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How to buy goggles

how to buy goggles

A goggle buying guide

When it comes to purchasing a pair of goggles, there are many different factors to consider. With this goggle buying guide, you'll learn how to buy goggles that are suited to your needs.

>> Where do you plan to use the goggles?

types of goggles

One factor to consider when it comes to finding the best goggles is where you will use the goggles. Understanding different goggle uses will help you determine the best goggles to buy.

Goggles for work: In some professions, safety glasses are required to protect your eyes while at work. For example, if you work with power tools, you need to make sure you protect your eyes from flying particles and injury. Good safety goggle designs are made out of polycarbonate, which is shatter-resistant. This is an important feature in safety goggles.

Goggles for home: If you do crafts or enjoy working with tools, you might want to use safety eyewear at home. One type of goggles for home use is sunglass goggles. These protect your eyes from the sun while also protecting them from flying debris and sharp objects.

Goggles for sports: If you are an avid swimmer or skier, you may want to figure out how to buy goggles for your particular sport. Ski goggles help keep the winter elements, such as snow, sleet and wind, out of your eyes. When it comes to learning how to buy goggles for swimming, first determine how you will be using them. Are you using them for recreational swimming purposes, or for racing and competing on a team? In addition to swimming and skiing, you might wear goggles while playing other sports, such as hockey, basketball and soccer. In high-impact sports such as these, it's important to protect your eyes.

>> Consider the lens shape

Of the different types of goggles, an important attribute is lens shape. There are two options to choose from when it comes to lens shapes: cylindrical and spherical. The chart below lists the specifications of each lens shape.



Lens curves left to right horizontally. Lens curves left to right horizontally and vertically.
Lens surface is flat vertically. Provides better peripheral vision.
Lower in price. Less distortion and glare.

>> Consider lens color and type

For safety and protection products like safety goggles, a few different color options are available. These include clear, grey, mocha, blue tint, red tint and gold tint. The color on safety glasses isn't all about appearance: each color provides a particular benefit.



Clear Can be used indoors and outdoors.
Grey Reduces glare in bright conditions.
Mocha Reduces the impact of the sun on the eyes.
Blue tint Useful in changing lighting conditions with dim and bright lights.
Red tint Red coating is placed over darker lenses to reduce glare.
Gold tint Reduces glare from the sun's rays that may strain your eyes.

>> Consider materials and durability

best goggles

When it comes to learning how to buy goggles, the best goggles include a variety of goggle designs. A major factor in goggle design is the material that the goggles are made of. Different types of goggles are made of different materials:

  • Protection (safety goggles): Protection goggles might be made from one of several different materials. Polycarbonate is considered one of the strongest materials and provides excellent impact resistance. Glass goggles may be heavier but they are not as easily scratched as other materials. Plastic goggles are lighter than glass and offer more choices for tinting and coating. Trivex goggles offer UV-absorbing properties to prevent sun damage to the eyes.
  • Ski goggles: Ski goggles are built to frame the face and are made out of softer materials than protection goggles. Nylon and rubber are the most popular materials because they hold their shape and don't become brittle in cold temperatures. Lenses in ski goggles are made out of polycarbonate, which is shatterproof.
  • Swimming goggles: The seal on swimming goggles is made from silicone, foam or a hard rubber, which helps prevent water from seeping in. Mirror lenses offer UV protection for swimmers who spend lots of time outdoors.

>> Consider safety requirements

When it comes to safety goggles, consider particular safety requirements to ensure that the pair you purchase conforms to the highest quality standards. Safety glasses must be able to withstand impact, have shatter-resistant properties and provide UV protection if you are working outdoors.

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Goggles Best Sellers

Uvex Stealth Antifog, Antiscratch, Antistatic Goggles, Clear Lens, Gray Frame

Pyramex V2G-Plus Goggles, Black Strap/Grey Dual AF Lens

Youth Goggles, 3 Pack, Pink, Smoke and Blue

Uvex Classic Safety Goggles, Clear

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