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How to buy a framed chalkboard

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A framed chalkboard buying guide

A framed chalkboard is a useful item in any home. You can buy a framed chalkboard from many stores, or make one with easy-to-find materials. There are a few key factors to consider when determining how to buy a framed chalkboard that suits your needs.

>> Who will use the framed chalkboard?

framed chalkboard designs

You can find framed chalkboard designs that appeal to children. There are easel styles that make it easy for young children to draw on. Some styles have both a chalkboard and corkboard, or a chalkboard and dry erase board. Boards and easels make excellent gifts for children who like to draw.

Framed chalkboards for adults are functional and often decorative. They make fine gifts for adults as well. A parent might find many uses for a new framed chalkboard.

>> Consider the uses of a framed chalkboard

You can buy a framed chalkboard for a number of purposes. Children love to draw on them, and buying cool framed chalkboards may help your kids in school for subjects such as math and writing. Large framed chalkboard designs are helpful for home teaching. Having special writing boards also may help in this regard.

Parents and families can use smaller, unique framed chalkboards for chore charts and weekly dinner menus. Depending on the size of your family, a small or even a large chalkboard would work for charts to keep track of chores or after-school activities. Make use of a small chalkboard for dinner menus, or buy designer framed chalkboards created for that purpose.

Miniature magnetic chalkboards are handy for leaving family notes on the fridge. Even if you already have a large chalkboard, consider owning a smaller one. When you buy a framed chalkboard, it can be fun for the whole family. For even more fun, use chalkboard markers in different colors for notes or menu items.

>> Where will the framed chalkboard be placed?

When you buy a framed chalkboard, position it for easy access. This location depends on the type of chalkboard and who will be using it. Cool framed chalkboards for kids are usually in easel form or freestanding. You can place them in a child's room, an art room, living room or playroom.

Good places for a chalkboard are in the kitchen, living room, home office or bedroom. You can buy designer framed chalkboards, which will look good as art added to your overall decor. When you consider framed chalkboard designs, think about where you will hang your item before you make a purchase.designer framed chalkboards

>> Consider different types of framed chalkboards

When you buy a framed chalkboard, you have many options to consider. The first is color. The surface is typically black or green. Some unique framed chalkboards have slate-colored backgrounds. These are uncommon, but will match a room with dark walls. Teachers often use a green chalkboard in an educational setting. Black chalkboards are the most common type used in homes. This chalkboard style matches all types of decor.

You can find cool framed chalkboards with extra options. These options vary, but having a section with either cork board or dry erase is very common. The dry erase cork boards offer several unique features. Dry erase boards give you the ability to have extra writing space on a white background, which may be more visible to your family. With a cork board, you can tack on pictures and important papers. Some chalkboards and dry erase boards offer a third feature, a magnetic surface. You may find this design useful as well.

Easel and freestanding chalkboards are practical for many uses. Use these types if you have minimal wall space, require a very large chalkboard or need one for children. You can find commercial menu-type chalkboards, which look good in a kitchen or bar area. Look for these types in the chalkboards and chalkboard accessories area, which is often near office supplies.

If you do not see a design you like, many retailers offer the materials to make a chalkboard. This way, you can create your own unique framed chalkboards. All you need are chalkboard paint and framing materials, which you can find in many hardware stores. You can also buy picture frames and add chalkboards to make unique framed chalkboard designs.

Chalkboard sizes and features

Common types

Extra features

Possible dimensions


Miniature/small Magnetic mount, decorative Magnetic surface
  • 7" x 11"
  • 11" x 8"
  • 12" x 9"
  • 17" x 11"
Notes, menus
Medium Wall mount, easel Cork board, magnetic and dry erase
  • 15" x 13"
  • 16" x 10"
  • 24" x 18"
  • 36" x 24"
  • 48" x 36"
Menus, chore charts, family notes and entertainment for kids
Large Easel, freestanding Colors, dry erase, magnetic and cork board
  • 48" and above
Room dividers, teaching and amusement for kids

>> Choose a size that works for you

framed chalkboard sizes

Before you decide to purchase one, keep in mind that framed chalkboard sizes are important. Large chalkboards are suited for an office or educational use. Most households will not need a very large one. Chalkboards used as chore charts should be at least two or three feet wide. This size might seem large, but families with multiple children will appreciate the size. Chalkboards used for menus and general family messages do not need to be large. Often a small 12-inch to 24-inch chalkboard is all that you need. Measure your space and consider the framed chalkboard dimensions before making your purchase to ensure it will fit.

>> What about mounting options?

You can mount a chalkboard to the wall with screws or a mounting kit. When you buy a framed chalkboard, it will often include the basic supplies for mounting. Due to its sheer weight and the difficulty of mounting such a heavy and large object to a wall, mount a very large chalkboard to a stand. You will find small- to medium-size chalkboards easy to mount. If your needs do not dictate a large chalkboard, one less than 36 inches is ideal for purchase. Not only will you find it simpler to mount, but also easier to find wall space. Miniature 12-inch chalkboards often have a magnetic backing, so they can mount onto a metal surface like a refrigerator.

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