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Samson Tile
Barrique 4'' x
20'' Matte Floor
Tile in Castagno
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Shaw Floors
Colonnade Ceramic
Floor Tile in Gold

Shaw Floors Glass
Expressions Micro
Blocks Accent Tile
in Seaglass

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How to buy floor tile

how to buy floor tiles

A floor tile buying guide

Floor tiles are a home flooring option that provides great protection for your home and many beautiful design possibilities. There are many different types of floor tiles for you to consider. As you think about how to buy floor tiles, consider a few simple points to help you along your way.types of floor tiles

>> What room do you want to tile?

How to buy floor tiles will depend on specific hardness and porousness tile ratings. For rooms that you will use heavily, you will want to select a hard tile that is able to withstand the wear and tear of heavy use. How porous you will want your tiles to be will depend on how much water you think your tiles will be exposed to. Rooms with lots of water should have porous tiles. Bathroom floor tile styles, for example, should be porous because they will suck up a lot of water from the shower and other places. There are also tiles with extra abrasions on them designed to prevent slipping in the bathroom and other places with lots of water.

Different floor tile brands are rated by their hardness and porousness. Hardness in tiles is rated by groups on a 1-5 scale (the Mohs scale). Group 1 is the least hard and is designed for light traffic while Group 5 is the hardest. Porousness is a little more complicated. How porous a tile is will be rated on a scale of impervious, vitreous, semi-vitreous and non-vitreous with impervious being non-porous and non-vitreous being very porous. You should check the packaging from the floor tile brand you want to make sure it is rated well for the room you want to use it in.

>> How much tile do you need?

How to buy floor tiles involves finding the square footage of the room that you want to tile by multiplying the length of the room by its width. You will need to divide the square footage of the room you want to tile by the square footage of each tile that you want to use. That number will be the least possible number of tiles that you will need, but you should add on some more tiles to have extra on hand during installation. Remember to check the number of floor tiles that are sold in a package when you shop floor tiles for your room.floor tile sizes

>> How do you want to install your tiling?

Floor tile comparison involves thinking about the three methods of installing floor tiling - peel and stick, glue and grout. Peel and stick is a relatively easy method of installation. It is done like it sounds, requires few tools and you can often cut the tiles to fit into corners using a drywall knife. Glue installation involves installing your tiles with glue directly to the subfloor or to a special subfloor cover. This is still a relatively easy way to install tiling, although there may be more tools involved, and it may require more preparation. Grout, where the tiles are applied to a layer of mortar and then grout is added to the spaces between the tiles, is by far the most difficult way to install floor tiling. You often need expensive tools such as complicated tile cutters and training to do grouting. There are also foam tiles, which are like puzzles, and are easy to install. Whichever installation method you choose, remember to check the tile's product description to make sure that you have the proper subflooring installed.

>> Choose the type of tile that you want

You will have to choose between ceramic floor tile, porcelain floor tile, wood floor tile, vinyl flooring and other tiles when learning how to buy floor tiling. Some of these materials are better suited for certain environments. For instance, you should use ceramic tile or porcelain tile for bathrooms. It is not a very good idea to use foam floor tiles or wood tiling in the bathroom. Choosing a tile material is a chance to think about which material goes best with your home decor. Porcelain tile, for example, often invokes images of 1950s modernism, especially white and black floor tile in the kitchen or bathroom. The tile you choose should be appropriate in terms of hardness and porousness but also aesthetics as well.

>> Pick a floor tile design

There are many different floor tile designs to choose from including different shapes, sizes, patterns and different mosaics. Your home decor should be an expression of your personality, so think about what it is you like to see in a house, and try to find a floor tile design that matches your vision. You can also remember some aesthetic principles too when you pick a floor tile design. Complementary colors are opposites on a color wheel, and colors naturally look nice when they are complementary colors or close to complementary colors. It's a good idea to have only one strong pattern in a room. If your walls are checkers, monochromatic tiles may be easier on the human eye.

Lastly, be sure to research the individual floor tiles you are considering. This will let you make your own floor tiles comparison, as well as give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision on which are the best floor tile styles and floor tile brands to meet your needs.

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Floor Tiles Best Sellers

Samson Tile Barrique 4'' x 20'' Matte Floor Tile in Castagno (Box of 10)

Shaw Floors Colonnade Ceramic Floor Tile in Gold

Shaw Floors Glass Expressions Micro Blocks Accent Tile in Seaglass

Shaw Floors Glass Expressions Frosted Micro Blocks Accent Tile in Seaglass

Shaw Floors Soho 12'' x 3'' Bullnose Tile Trim in Walnut
$36.63 $3.49 $14.29 $14.29 $4.09
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