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How to buy gold bangles

how to buy gold bangles

A gold bangle buying guide

Because of their versatility and styling potential, gold bangles make a great gift. Different types of gold bangles offer opportunities for differing use. Many stylish gold bangles feature a wide variety of designs suited for both men and women.

Whatever the occasion, you can confidently buy gold bangles knowing that they will add personality and elegance to any outfit.

>> Who will wear the gold bangles?

gold bangle designs

As you start looking at gold bangle designs, think about who you are buying them for. Are you looking for a gift for someone? Or are you picking up something for yourself?

If you are buying some gold bangles for yourself, think about how often you wear gold jewelry and whether you do so as an accessory to your outfit or for sentimental reasons. Additionally, consider your skin tone and wardrobe as you figure out the best gold bangles to buy.

>> Consider the size

When considering how to buy gold bangles, bear in mind that your personal taste will be the main determinant.

When assessing gold bangle sizes, remember that men and women have varying fits. For instance, two individuals might have identical wrist sizes but, because the sizes of their hands vary, so will the best fitting gold bangle sizes. Women's bangle sizes are generally categorized as petite, medium, large and plus, whereas men's measurements are small, medium, large and extra-large. The standard measurement for bangles is 7 inches for women and 8 inches for men. A closed bangle that does not open will need to slide over your palm to get to your wrist, so measure accordingly.

There are two main types of gold bangle designs: bangles with hinges and bangles without. Bangles with hinges generally come with screws and clasps, so make sure that they fit well and are easy to open and close. For an average fit, add 1 inch to your wrist size. For a loose fit, add 1-1/4 inches. Your wrist and hand measurements will determine the right size for bangles without hinges. A comfortably fitting bangle will slide on and off with minimal effort. For a loose fit, choose a bangle that is larger than your palm but one that does not fall off when your hand position changes.





Children 4 inches 5 inches 6 inches 6.5 inches
Women 7 inches 7.5-8 inches 8.5 inches 9 inches
Men 8 inches 8.5 inches 9 inches 9.5-10 inches

>> Consider the design

stylish gold bangles

Determining which design will flatter you most is a crucial consideration when figuring out how to buy gold bangles. When assessing the different types of gold bangle designs, remember that a good design will enhance the overall beauty of the jewelry and should agree with your personal taste.

>> Consider the different types of gold bangles

When trying to buy the best gold bangles, you will find plenty of different designs and styles to suit your personal tastes and the occasion. There are several gold bangle designs to consider:

  • Chain
  • Charm
  • Gemstone
  • Circle
  • Solo
  • Multiples

Chain and circle designs, also found in gold bracelets, have several tiny circular links interlinked with larger oval or circular links. For a more impressive look during formal occasions, a bangle with a charm or gemstone such as gold heart jewelry will stand out. Think about how you like to wear bangles. If you prefer a layered, more casual or chic look, choose multiple bangles that are part of a set. If you rarely wear bracelets or prefer a minimal look, look for a timeless, standalone bangle.

>> Consider the materials and karats

The level of gold purity contained in a bangle is indicated according to the scale below:

  • 9 karat (9K)
  • 10K
  • 12K
  • 14K
  • 18K
  • 22K
  • 24K

The higher the number, the more gold the piece contains. For example, 24K gold bangles are pure or solid gold and are considered to be real gold jewelry. Filled gold, such as 18K gold jewelry, is a combination of gold and other metals. This stylish gold bangle design is used to produce jewelry with a thicker appearance.

Plating, as seen in women's gold-plated bracelets, is another appealing design to consider when figuring out how to buy gold bangles. Alloy metals such as copper, nickel and silver are covered with gold in order to give the jewelry an appealing luster. Gold-plated bangles are less costly than solid and filled gold bangles.

>> Consider the color

types of gold bangles

The color is the most dynamic quality in gold bangle designs. The most common colors found in bracelets and bangles are white gold, where the gold has been combined with another white metal such as manganese, nickel or palladium, while yellow gold, such as yellow gold bridal jewelry or yellow gold bridal sets, features an attractively bright hue. Rose gold bangle designs are a beautiful combination of gold with copper. The more copper mixed into the metal, the darker the hue. Black Hills gold combines the attractive qualities of yellow, rose and green gold to create a shiny, textured and frosted appearance.

When assessing the different designs, remember that an attractive color complements your skin tone.

>> Care for your gold bangles

When considering how to buy gold bangles, bear in mind that adequate care will increase their durability and help you achieve the best look. For best results:

  • Avoid exposure to chemicals to avoid corrosion. Your bangle should be the last thing you put on when getting dressed and the first thing you take off when undressing.
  • Use a slightly damp, lint-free soft polishing cloth to restore shine.
  • Ensure that hinges are closed before storing the bangle in a cloth bag.
  • Avoid exposure to weather extremes such as heat.

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Gold Bangles Best Sellers

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