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Sony DAV-TZ140 5.1
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with Subwoofer and

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Which home theater to buy

which home theater to buy

A home theater buying guide

A home theater system will turn an ordinary movie night into an extraordinary experience. Home theater advantages include optimizing the sound coming out of your television to the point that it sounds as if you are in a movie theater. You should look into some considerations before you decide which home theater to buy.

>> Where will you use the home theater?

One of the most important considerations when figuring out which home theater to buy is where you will put it. Most people keep their home theater systems in their living or family room. Others have a separate theater room. There are different types of home theater systems that will work well in either situation and you should buy accordingly.

>> Consider your space

how to buy a home theater

The best home theater to buy will depend on both the space you have and the size and the shape of the room. Different home theater designs can be purchased that will help you achieve the best audio quality in a variety of setups and spaces.

A smaller room will reflect the sound better than a larger room, requiring a smaller home theater system. Larger rooms may benefit from larger speakers, larger woofers and systems with more speakers. A helpful tip when considering home theater sizes and surround sound theater is to take measurements of your room into consideration.

>> Decide which home theater to buy by type

There are many different types of home theater systems. Some systems include a multimedia player, which will either have a DVD or Blu-ray player. These DVD home theater and Blu-ray systems can also play CDs and usually have the ability to connect to an MP3 player.

Home theater sound bars are typically a thin bar made up of speakers, usually three or more, mounted in a straight line. This type of theater system can be used in conjunction with a larger system or on its own, and does not have built-in multimedia players. These types of home theaters are prime choices when space is at a premium in your home.

>> Consider speaker options

how to choose home theater

When you research which home theater to buy, consider the speaker options as one of the most crucial choices. Home theater systems come with either wired or wireless speakers. If you have a very small room, or do not mind seeing and/or setting up speaker wires, purchasing a wired system might be best. In larger rooms, or with systems that have many speakers, a wireless subwoofer and speakers will look more tidy.

Surround sound theater systems come with many speaker options, and typically come with anywhere from one to seven speakers. The amount of speakers you need depends primarily on the size of your room and furniture. In a small room, three speakers is usually enough, but in larger rooms five or more speakers can be used. Many systems come with a center sound bar and two to four other speakers. Two of the speakers are normally stand speakers. Systems with five or more speakers will usually have two to four wall mount speakers.

Most surround sound systems have a subwoofer, tweeters, mid-range and combined speakers. Subwoofers are used to produce all of the deep bass sounds. Tweeters produce treble and mid-range sounds. Combined speakers will produce multiple types of sounds. Consider various types of home theater systems that include all of these for quality, rich sound.

>> Consider receiver and media player options

Each home theater system comes with a receiver. The receiver processes the sounds coming from the media and sends the signals to the speakers. It is made up of a tuner, a pre-amp and an amplifier. Receivers can be wired, wireless or Internet-ready. Some receivers have the ability to tune into satellite radio stations with a subscription. The audio tuner can also allow FM and AM radio stations to be played.

Home theater systems have the ability to switch between multiple sources. Newer systems also have Dolby 5.1 surround sound, referred to as 5.1 channel home theater systems. They can also include the ability to control the system with a smart phone or tablet.

>> Consider connections

When you choose which home theater to buy, the connections are important. As such, aim to buy a system with at least two to three audio inputs. Each device will need an input connection. Output connections should correspond with the speaker systems you have. The receivers and amplifiers should contain audio and video connections. Most home theater systems have at least one video connection and several audio connections. home theater designs

Some home theater systems will have data connections. A data connection can add additional usability to the home theater system. It can allow you to use Internet apps, as well as tune into Internet radio stations. When looking into the best home theater to buy, consider one with a data connection.

>> Consider accessories

When looking into which home theater to buy, consider the accessories that need to be purchased alongside the system. Some systems do not come with the peripheral wires. You may have to purchase a specialized adapter to hook the home theater system to your television. A/V cords or HDMI cables might also be needed.

Speaker mounts stands are popular accessories that you might want to consider using. If so, be sure that the speakers in the home theater design you are looking at are compatible with the mount stands you want to use as well.

The last thing to consider when learning how to choose home theater systems is where it will be housed. A new entertainment center or console cabinet will provide a safe place for the home theater system. Home theater advantages are maximized when combined with a new entertainment console, but keep in mind the home theater sizes and speaker dimensions when you think about how to buy a home theater.

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Home Theater Best Sellers

Sony DAV-TZ140 5.1 CH Home Theater Surround Sound System with DVD Player

Philips HTS3541/F7 5.1 Home Theater System with 3D Blu-ray and Dolby TrueHD, Refurbished

VIZIO S4251W-B4 5.1 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar with Subwoofer and Bluetooth

RCA RT2781BE 1000W Home Theater System with Bluetooth

Refurbished RCA RTD325W/B DVD Home Theater System
$98.00 $99.98 $238.00 $158.00 $49.98
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