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How to buy a folding chair

how to buy folding chair

A folding chair buying guide

Quality folding chairs provide convenient seating in both indoor and outdoor spaces. One thing to understand when learning how to buy a folding chair is the many benefits of different types of folding chairs. You may find that the best folding chairs are styles you hadn't expected.

>> Consider folding chair uses

folding chair dimensions

When purchasing furniture, consider how you intend to use each piece. With folding chairs, the folding chair design and the material in each set of unique folding chairs will determine where you use the chairs. For example, a folding chair used inside your home on a regular basis should be sturdy and comfortable. Because the chair is indoors, any material will work. If you're buying stylish folding chairs for occasional extra seating for guests, the chairs may need to be versatile enough to transition from indoor to outdoor use.

If you are interested in outdoor folding chairs, consider the conditions in which you'll use the chair. A folding chair for the patio or garden needs to rest securely on the ground, but if you're planning to use a folding beach chair, you'll want one with wide, heavy feet to stand sturdily on shifting sand. If you are looking for a chair for athletic events, you'll want one that you can move easily or that is compatible with bleachers, like the soft, padded chairs that act as cushions on hard metal. Folding chair designs for camping, hiking and backpacking are compact and lightweight so that the folding chair size doesn't add too much weight during a trek.

For outdoor events, consider the construction of the chair and the folding chair size to determine the best folding chair for the event. At an outdoor concert where many people sit on blankets, for example, a tall folding chair would obstruct the view others have of the stage; with a ground-based chair, you can relax and converse with people sitting at a lower level.

>> Choose the frame of your folding chair

Types of folding chair frames



Wood Wood folding chairs in classic designs can be used indoors or outdoors; they should be stored indoors or under a protective cover. Purchase quality folding chairs made with treated wood if you plan to use the chair outdoors; treated wood is necessary in humid climates to protect the chair from dry rot.
Plastic Plastic folding chairs are lightweight and strong. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, but too much heat or sun can damage the plastic. Keep them inside a shed or covered if you're planning to use them outside. Plastic folding chairs are a great choice for hikers or backpackers because of their lightweight construction.
Metal Metal folding chairs are the best folding chairs if you're looking for a sturdy seat. They're difficult to damage and can be stored and used in any environment. Run a clean cloth over metal types of folding chairs to clean them, especially when they're wet to prevent rust from forming. You can also use rust-prevention treatments on outdoor metal folding chairs.

>> Choose the folding chair dimensions

folding chair size

As you figure out how to buy a folding chair, you'll notice that different types of folding chairs are available for any purpose or occasion. One way to figure out what types of folding chairs will work for you is by studying the dimensions of the space in which you want to use them and the folding chair dimensions. If the wood folding chairs you're considering for a venue with limited space are larger than metal folding chairs, you might want to choose the metal folding chairs to provide seating for more people.

As you think about how to buy a folding chair, consider the weight restrictions of different types of folding chairs. Some chairs are meant for children and have a maximum load weight of 100 pounds. If you want to buy a folding chair for an adult, look for a chair with a higher weight rating. Many folding chairs have a 200 pound maximum load weight, but specially constructed heavy-duty folding chairs can support up to 400 pounds. The folding chair dimensions and maximum load weight of most folding chair sets are listed on the packaging.

>> Choose the type of folding chair

types of folding chairs

With so many folding chair designs available, an important aspect of knowing how to buy a folding chair is the style. Folding dining chairs have high backs and hard seats that can be covered with a pillow. They're similar to folding patio chairs, which may be made of metal seating and a high or low back. A hammock-style folding chair is a lightweight chair made of plastic or wood that collapses so that it can be easily transported; fabric drapes from the wooden or plastic frame to create a seat. Many hammock folding chairs double as camping folding chair designs. Lounge chairs extend so you can recline; if you're looking for a folding beach lounge chair, make sure it's light enough to carry from the car to the waterfront.

Director's chairs are cool folding chairs made of a wood frame and cloth that drapes to form the seat and the back piece. Another cool folding chair is a legless chair made of interlocked pads. These kinds of chairs are light and perfect for stadium seating. No matter what types of folding chair you buy, you can use them for audience seating if the venue and environment are right.

Ultimately, knowing how to buy a folding chair is a matter of choosing a style, frame and seating. Every choice is a right choice as long as the folding chair designs can hold up to the weather where they will be used.

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