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Scunci Effortless
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EasyComforts SM
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Scunci 14493Z 3
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Pack of 6

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How to buy a hair comb

how to choose hair comb

A hair comb buying guide

Knowing how to choose a hair comb is an essential step in assembling your hair styling tools. Hair combs can be used with any process, style or hair type you can imagine. There are many combs on the market, from designer hair combs to bulk packs of plain black combs. The right beauty product for you is one that's compatible with your hair type.

>> What hair comb suits your hair type?

There are hair comb styles for every hair type. If you're not sure what type of hair you have, extra wide tooth combs are appropriate for any type of hair. Wide tooth combs are essential for curly hair. They don't break the curls and they leave your style intact. Small tooth combs can tame thinner hair or allow straight hair to lie flat. Consider using a wide tooth comb to detangle you hair and finishing with a comb that has smaller teeth. You may want to use hair ribbons, combs or clips to hold sections of the hair while you work on one part.

Different types of hair combs vary based on the length of the hair. If you're combing a child's hair, a shorter comb may be all you need. Hair comb sizes vary - you may require wider tooth combs if you're combing the hair of someone with long hair. Thick hair may require long teeth on the comb, so the comb doesn't get lost in the hair. If you're wondering how to choose a hair comb, knowing details about these particular hair supplies will be helpful.

>> Consider hair comb uses

Knowing what you're using the comb for will enable you to select the best hair combs for you. Some beauty products are designed to do certain jobs. Learning how to choose hair combs involves knowing what job you're planning to use the comb for. For example, detangling combs have wide teeth to break through knots. A pin-and-tail comb, which is a comb with tight teeth on one half and a pointed handle on the other, can also be used for detangling. The pointed edge can help you single out and remove knots. Cutting combs may come with or without a handle and may have teeth of different sizes on each edge - they're used to create parts in the hair and pull the hair out for cutting. If you're planning to use a comb to add volume to your hair, a comb designed for backcombing is your best bet. It has wider teeth and the length to pull back sections of your hair.

>> What hair comb material do you need?

types of hair combs

One thing to think about when deciding how to choose a hair comb is the material the comb is made of. Some combs work better with hair care products than others. Plain plastic combs are basic and widely available, so you can purchase them easily. If you need disposable hair comb styles to use with hair dyes, for example, basic plastic ones are the way to go. Metal hair combs are ideal for when you need to create a complex style. The metal traps and holds heat and can transfer it onto the hair, helping to finish styles and keep the style in place. These materials are available from all hair comb brands.

If you're working with intense heat, thermoplastic can help you style hair without the comb burning your skin or melting. Thermoplastic is heat resistant and shatter resistant, so a comb made from this material won't break into pieces if you drop it while juggling multiple styling tools. Vulcanized, natural hard rubber is a choice for professionals because it's chemical resistant. If you're giving a perm or dyeing someone's hair, you can use chemical hair products with vulcanized natural hard rubber combs without damaging the comb. Understanding the materials of various types of hair combs will help you in your search.

>> What color hair comb do you want?

Although hair styling accessories come in many colors, you might not want to grab a hot pink or purple comb that matches your heated hair rollers right away. Knowing how to choose a hair comb is an essential step to successfully using the comb. For example, dark combs are more visible in light-colored hair, while lighter-colored combs are more visible in dark hair. It's especially important to purchase a comb in the correct color if you're planning to use it as you cut hair. Discerning the difference between the strands and the teeth of the comb can mean the difference between a good haircut and a hair emergency. If you work with more than one person, consider multiple combs in different shades as you figure out the best hair combs for individuals.

Ultimately, the best hair combs are ones that suit your needs. Keep in mind that you can buy a few types of hair comb and have them available as needed. Knowing these details will help you understand how to choose a hair comb that works for you.

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Hair Combs Best Sellers

Scunci Effortless Beauty Hair Combs, 12 count

EasyComforts SM Clear Grip-Tuth Hair Combs - Set Of 2

Scunci 14493Z 3 Count Pro Styling Hair Lift Combs - Pack of 6

EasyComforts LG Clear Grip-Tuth Hair Combs - Set Of 2

Pink Eyelash Girls Pink Comb Bow Heart Flower 7 Piece Hair Clippie Set
$2.78 $6.98 $20.67 $7.98 $6.40
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