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How to buy a hair brush

how to buy a hair brush

A hair brush buying guide

Hair brushes are an important accessory to keep your hair looking good. A good hair brush adds shine and a healthy, clean look to your hair while also helping you maintain your hairstyle. When looking for a hair brush, make sure the hair brush is not too heavy and it suits your hair texture. Because there are many hair brush varieties and styles available, it is essential to understand the types of hair brush options as you determine how to buy a hair brush.

>> Different types of hair brushes

types of hair brush

Knowing how to buy a hair brush is important to help you find the best hair brush to buy. You can choose from different types of hair brushes based on your hair texture. Paddle brushes make your hair cuticles lie flat, which helps smooth and detangle your hair. Paddle or wave brushes are large brushes with a handle that includes bristles on one side. If you want to protect your scalp from rough brushing, consider cushion brushes, which have air-filled cushions that protect your hair. If you are looking for a brush for styling purposes, the best option is a round brush. This type of hair brush looks like a roller with bristles around the entire head, which can help lift and ease the process of curling your hair. When you are looking for a hair brush to create volume, consider vented brushes. These brushes are designed with slits or vents on one side, allowing air to flow through the brush and through your hair.

>> Hair brush materials

A hair brush is made of several different elements. The brush head may be made of various kinds of bristles. Natural boar bristles are good for smooth handling and add shine to your hair. These are appropriate for hair that requires little maintenance. Nylon or synthetic bristles can be soft or stiff and strong. In some cases, brush heads are made of a combination of synthetic and natural bristles. These hair brushes offer better styling abilities. Handle styles include wood or plastic.

>> Hair brush styles

Think about your styling needs. Once you decide on that, it will be easy for you to choose from different hair brush designs. If you need to detangle your hair, look for synthetic bristled brushes or plastic bristle brushes, which handle finer locks. If you plan to de-frizz or straighten your hair, square paddle brushes work best. They also help lengthen hair during blow drying. A mixed-bristle hair brush has a combination of natural and synthetic bristles and is the best choice for smoothing your hair. If you are looking for a hair brush for other styling needs like curling, look for styling brushes, such as hot air brushes and hot air curling brushes. You may want to consider metal hair combs for special occasions. Knowing the various hair brush uses and styles will help you decide how to buy a hair brush.

>> Size of the hair brush

When considering how to buy a hair brush, think about the size and shape of the hair brush. A square paddled hair brush is best for straightening or de-frizzing hair. A round hair brush helps add volume during blow drying and encourages root lift. If you have very long hair, look for hair brush sizes that are large with large brush heads. For fine hair, smaller brushes work well.

>> The best match for your hair

hair brush styles

As you determine the best hair brush to buy, consider the texture and thickness of your hair. Based on the thickness of your hair, you can figure out how to choose a hair brush that suits you. If you have fine hair, use a fine boar bristle brush head, which adds shine and is easy to handle. For medium hair, use medium to stiff boar bristle brushes on a daily basis. For thick hair, use a stiff bristle hair brush or a combination of nylon and boar bristles. Maintain curly hair using a vented or a detangling hair brush that will easily slide over the curly hair.

>> Clean your hair brush

Cleaning your hair brush is as important as maintaining the shine and look of your hair. You can clean hair brushes in two different ways. The dry cleaning method involves running a cleaning brush through the bristles and removing hair and dry dirt from the brush head. The wet cleaning method involves cleaning the hair brush with a mild detergent and is best done on a monthly basis. Let the bristle head dry on a towel, facing the bristles down on the towel, which helps the brush head dry thoroughly. Maintenance of hair brushes is easy if you follow the cleaning process on a regular basis.

Having a clear idea of the different types of hair brushes can help you decide how to buy a hair brush that best suits you. You can also find other hair care products to help maintain healthy and beautiful hair.

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Revlon Signature Series Hair Brush

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