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Finding the best HoMedics products

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A HoMedics product buying guide

HoMedics products are designed to improve your well-being, assist with relaxation and improve your general health with a variety of products. Consider different categories of HoMedics products to determine how to find the best HoMedics product for you and your family.

>> Choose from massagers and spas

homedic product types

When you decide to buy a HoMedics product, you'll notice a variety of massagers and spas. Choose the right one to help turn your home into a relaxing retreat.

Back massagers

You can find HoMedics back massagers that can be placed in a chair or even on a bed to vibrate and provide heat for a warm massage. Some of the massagers extend up to your shoulders.

Neck massagers

You can also choose from HoMedics vibrating massagers for your neck. These products often relieve tension and promote relaxation. They can also help reduce headaches and neck pain. These massagers are shaped in an arc to extend around your neck and reach the sides. You can also find pillows for a HoMedics product that helps massage your neck or lower back.

Foot massagers

HoMedics foot massagers are ideal for sore, tired feet. The HoMedics product benefits help your legs as well as achy feet to relax, and you can enjoy the relief while sitting and resting.

Handheld massagers

Handheld devices can be the best HoMedics product when you want to treat a small area such as arms, feet or legs. These small massagers are also ideal to take to work or when traveling. You can find battery-operated devices, electric models or manual versions. When deciding how to choose a HoMedics product for portable massage, think about power options.

Foot spas

HoMedics foot spas combine heat and massage with water to provide relaxation for your feet and legs. The moist heat often penetrates deep into tired muscles to leave you feeling refreshed.

Paraffin bath

Another option for providing relief for tired muscles is the paraffin bath, which works on both your hands and feet. It uses paraffin wax and warm water to coat them. Once the wax hardens, you remove it to find your skin softer and smoother, with your muscles relaxed.

>> Consider HoMedics pillows, air purifiers and humidifiers

homedic product benefits

When looking at the best HoMedics product for your home, you have several options. These HoMedics product types are designed to improve your quality of living. For instance, you'll find pillows that help you rest in comfort. Some curve around your neck and are a convenient choice for travel, while others feature memory foam for added comfort.

Air purifiers are another HoMedics product that can improve your health at home. They help to clean the air and remove allergens that can cause sinus and allergy conditions. Humidifiers add moisture to the air to prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated. They also help your hair and breathing with either warm or cool moist air.

>> Consider additional HoMedics products

You'll find a variety of options in different HoMedics product types to increase your well-being through relaxation. They can also help improve your health.


There are several models of HoMedics fountains. The water is relaxing to look at and listen to, and increases moisture in the air. Fountains come in several design options and you can choose the best HoMedics product to fit your decor and color schemes.

Blood pressure kits

Blood pressure kits help you keep track of low or high blood pressure. You can choose between wrist and arm kits. Both choices display blood pressure and heart rate in an easy-to-read digital design. These devices make it easy for anyone to monitor their blood pressure at different times of the day or in different positions. They include memory for previous readings so you can track your pressure over time.

Sound machine

Another popular product is the sound machine, designed to lull you to sleep or to mask noises when you want to relax. They can be a simple sound generator or combined with an alarm clock and radio or humidifier. You can even select from a portable machine to take with you when traveling. These machines can play soothing sounds of nature or listen to the radio until you drift off.

Baby Products

You can even buy HoMedics products for your baby. A HoMedics sound machine can be placed on a dresser or table by your baby. They are available in soft, cuddly designs that your child will enjoy touching. Many of these products include a nightlight to help your little one feel safe and secure.

When choosing the best HoMedics product for you and your family, you can find products that help you relax after a long day at work and relieve weary, sore muscles. Other designs can improve your quality of life at home. In a busy world, it's comforting to have products that focus on feeling better.

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