certain number of hours. Read the packaging to determine how long it takes to fully charge the unit. Check the different insect zapper brands to see which offers a machine with the power source you want. The best insect zapper can be determined by choosing the one that works with the power source you have available at the location where you want to use the device.

>> How do you want to use the insect zapper?

If you want a passive insect zapper, you want a tool that remains in place and affects the insects that happen by. These designs are often installed around outdoor seating areas for mosquito control. If you want to go after the bugs that buzz closely around you, look for an active insect zapper. The main benefit of an active insect zapper is that you can go after specific bugs and take control of which ones are being removed from the environment. Buy an insect zapper that will take care of the bugs in the way you decide is best for your situation. If you find that they come too near you to be properly controlled by a passive zapper, then the best insect zapper is an active model.

>> How strong should the insect zapper be?

Each insect zapper uses a certain number of volts to eliminate the insects. Read the product description and packaging to determine how many volts the model you're considering has. If the zapper will be used around children or pets, choose a model with a low voltage and make sure it's kept out of their reach. Models with higher voltage ratings will deliver a stronger charge to insects and eliminate them more readily.

>> How will you position the insect zapper?

Each insect zapper takes care of the insects in the area around it, but sometimes multiple insect zappers can help cover an entire area. Examine the insect zapper to see how much space it covers. Then, evaluate the area where you want to place it and decide where it will attract the most insects and if it will cover the entire area. There are certain models that can cover more than an acre. If you decide to purchase multiple units, you might want to decide ahead of time where to position them for the most comprehensive coverage. The best insect zapper should effectively clear an area of insects to create a comfortable seating environment for your family and friends.insect zapper design

>> What insect zapper features do you need?

The best insect zapper will be an attractive lure to insects and will be designed with useful features. Look for a unit that is designed with anti-clog technology to keep the grills clear and find one that has a light to attract the insects. The light can help one unit eliminate insects over a large area. Weatherproof units are also good, especially for placement outdoors.

>> Which insect zapper style do you prefer?

Buy an insect zapper that has the look you want. The benefit of an attractive model is that it won't look odd displayed in your home. To find a style that suits you, do an insect zapper comparison between several models and brands. You'll find that they're available in a variety of unit shapes, sizes and colors. You might want to search for one that matches other features in your garden or blends with your home decor.

As you evaluate different insect zapper brands, you'll find that the strength, power source and look of each unit is different. The best insect zapper is the one that provides the functionality you want and allows you to enjoy your space free of bugs.

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Insect Zapper Best Sellers

Flowtron Electric Insect Killer 1.5-Acre

Flowtron Electric Insect Killer, Half-Acre

P.F. HARRIS HBB-128, Bed Bug Killer, Spray, 1 Gal.

Safer Brand Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bug, Ant and Crawling Insect Killer

Black Flag 40W Deluxe Bug Zapper with Black Bulb
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