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How to buy a hat

how to buy a hat

A hat buying guide

When it comes to different types of hats, there is a wide range of styles, materials and colors to choose from. Whether the hat you are looking for is for everyday use or for a special occasion, the more you know as you search for a hat, the easier it is to narrow the field. Whether you are a first-time hat buyer or a hat connoisseur, you figure out which is the best hat for you with help from this hat buying guide

Men's and women's hats come in a variety of hat designs from baseball caps to cowboy hats. Each type of hat is designed to fit a particular need. Hat styles vary from short-brimmed hats to wide-brimmed hats.

>> What will you be using the hat for?

.hat designs

When it comes to understanding how to buying a hat, first consider whether the hat is for business or pleasure. Hats often have two purposes: protection from the elements and to convey a sense of style.

Because different types of hats do more than just sit on your head, they serve different purposes. What is the primary purpose of your hat? To keep you warm? To block the sun? To enhance your outfit? Because hat styles are so versatile, you can choose sun hats that have other purposes than just providing shade.

Here are some questions to consider as you ponder how to buy a hat and the occasions when you will be wearing it:

  • Will it be windy? You might want a hat that has strings, so you can tie it on.
  • Will it be sunny? You may want to consider a hat with a wide brim.
  • Will it be cold? A thick hat that fits tight on your head may be the best for you.
  • Will it be hot? This may call for a hat with a high crown to help keep the heat off your head.
  • Is the event formal or casual?

>> Choose a hat style that suits you

When figuring out how to buy a hat, think about the hat style. Wool or wool blend flat caps such as newsboy caps have been popular for many years and come with and without ear flaps that can be tucked inside when not needed.

Knit hat styles come in a number of different configurations, from simple watch caps that are usually folded up 1 to 2 inches and can be pulled down over the ears or worn high on the head to more elaborate hat designs with poms on top. Knit hats may come with ear flaps and strings to fasten them securely under your chin. These different types of hats usually come in one hat size because they stretch to accommodate any size head.

Wide-brimmed floppy hats are perfect for a day in the sun or as a fashion accessory that can be worn in the evening as well as the day to accentuate your personal style. Men's hats can come in a wide-brimmed floppy style to protect eyes from the glare of the sun; these are usually made of cotton and may have a chin strap.

Fedoras are a type of hat that comes in both men's and women's styles. Fedoras can be wide brimmed or short brimmed; the brim may be folded up, down or a combination, for example, up in the back and down in the front. The crowns, or tops, of fedoras vary from round or flat to peaked. Technically, a cowboy hat is a type of fedora.

>> Choose a hat that suits your style

A hat should not only perform a function, like keep you warm, it should make you feel good too. When it comes to choosing a hat, bring a friend or partner along and make sure there is a mirror so you can get a feel for which hat style best suits you.

Your personal hat style is just that - personal. Different types of hats come in a range of colors from bright to black and every shade in between. Choosing a hat is like selecting any other accessory or article of clothing in that not every color or style suits everyone.

Try on as many hats as you can to see which ones work best with your face and hair. It is also important to try the same styles of hat in different colors to see how they work with your skin tone and hair color.

>> Consider materials for your hat

hat comparison

As you consider how to buy a hat, think about the material. Different types of hats are made of different materials, such as fabric or fur. The right material for your hat depends on when and where you choose to wear it as well as the particular style of hat.

Many women's floppy hats are made of woven paper, which is sturdy and holds up well over time. A popular material for wide-brimmed hats and fedoras is straw. Straw and paper hats may be tightly or loosely woven.

Wool is a popular material for a variety of hat styles, including knit and flat hats. Wool is also used to make blocked hats, such as fedoras and cowboy hats.

>> Determine your hat size

Getting the right size is vital as you figure out which is the best hat for you. With the exception of some knit hats, hats come in different sizes. Hat sizes are small, medium, large or extra large or in sizes based on measurements, like 6 3/4 or 7 1/4. Measure your head by placing a tape measure around your head at the temples, above the eye brow ridge. Make sure to keep it level.

Head measurement in inches
Hat size
S, M, L, XL

>> Consider the cleaning and care of your hat

Regardless of what hat style or hat design you choose, there are some basic rules regarding hat care. Most hats, with the exception of some fabric floppy hats and flat caps, shouldn't be compressed or crushed when stored. You may stack hats of similar style one on top of the other but never put them under heavy items like clothes.

Most hats come with cleaning instructions. In general, if your hat becomes wet unexpectedly, allow the hat to air dry unless the label advises otherwise. Consider hat care and cleaning instructions when looking at a particular hat, in case that influences your decision on which hat to buy.

Finding a hat design that suits your needs and personal style can be a fun experience. This hat buying guide can help you along the way.

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